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Weekend Viewing: The Airsoft Surgeon Championships 2019 Shield Cup Shooters In Action

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Sat, 08/17/2019 - 07:19

For those curious about Action Air/Airsoft Practical Shooting, the best way to understand is to go to the range of the nearest Action Air club. But in case there is no club or Action Air has not taken root in their country, the next best thing is going online, open YouTube, search for Action Air videos (or airsoft practical shooting can be the key phrase) and Voila! Hundreds or even thousands of videos of action air shooters going through different courses of fire.

The Mokacam Alpha3 4K Action Cam Has A Flip-Up Screen For Vlogging

Submitted by Gungho Cowboy on Fri, 08/16/2019 - 06:31

Oh how we love choices. As action cams have become mainstays in an airsoft list of equipment to bring to the field, having more options on what action cams to buy is always a good thing. Prices come down and more features are brought in as action camera manufacturers compete for the airsofters' and other consumers' wallets.  So we are spoilt with choices and we can even have different action cams to fit our requirements.

The Storm Area 51 Event Is Still On (But It’s Not What You Think)

Submitted by Logan on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 06:25

Last month, the Internet was abuzz about a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51” in which those who have signed are supposed to storm Area 51, part of the larger Nevada Test and Training Range at Nellis Air Force Base, famous for it being a secret area about aliens, UFOs and their technologies. As of this writing, over 2 million have signed up to go while 1.5 million indicated that they were “interested”. The event is supposed to take place on September

Qore Performance Introduces The New IcePlate Curve For Use With Plate Carriers

Submitted by Gungho Cowboy on Tue, 08/13/2019 - 06:32

The IcePlate water bottle from Qore Performance is turning into a must have in the list of airsoft players, especially for Milsim players who spend more time under harsh elements as compared to other weekend airsoft players. The IcePlate can be used as insert into plate carriers filled with ice water that can help keep down the body temperature under hot weather conditions and can also be used as a source of hydration when the ice melts.

Airsoft Training Can Translate Into Real Firearms Skill

Submitted by Logan on Mon, 08/12/2019 - 07:27

Over the weekend, airsoft pages on Facebook have been sharing a video that has gone viral, RedWolf Sponsored athlete, Liku Tactical from Japan gets to have his dream of shooting beside Lucas Botkin, the CEO of T.Rex Arms who is famous for  his instructional videos on firearms handling and shooting on YouTube. According the T.Rex Arms, 38 Americans pooled funds to make the Japanese airsofter’s dream come true in June 2019 and bring him to the U.S.

Airsoft Surgeon 2019 Championships Shield Cup Hits The Mark Again

Submitted by OptimusPrime on Sat, 08/10/2019 - 08:14

One of the longest running international action air tournaments, the Airsoft Surgeon Championships, was back after a year in hiatus to give way to the first Action Air World Shoot that took place in Hong Kong last year. It was also a year to give time to RedWolf Airsoft UK to recover after the fire that hit its Tewkesbury office just weeks before the 2017 Airsoft Surgeon Championships. The event took place last 3-4 August 2019, with a pre-match for Range Officers two days before that.

Wanted: An Airsoft Version Of The John Wick 3 VAULT Trunk Set

Submitted by Logan on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 06:53

The photo is enough to make us salivate. For fans of John Wick, having the guns he used in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum in one trunk would surely be a dream to own. Big Daddy Unlimited did just that and in cooperation with Taran Tactical, released the The Vault III Limited Edition Trunk Set.

The set costs US$17,999.99 with only 10 sets built that were immediately sold out. So if you’ve got that amount lying around and you are allowed own real steel weapons in your locality, it’s too late  to get one unless popular demand would make them do another very limited release.

Help The Victorian Airsoft Association Have Their Petition Signed & Shared

Submitted by Logan on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 05:27

The efforts of having airsoft legalised in Australia continue as various locally formed organisations lobby in their own states for their and coordinating efforts on the national level. There are breakthroughs such as in Western Australia where Aaron Stonehouse MLC of the Liberal Party Firearms Amendment (Airsoft) Bill 2019 which is "An Act to Amend the Firearms Act of 1973" with an aim to pass it through the WA Parliament in September.

Portuguese Army Soldiers Start Training With the FN SCAR-L Rifle

Submitted by Gungho Cowboy on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 06:28

With the ongoing replacement of the HK G3 rifle as part of the Portuguese Army’s Sistemas de Combate do Soldado (Dismounted Soldier System) program to bring their armament to the 21st Century, they have awarded via NATO’s Support & Procurement Agency (NSPA) FN Herstal of Belgium to supply FN SCAR-L rifles early this year. In 2017, they announced that they were looking into procuring 11,000 assault rifles that use the 5.56x45mm round with a value seen at of €42.8 million (US$50.3 million).

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