Grey Birch Manufacturing Announce Their New Carbon Adventurer 10/122 Rifle

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Grey Birch just added a new rifle to its growing line of 10/22 rifles The Grey Birch Carbon Adventurer Rifle is a top-of-the-line 10/22-style rifle that is specifically designed for long-distance shooting and adventure.

WELL PRO Is Releasing The Most Affordable & Lightest Airsoft Minigun


Some airsoft players dream of having an airsoft M134 minigun but the early releases that are 1:1 scale made by Craft Apple Works (CAW) and Classic Army more than a decade ago were just too expensive to own until Classic Army released a M134 microgun which is cheaper and lighter over 5 years ago.

Viridian Weapon Technologies' RFX45 Closed Emitter Green Dot Optic Is Now Available

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If you are looking for a green dot sight that works with both pistols and rifles, you might want to check out the RFX45 from Viridian Weapon Technologies.

Meet The Thermonator: The Flamethrowing Robot Dog


They just keep strapping things on robot dogs these days.

The Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Dissipator: A Vietnam War-Era Dissipator Rifle Modernised

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Anderson Manufacturing have introduced the AM-15 Dissipator, a modern take on the classic Vietnam War-era dissipator rifle.

IDF Orders More IWI X95 Micro Tavors For Infantry Units


IWI just bagged another contract from the Israel Defense Forces (IWI) worth 10.5 million NIS (around US$2.9 million) to supply thousands of units of the X95 bullpup firearm to the IDF.

The OG Call of Duty: Warzone Will Be Shut down For Good In September 2023

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Activision has announced that the original Warzone, the battle royale game that launched in 2020 and was based on Modern Warfare, will end on 21 September 2023. This means that Warzone Caldera, the Pacific map that replaced Verdansk and kept the original gameplay and cosmetics, will also be gone.

Kalashnikov Group Reveals The AK-12 2023 Model Based On Combat Experience In Ukraine


Manufacturers of the airsoft version of the AK-12, which is the new service rifle of the Russian Army will need to make their own updates to their airsoft AK-12 offerings. In May 2023, the Kalashnikov Group showed off the improved AK-12 assault rifle at the Patriot Park near Moscow.

Tokyo Marui Virtual Survival Game Fields Await Visitors At The Virtual Market 2023 Summer Edition


It’s summer and for Tokyo Marui, the next big event for them to attend is not in the real world but in the metaverse as they will be participating once again at the Virtual Market

“Jagged Alliance 3” Is All Set For A 14 July 2023 Release

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“Jagged Alliance 3” is the long-awaited sequel to the classic turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance 2. It was first announced in 2004, but only revealed its trailer last year. Now, it is ready to launch next month with a new trailer.

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