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Microsoft Announce Gears 5 & Funko “Gears Pop!” For Mobile Devices

If you have been collecting the Gears of War Funko Pop! vinyl figurines, then you might just look forward to collecting them in a mobile device next year. Microsoft announced at the E3 last week during the Gears 5 presentation that a “Gears Pop” mobile game is in the works and due for 2019.

Pizza Hut Japan Is Giving Away GGO Llenn’s P-Chan Made By Tokyo Marui

Amongst airsoft companies in the world, it’s only Tokyo Marui that is able to insert its brand in pop culture. Through collaborations with some of the biggest consumer, gaming, and entertainment brands in the world, Tokyo Marui is able to promote its brand and airsoft products in public.

Need A New Set Of Wheels For Airsoft? Here Is The NXT 360 Humvee

We see Humvees at airsoft games and man they’re cool to use in at events. But those versions are not up to par to the mission needs of the U.S. military when they went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. While they are good at ferrying troops, they are not immune to mines, IEDs, and even some bullets that a good number of them are being replaced by the Oshkosh L-ATV which won the the JLATV progtam in 2015.

Fear The Wolves Is A Battle Royale Game In A Radioactive Environment

Still not having enough of Battle Royale video games? With the ongoing E3 in Los Angeles, you won’t be disappointed as another group of developers based in Kiev, Ukraine, announce another Battle Royale that is set in a radioactive environment. Called “Fear The Wolves” it is said to be PUBG/Fortnite meets S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as the team behind this game is also behind the first-person shooter survival horror video game and have set up Vostok Games.

E3 Report: Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Is Set In Washington D.C.

Things get worse for the future of the United States. With Washington D.C. on the verge of collapse, all active Division agents are being called to the capital city as lawlessness and instability are threatening society and with rumours of a coup in the offing. They will need to take action before it’s too late to save the country from descending into total chaos.

Get Ready To Nuke Or Be Nuked In Fallout 76 Online Role Playing Game

The E3 starts today so be prepared for more first person shooter and RPG games stories from us instead of airsoft and firearms this week. With many airsoft players also avid video game aficionados, E3 provides us an insight on some of the games that airsoft players will look forward to playing when it gets cold outside to play airsoft later this year. We start with the Bethesda’s Fallout 76 Reveal.

YouTube Suddenly Shuts Down The Official Brownells Channel

Firearms websites and video channels all lit up this weekend with the news that YouTube Channel of Brownells, one of the biggest firearms and firearms retailers in the world. According to the official Facbeook page of Brownells, their YouTube channel was closed down without any warning:

This App Allows You To Airsoft Battle Royale Like PUBG Or Fortnite

With the Battle Royale shooter game now getting to be all the rage, even airsoft players are doing the same in the game field, organising airsoft battle royale games. Whilst they can pick up weapons pre-positioned in the game field, they do have one feature missing --- the shrinking Zone of Death game map which in PUBG is called the Blue Zone.

This Smartphone Case For iPhone 8 Plus & Google Pixel 2 XL Can Scan For Weapons

Smartphones are powerful devices that people can do a lot things with apps and add-ons. Apart from the usual stuff of making calls, taking messages, browsing the internet, finding dates, taking photos and videos, connecting via social media, and doing online shopping, one can control house heating, security cameras, and even use it as a thermal camera.

Now, there is another add-on that can make the smartphone turn into an indispensable security device: as a scanner for detecting weapons and explosives.

Yum! Here’s What You Need To Know About The Pizza MRE

As announced before and now it’s finally confirmed, the much requested Pizza MRE should be on its way to soldiers soon. Long clamored to be part of the MRE menu since the 1980s, the big challenge in making one is one that can last for three years without getting soggy and maintaining its flavour. Futhermore, it can be eaten either cold or heated. Previous attempts at making one proved that it was hard to make one using traditional pizza ingredients.