The Walther Arms PDP Professional ACRO Is Now Available To Civilians


Walther Arms has recently made an announcement that is good news for firearms enthusiasts: the PDP Professional ACRO pistol, a coveted 9mm weapon previously reserved for law enforcement, is now available to the public.

Barrett Firearms REC7 DI Rifle To Make A Return This Summer

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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. is renowned for its expertise in long-range firearms, and they've recently announced the much-anticipated return of the REC7 DI rifle.

Heckler & Koch Releases Limited Edition MR27 To Pay Tribute To The Marine's M27 IAR


Renowned gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch is offering civilians a rare chance to own a piece of Marine Corps history with the limited-edition MR27 Tribute Rifle.

Wilson Combat Introduces The Tactical Ultralight Rifle Series

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Wilson Combat has announced the launch of its new Tactical Ultralight Rifle series.

Walther Reissues PPK and PPK/S Pistols Chambered in .32 ACP


The Walther PPK .32, a firearm steeped in history and favored in the world of espionage, has made a return to the market, much to the excitement of firearm enthusiasts.

Netflix Documentary Series on World's Elite Special Forces To Premiere On 22 May

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A new documentary series, "Toughest Forces on Earth," is set to premiere on Netflix on 22 May, 2024. This series offers an unprecedented look inside the world's most elite and secretive military units.

U.S. Army's DEVCOM SC Develops Hydration Flow Meter To Ensure Solders Stay Hydrated


Soldiers on the battlefield face a constant battle against dehydration, a condition that can significantly hinder their health and performance. But an invention from the U.S.

Sorry! Safariland Limited Edition Chocolate Chip Holsters Are Not Edible

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Safariland has launched in April of this year, a new line of holsters in their popular 6000 Series.

Tokyo Marui Unveils The SAA.45 Cavalry Custom Air Revolver Pro At The 62nd Shizuoka Hobby Show


The 62nd Shizuoka Hobby Show has begun, and airsoft enthusiasts, particularly Tokyo Marui fans, are in for a treat. The event serves as a platform to showcase upcoming products that have generated significant buzz within the airsoft community. This year, there's an offering that will excite collectors of airsoft revolvers.

Gentex Releases Ops-Core RAILINK For Commercial Market

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The evolution of soldier equipment is undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of RAILINK.

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