Tokyo Marui URG-I 11.5” NGRS & Colt SAA.45 5 1/2 Artillery Announced


If you have been planning to spend that Christmas money you are saving up on airsoft guns, Tokyo Marui would happily want you to spend on their upcoming products.

GoPro Hero10 Black Finally Unveiled With A New & Better GP2 Processor

Gungho Cowboy

It turns out, the leaked information and photos about the GoPro Hero10 Black are correct.

An Official Real World Halo Infinite Warthog Got Built & We Want One


Over the years, fans of the Halo video game and custom car makers have built their own version of the UNSC M12 Force Application Vehicle (M12-FAV) or more known as the Warthog used in the popular video game.

Beretta Introduces The M9A4 Full Size Handgun

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The Beretta M92 series lives on. The iconic handgun from the Italian firearms company which became an official sidearm of the U.S.

Here Is A Look At “Call Of Duty: Vanguard” Multiplayer Mode

Gungho Cowboy

The initial reveal of the upcoming “Call of Duty: Vanguard” shows the beginnings of the special forces in the campaign mode.

What Will Tokyo Marui Reveal Next Week At The Marufes Online Part 6?


Tokyo Marui did away with tradition of doing some product teasers whenever they plan on revealing new products at upcoming trade events and during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, at their Marufes Online.

The First Of “The Matrix: Resurrections” Trailers Is Now Playing


“After all these years, to be going back to where it all started...

Glock Releases Limited Edition Watches Celebrating 40 Years Of The P80 & 35 Years Of Glock USA

Gungho Cowboy

I love watches, especially limited edition watches that I can afford, which means it’s always tough luck for me. With the announcement of Limited Edition Glock Chrono Watches, I really had to check the websites to see if they are worth my hard earned money.

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer To Drop Tomorrow. But First, Teasers


With Top Gun Maverick moved again to 2022, it looks like The Matrix Resurrections will be the most anticipated movie for the end of 2022 and we are hoping that this movie which had made a such a cultural and intellectual impact at the turn of the 21st Century would again provide us some mind bending and high octane action, perhaps even the lates

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