True Velocity’s Lone Star Future Weapons Withdraws Its NGSW Bid Protests

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It looks like the coast is clear for SIG Sauer to finally go full throttle in its production plans to meet its contractual obligations with the U.S. Army to supply the Next Generation Squad Weapons Systems (NGSW) after Lone Star Future Weapons withdrew its protests on the NGSW bid outcome.

This Suitcase Looking Rifle Made By Ukrainians Takes Down Drones


Counter-drone has become very important in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both warring parties are reliant on drones for reconnaissance, spotting for artillery and for ground attack. But for most parts drones are utilized for the first two purposes and they use both military, commercial and even some cobbled up drones.

Preorders For The Nerf LMTD Destiny Gjallarhorn Launcher Will Start On 7 July

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It’s finally arriving. When it was first announced in December last year, we never knew how big it is. Oh boy! New photos show it’s a biggie and for Nerf shooters who are also players of the Destiny video game from Bungie, they can place preorders for the launcher will begin on the 7th of July.

Wilson Combat Introduces The EDC X9 3.25” Subcompact Pistol


Everyday carry weapons must be getting more compact that they can easily be concealed.

SIG Custom Works Releases The M400-DH3 For 3-Gun Shooters

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3-Gun competition shooters have a tool that is designed by 10-time USPSA Multigun Tactical Division Champion Daniel Horner. The SIG Custom Works M400-DH3 is a ready to go competition rifle right out of the box.

Here Is The New F3 Helmet Of The French Army


During the Eurosatory 2022 in Paris, the Ministère des Armées (Ministry of the Army) put on display the new F3 Helmet of the Armée de Terre or the French Army, which is part of the ongoing update in the uniform and gear of the service branch which has been ongoing since 2019.

Incoming! Lego-Style “Block Arms” Accessories From Laylax’s First Factory

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Before you might dismiss this upcoming airsoft accessories from Laylax’s First Factory, which are blocks that will remind you of Lego bricks as only for kids, think again. Laylax may be just be hitting it right given that Lego actually has a big adult following.

Get Your Cameras Ready! The 4th Shoot Your LCT Fever Video Contest Is On!


Surprised? It looks like LCT Airsoft wants to give contestants more time to produce their entries this time.

The B&T BWC-9 Is A Competitor To The Upcoming Magpul/ZEV Technologies FDP-9/FDC-9

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What the real steel shooters are about to enjoy, airsofters have already enjoyed using 12 years ago. Magpul and ZEV Technologies have teamed up to produce the FDP-9/FDC-9 which have the same roots as the PTS Folding Pocket Gun (FPG) for airsoft, which is the Magpul FMG-9 concept gun revealed in 2008.

Court Clears The Way For The German Government To Order Heckler & Koch Assault Rifles


Heckler & Koch is all set to be winner in the bid to supply the new assault rifle for the Bundeswehr to replace the G36 assault rifle.

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09 Aug 2022

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