Mod 1, The Bravo Company MFG Collection Coffee Table Book


When we get asked by some friends in both airsoft and real steel communities about what guns and gear that they can consider buying, we also get asked what else that they should collect.

Firefield Impulse 1x22 Compact Red Dot Sight Helps Shooters Achieve Lightning Fast Target Acquisition

Firefield Advertorial

One of the steadfast supporters of Popular Airsoft in recent years, Firefield has a wide range shooting solutions for target acquisition that airsoft players can choose from.

It’s Time Again To Take A Break! Happy Holidays To All!


As we’re taking a break from work for Christmas, there will be no news and stories on Popular Airsoft on the 24th and 25th of December 2022. We’ll resume regular posts on the 26th of December and also open the Final/Voting Round of the 13th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards wherein the finalists in all 26 awards categories will be announced.

Taiwan MOA Exhibition 2022: GBL’s Line Up Of New & Upcoming Products


We saved GBL for last in our final batch of videos taken from Taiwan MOA Exhibition 2022.  Tim of GBL took good time to explain what the upcoming

Noveske Rifleworks Releases The Chainsaw “The People’s Rifle”


Noveske Rifleworks is one of the famous firearms brands that has been cooperating with the airsoft industry since it started in the 2000s and its accessories, external parts as well as complete rifles have been replicated for airsoft under license since then.

Desert Tech Trek-22 Bullpup Stock Available Now In FDE & ODG Colours

Gungho Cowboy

If Silverback Airsoft wants to hit two birds with one stone, that is, making their own fans happy and KJ Works KC-02 10/22 CO2 Blowback Rifle owners happy too, they might want to start working on the Desert Tech Trek-22 Bullpup Stock which is design

It’s The Final Day & It’s Your Last Chance To Submit Your List Of Nominees


How is the Nomination Period for the 13th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards going? Our readers ask us. It’s pretty much going well and today is the final day for those who haven’t nominated to send their list of nominees is.

Springfield Armory Unveils The New Saint Victor 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine


When the saints go marching in for Springfield Armory, a new will always be welcome and it a market where PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbines) are finding a big audience, the release of the Saint Victor 9

Strike Industries’ OPPRESSOR Golf Ball Launcher Is Now Available


Don’t get any ideas that you can use this for airsoft, but it’s fun to have it at the golf course or driving range and see how far it can go.

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