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Bravo Company Show Their Expanded Combat Rail Systems

For some Rail System goodness before we all go and enjoy our weekend, whether to play airsoft or spend time with our families. Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) have put up a page showing their expanded family of combat rail systems. These are free float rail systems that are made of lightweight aluminium alloys and designed according to the specifications of combat end users.  These Combat Rail Systems are available for the KeyMod, M-Lok, and the 1913 Picatinny Rail.

Here’s The Giant Robot Duel Footage You Have Been Waiting For

If you were not able to watch the American Megabots Eagle Prime go up against the Japanese Suidobashi Kuratas streamed online on Twitch, here is now the video of the fight complete with commentary. Posted by Megabots, the Americans won in what we hope to be just the first round of giant robots fighting and that another round would take place in the near future.

Finally! A Helmet Mountable Stabilizer For The GoPro Action Cam

Action cameras are getting their own built-in stabilizer, whether optical or digital, just to help smoothen out the footages that would come out jittery if they do not have stabilization. Even with such features, we still see a jittery clips and we try to stabilize these out by using stabilization tools in video editing software.\

Tactical Decision Kit Seen To Help Marines Prepare For War

In what looks like a fun thing for first person shooters to play with can help the U.S. Marines prepare for war. They can train without actually leaving the barracks as they can use an augmented reality system combined with a first person shooter system called the Tactical Decision Kit (TDK). Designed by Lt. Col. Marcus Mainz this will allow Marines to train on and off duty virtually.

Casio Joins The Action Camera Market With The Tough G’z EYE GZE-1

The action camera market just got tighter with a big name joining in to spoil the party --- Casio. Known for their tough watches, especially the G-Shock Series, Casio is also an electronics company, developing their own mobile devices as well digital cameras.  Thus, just like the other big Japanese consumer electronics companies such as Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon, they are well-positioned and well-equipped to join the action camera market. The entry will just make it harder for GoPro to compete as more big name companies  join in this market.

Watch The Giant Robots Fight It Out On Twitch This Tuesday

Yes, the fight is over and it was not broadcasted nor streamed live for those anxious to watch this fight. The first question of course is: Who won? We do not know and both Megabots and Suidobashi teams are keeping mum, as well as the production team in charge of coverage. That means we’ll have to wait until the match is streamed online on Twitch this coming Tuesday, the 17th of September, 2017.

Female Civilian Designs A New Lightweight Body Armor For The Marines

A newly designed body armor will be delivered to the U.S. Marines in 2019. Flora “Mackie” Jordan, body armor engineer at Marine Corps Systems Command (Marcorsyscom) is able to come up with a modular body armor that is effective as the present body armor but is 45% lighter.

Ukraine Starts Testing The AR-Style WAC-47 Assault Rifle

Last October 5, 2017, the Ukroboronprom, the Ukranian state-owned defense company posted videos and photos of the WAC-47 assault rifle.

Revision Military Joins The Tactical Headset Market With Sensys ComCentr2

The inevitable finally happened. Revision Military just made a move into the Tactical Headset Market.  The company revealed the Sensys ComCentr2 during the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition that is taking place in Washington, D.C. from the 9th to the 11th of October 2017.

U.S. Marines Finally Get Their First Female Infantry Officer

A first in the history of the U.S. Marine Corps, a female officer have graduated from the Infantry Officer Course. The officer, who prefers not to be named, completed the demanding course over 13-week period in Quantico, Virginia. The U.S. Marines have opened all military occupational specialties to women in 2016, and thus, they are now taking opportunities to advance themselves.