DARPA Selects Team To Start Work On Artificial Blood To Treat Battlefield Injuries

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We’re back to battlefield medicine as work in this field usually spills over to better treatment of injured civilians. DARPA of the U.S.

Tokyo Marui To Develop Airsoft Version Of “Lycoris Recoil” Chisato’s Handgun


“Lycoris Recoil”, the 2022 no.1 “Favorite TV Anime” ranked by the Japanese anime website AnimeAnime, will soon be encountered in the airsoft field as

The Walther P99 AS Will Be Retired After 26 Years With The P99 AS Final Edition

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Walther Arms announced that it will be saying goodbye to one of its feature-rich pistols, the P99. The P99 was first released in 1997, with the P99 AS following in 2004 as a variant close to a traditional Double-Action/Single-Action (DA/SA) trigger with a docker.

High Speed Gear Releases The Polymer TACO V2 With An Updated Look


No need for introductions with High Speed Gear, the company that produces gear that it is in use in he tactical and airsoft communities has a famous product series called the TACO line.

Bruce Willis In “Assassin” Where The Human Body Becomes A Killer Drone

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Bruce Willis, in his final film appearance, will be portraying the role of a hardened leader of a private military Group which has a microchip that can that can enable an agent to have his/her mind to take over human body and be able to conduct espionage and assassination missions.

Squid Game Multiplayer VR Experience Will Be Coming To Sandbox VR


Wanting to try the South Korean hit “Squid Game” on Netflix in real life without actually dying? You may get the chance to try it as Sandbox VR, a virtual reality gaming center operating in various cities around the world announced that a multiplayer VR game of the series will soon be experienced at their centers.

Shoot SIG Is SIG Sauer’s Shooting Competition To Entice Gun Owners To The Range

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We just wish that owners of SIG Air ProForce airsoft guns can shoot at this competition.

The Strike AirTag Holder Helps You Keep Track Of Your Airsoft Gun


Airsoft guns are not exactly cheap items, even if there are affordable ones. For the serious airsoft player, there is a big amount of money put into a good performing airsoft gun such as the expensive upgrades.

U.S. Special Ops Units To Test “X-Wing” Loitering Munition Made By Israelis


The use of drones has become essential in our lives and its importance in more obvious in the battlefield. At the ongoing Russo-Ukranian War, drones made for military, commercial, and hobby use have proven themselves useful at all levels of the military branches involved in the conflict.

Jake Gyllenhaal Undertakes Mission To Rescue Afghan Interpreter In "The Covenant"

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“Jarhead” star, Jake Gyllenhaal, will don again the uniform as he plays the role of a Special Forces Sergeant who goes on a mission to rescue an interpreter in Afghanistan even as he struggles with amnesia. The film is called “The Covenant” and is directed by Guy Ritchie.

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