BattleZone Airsoft & EastWest Trading Respond To EyePro Appeal From Covid-19 Frontliners

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A few days ago, we launched an appeal to all airsofters, airsoft shops and airsoft companies to help frontline health workers with their battle against the coronavirus.

#StayAtHome For Airsofters: 5 Free To Play Online Shooter Games To Kill Time

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We all try to make ourselves busy at home if unable to go out during the Covid-19 pandemic due to social distancing measures and lockdowns imposed by authorities to stop the spread of the virus.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Master Of Airsoft? Take The Custom Airsoft Gun Challenge!


Are your creative juices as an airsoft gunsmith flowing? Being an airsoft gunsmith takes a lot of skill.

#StayAtHome For Airsofters: Donate Computer Power To [email protected] To Fight Covid-19

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There are lots of ways for airsofters to contribute in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 and we hope many the airsoft community are stepping up to help in any way that they can.

Get Ready To Rumble In The Battle Of Loadouts At The Airsoft Showdown!


Bored and frustrated that you are unable to play airsoft as your country is in a lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic? Disappointed that your team mates will be unable to see you in your new loadout for weeks to come?

Don’t worry, here is something that you and airsofters around the world might want to be in...

A Call To Airsofters To Action! Please Donate Badly Needed Eyepro To The Covid-19 Fighters!


To all our readers, PLEASE SHARE this on your social media pages --- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and whatever social media platform you are on.

#StayAtHome For Airsofters: Share What You Are Doing During The Pandemic

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Let’s all accept it, we are not going to contribute in bringing the Covid-19 virus under control if we persist on going to airsoft gatherings and games in affected areas.

#StayAtHome For Airsofters: Support Your Local Airsoft Retailer Online


If you remember some Yellow Pages ad, if you do recall what the Yellow Page is for, “Let The Fingers Do The Walking.” These days our fingers do a lot of walking by clicking, tapping, and swiping online. Even in shopping our fingers do the buying.

Can’t Wait Long? Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Will Be Available Today To Keep You Happy


It seems that there are people disappointed that that they won’t be able to do some zombie killing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

#StayAtHome For Airsofters: Start Becoming An Airsoft Tech AEG Edition

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You are stuck at home due to your government’s implementation of “social distancing” to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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