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Atwater & Merced Police Seize Stolen Airsoft Goods

Some good news for the airsoft businesses in California two days before Christmas day which should be a fitting gift to them and a warning to those thinking of stealing airsoft merchandize that they cannot escape the long arms of the law. Police teams from Atwater and Merced in Sacramento County teamed up and seized stolen airsoft, shooting sports, and training equipment worth US$60,000.00.

Glock Greets Us A Happy New Year With The G43X & G48 Pistols

It looks like the Glock airsoft makers have a lot of catching up to do as there are more Glock Pistols to make available to the airsoft market. Whilst we are waiting for the G19X, there is another series that might merit the attention of airsoft players and wish that there are airsoft versions.

Airsoft GI’s Frank Chu To Head Classic Army's Global Sales

We all know by now that Classic Army and Airsoft GI have been working close together in the North American airsoft market. In recent times, the Hong Kong based airsoft company have been working hard to bring new products to the market as well as re-introducing old classics that have been updated with new internals, especially with the ECS.

As The Year Draws To A Close, We Wish Everyone A Happy & Prosperous New Year

(Advisory: No news from 31 December 2018 to 1 January 2019 as we take our New Year celebrations break. We’ll resume on the 2nd of January) 2018 is a year of mixed blessings; though overall, it is something that we would rather put behind quickly and moved on to 2019. With the state of current affairs around the world, we are actually surprised that there is still some sanity left.

Hopefully, 2019 will bring more that, sanity, to the world and bring us some normalcy in our daily lives.

Today Is The Final Day Of Nominations. Submit Your Nominees Now

By 2400H PST today, the Nomination Period of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards closes. There will be no extensions and considerations as we need to collate all the nominees immediately. If you and your team mates have not submitted your lists yet, then better do so now before it’s too late.

Click the button below to immediately go to the Awards page to submit your list of nominees:

Final Call As The Nomination Period Is About To End

We all hope that you enjoyed the Christmas break. We’re still nursing headaches from the all the liquor we drank and savoring what was on our plates that was shared by our friends and families. It is still not over though as the festivities continue as we look forward to ushering the New Year in a few days.

Enjoy The Holiday Season In The Company Of Family & Friends

(Advisory: No news and stories on Popular Airsoft from the 24th to the 26th of December as we take our Christmas break.)  Christmas is the time to cease hostilities in the airsoft field and partake in the holiday cheer. We all head home to spend the day in the company of those dearest to us. So take time to enjoy this day within the warmth of homes and the smiles of those familiar to us through all these years.

A New Beginning: RATRATAN Is Back In The Philippines

In our first event in the Philippines since 2009, the RATRATAN 2018 aims to start anew the relations between Popular Airsoft and the Philippine Airsoft Community one of the biggest and oldest in the world. Our growth was without a doubt also helped by this community as it provided some of our earliest stories and news and established our international network of contributors.

Black Command Unleashes "Rivals Arena” Global Multiplayer Update

Capcom, in cooperation with, previously released the “Black Command” mobile game app in which the player takes command of a Private Military Company (PMC) group to conduct missions. The players gets to recruit mercenaries and other aspects of running a PMC.

Apart from maintaining a PMC organizationally, Black Command also lets the player decide when to strike, choosing how his/he teams approach and objective and raise funds in order to become the most dominant PMC in the game.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zero Gets Fixed After Player Complaints

With the release of Operator Zero in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, player complaints became a deluge as the latest specialis is just too powerful, especially with Icepick ability that hacks an entire team, able to take control of the killstreaks and more.  As one Reddit user says, “Zero's Icepick is literally an autopilot to getting free streaks.”