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U.S. Army Forming An eSports Team To Help In Recruitment

In 2018, the U.S. Army has missed its annual recruitment target of 6,500 for the for the first time. With low employment in the overall U.S. economy, the attraction of the service is not compelling as potential recruits have more options in the job market. The Army decided to tweak its recruitment process and implementing new approaches.

One such approach that may help meet recruitment goals is eSports.

The Airsoft Surgeon Practical Shooting Championships Is Back This Year

The largest airsoft practical pistol shooting tournament in Europe is finally back after a one year hiatus. The Airsoft Surgeon Practical Shooting Championships will be held once again in the United Kingdom, and for will be held at a different venue this year.

We’re On The Second Week Of Voting! Keep Those Votes Coming In!

When we were expecting that this Voting/Finals period of the 9th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards will the number of votes will be the lower than the previous year, it looks like we were mistaken for now as it’s still too early to say. Thousands of votes have been cast in the first week, so it’s looking good that airsoft players from around the world are active in casting their votes.

Is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Going To Be Released This Year?

Of all the Call of Duty titles, for me, the Modern Warfare series is the most epic given the scale, story, and characters. It is the series where we saw airsofters and gamers immersed themselves, bringing the characters’ loadouts to the airsoft field and the callsigns Soap and Ghost  were popular in airsoft forums. But the most compelling character is Captain Price who has survived through all the titles, watching Soap die in his arms in Modern Warfare 3.

Watch Out Iron Man! These Kantanka Group “Exoskeletons” Are After Your Throne

The race of the first combat-ready exoskeletons just got a bit more crowded. Whilst we expect such developments from developed countries and the big three (U.S., Russia, and China), sometimes we get surprised by developments from where we least expect it. In this case, from the country of Ghana a middle income country in Africa, also a football powerhouse in the continent.

Philippine Election Gun (& Airsoft) Ban To Take Effect January 13

For the airsoft community in the Philippines, it’s time to stow their airsoft guns away as they will be in for a period of an election gun ban in preparation for the National and Local elections that will take place on the May 13. The gun ban, which will also cover airsoft as defined by the Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution No. 10446, will take effect on January 13 and ends on June 12, 2019. That’s five months of no airsoft for players in the country.

What A Cutie! SIG Sauer Unveil The Ultra-Compact MPX Copperhead

With SBRs and compact AR-style guns being the rage nowadays in real steel and airsoft, SIG Sauer just went even more ultra-compact. Their MPX line, which they revealed a few years ago, already feature compact versions, but with the announcement of the MPX Copperhead, they have a very compact 9mm that we sure would like to see an airsoft version.

Hey You! Do You Want To Win One Any of These Cool Stuff?

Oh yes! The Voting Period of the 9th Airsoft Players Choice Awards has gotten off with a flying start. On the first day of voting, thousands have already cast their votes and there is still more than enough time for everyone to vote.  This should encourage the finalists to rally their fans to invite other airsoft team mates to vote if they haven’t done so.

Vote Now As It's The 9th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Voting Period

It’s the moment many prospective nominees and their fans have been waiting for --- the Voting Period of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. From today up to the 4th of February 2019, airsoft players and readers of Popular Airsoft from around the world will be voting and determine who wins in this awards edition.

Advisory: Popular Airsoft Website Checkup Weekend

We are undergoing another scheduled maintenance this weekend as we prepare the Popular Airsoft website for the year. It’s an old website design, we admit, but it has served us well all these past years. We intend to do an upgrade soon as possible and we are reviewing some proposed website redesign.