Mounted Soldiers Test Enhanced Capabilities With IVAS


The futuristic headwear system being developed for U.S. soldiers has been recently tested for use in a mounted infantry situation.

NERF Unveils Fast Shooting, Fast Reloading & High Capacity Hyper Line


If you’re going to your next Nerf Warfare at the office when the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions get lifted, be prepared to hit hard and come out loaded for bear as you might be outgunned by your officemates if they come equipped with the latest in the NERF blaster line from Hasb

Airsoft In Canada Is Rallying The Community In Saving Airsoft In The Country


The airsoft community in Canada is mobilizing fast to show their opposition against Bill C-21 that has been filed in Parliament.

Marine Veteran Goes For Crowdfunding For His "Crayons Ready To Eat" (CRE) Business

Gungho Cowboy

A joke about U.S. Marines is now a true-to-life thing. A Marine veteran and his business partner have developed edible and colourable crayons that they are ready to produce and ship to customers, provided that he gets enough funding and support to make this joke come true.

Russia’s StrikeCon 2020-2021 In Photos And Videos


StrikeCon is Russia’s biggest gathering of the airsoft community and industry under one roof. It is supported by the homegrown airsoft industry that has already making its impact in the worldwide airsoft industry such as Tactical Game Innovation (TAGinn) and the NPO-AEG.

The New Walther PDP Is An Optic-Ready 9mm Duty Pistol

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The trend for pistol designers these days is to come up with optic ready handguns with the availability of micro sights or micro red dot sights that can be mounted on pistols, if these have the mounting options.

Canada’s Airsoft Community Moves Against Bill C-21 & They Need Your Support


With the introduction of Bill C-21 in the Canadian Parliament, the members of the nation’s airsoft community have galvanized into action as its passing into part of an amended law will result into the end of airsoft a

SIG Custom Works Reveal The SIG P320 Max Competition Pistol

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If Action Air shooters would want a SIG pistol to use in practical pistol shooting, all they need to do is wait for an airsoft version of the newly announced SIG P320 Max Competition Pistol.

The MP-155 Ultima Got Some Features That Airsoft Manufacturers Might Want To Take a Look At


Kalashnikov Concern really do great firearms under different brands and have been refining them to make them relevant in their present markets.

Bill C-21 May Spell The End Of Airsoft In Canada If It Passes


The Canadian airsoft community and industry are preparing themselves to lobby against the passing of the Bill C-21 that just went through its First Reading in the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament.

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