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Ratratan Philippines Is Coming Back! Save The Date: 15 December 2018

One of the exciting airsoft events in the Philippines is about to start again. The Ratratan (“Firefight”) Series started 11 years ago in 2007 and had a 3-year run with the event stopping when player numbers dwindled in the country caused by election gun bans and airsoft players in those years took up new hobbies such as running and biking.

FN Announces SCAR 20S Precision Rifle For The Commercial Market

I do love my airsoft SCAR rifles. I got to own the built like a tank Classic Army SCAR-L AEG 11 years ago and still heavily use my Tokyo Marui SCAR-L and was able to play once with the Tokyo Marui SCAR-H and they have been impressive AEGs that I make sure I have a SCAR in my personal armoury.  But the FN SCAR family is not only the SCAR-L and SCAR-H, SCAR MK 20 SSR, SCAR-SC and the Heat Adaptive Modular Rifle (HAMR). I think there are more in this list as there are those variants offered for LE use.

DEFCON Group To Drop New Multicam Black Vans This Weekend

For Vans sneaker fans in the airsoft community, better part with a portion of Christmas shopping budget this weekend. DEFCON, the group for its collaboration in the apparel industries, is set to drop a new pair of Multicam Vans on the 10th of November 2018.

Ubisoft Finds Fans Unhappy With The Rainbow Six: Siege Aesthetic Changes

As Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege expands into Asian markets, it has announced that it is making some changes to the visuals of the game that fans are not all happy about. It is believe that the changes are about following Chinese government’s rules on what video games should show, and thus, it will have to remove or tone down blood spatters, and references to sex and gambling.

Tokyo Marui To Hold 5th Festival On The 17th to 18th November 2018

If you are an airsofter and in Tokyo this month, you have timed it well. Tokyo Marui will be holding their annual festival and the 5th Tokyo Marui Festival is set on the 17th to the 18th of November 2018. It will be held at the same venue which is started five years ago, the Belle Salle Akihabara. For this year, they have some added attractions and a special guest.

So what have they have in store for visitors this year? Well, here it goes:

1. New Product Section

Battle Arena: The World’s Growing Force On Force Airsoft Tournament

Competitive airsoft is now coming of age. It is not because competitive airsoft is a new thing, but because of the efforts of individuals and organisations on refining existing airsoft competitions and giving them global potential. Action Air, SpeedSoft, and 3-Gun Nation Airsoft are now having adherents from around the world with Action Air having just held its first official World Shoot in Hong Kong early this year under the official supervision of the International Practical Shooting Confederation or IPSC.

U.S. Army To Go With The 6.8mm For The Next Generation Squad Weapons

It looks like it is definite that in the future U.S. Army soldiers will be firing a larger round. This has been a concern for the officials that the 5.56mm round, which is the standard round for the U.S. Army and NATO allies, is inadequate to penetrate body armour of potential enemies.

The U.S. Army has already been testing the 6.8mm rounds for the possible replacement of M249 and M4 rifles and they have chosen 5 companies to develop prototype weapons for the round.

Wanted For Airsoft: The DX-12 Punisher Double-Barreled Shotgun Concept

If there is something that we can always implement in airsoft is that we can take weapon design concepts immediately for use in airsoft as compared to real firearms. In fact some weapon designs meant for real world use but never took off found use in airsoft such as the Magpul FPG (Folding Pocket Gun). Also some weapons seen in sci-fi movies or anime shows get to have airsoft versions such as the Ghost Shell’s Schrödinger, the Elyisum AK-47 with the aiming device, or the Alien M41A Pulse Rifle.

Leave Your Airsoft Gun At Home When Trick Or Treating. Happy Halloween!

Tonight, it’s Halloween, and many of you probably have planned to don costumes to join in trick or treating. While it’s totally fun doing this tradition, with all those crazy costumes that neighbors put on, young or old, you might be planning to bring your airsoft gun as a prop.

We tell you, as we do each year, please don’t.

DeadPoint Solves The Problem Of Holsters For Glocks With Weapon Lights

We want to install weapon lights on our pistols. While pistols are useful for close quarters, you will need a weapon light to use them in such games as close quarters battles are usually low light areas where visibility is poor with darkened corners. It’s easy to find weaponlights for our pistols nowadays, but finding holsters to fit weapon lights is always an issue.