Perun Airsoft MOSFET For The P90 AEG


For years the P90 has been a very popular CQB gun on the airsoft field, but personally I’ve never even considered one because of the clunky trigger which I could never get on with. When I tried the new P90 MOSFET from Perun Airsoft I was pleasantly surprised. Because the original trigger bar is…

SLR Airsoftworks ION 4.7" Light M-Lok Handguard & Stock Set For Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR

Master Chief

Before I delve into the subject in hand, let me tell you guys a bit about my barely used TM. A few years ago Tokyo Marui released what TM fans say is the best AKM gas blowback rifle ever. Having one myself, I can say that it is pretty impressive, but it wasn’t perfect. Firstly, it has no wood…

MAPA Camouflage Tactical Gear By MASKPOL

Master Chief

Polish company MASKPOL SA have released a collection of tactical clothing and gears in the very unique MAPA (Multi-environment Adaptive PAttern) camouflage with a target market for civilian and professional users. The MAPA is a camouflage based on analyzing a thousand photographic samples of…

Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical Black GBB Pistol


The Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical Black Gas Blowback Pistol is one of the most popular pistols released by Tokyo Marui in 2020. Like all Tokyo Marui products, the packaging on this gun is excellent and is very secure inside which is great most specially during shipment. It comes with one gas blowback…

Installing The Perun Airsoft Hybrid V3 MOSFET


I was lucky enough to be able to install and test the new Perun Hybrid MOSFETs for both V2 and V3 Gearboxes. The ‘Hybrid’ MOSFET seems to be the best of both worlds as it features a magnetic trigger for optimal sensitivity and an optical selector for reliability. Not only does it increase…

LCT Airsoft’s LK-53A3 AEG

Master Chief

LCT Airsoft is well known at manufacturing period or shall I say replicas of rifles in the past. Their latest release is a blast from the 60s, with the LK-53 series modeled from the Heckler & Koch HK53. In the 1960s, HK or Heckler & Koch released the HK53A3 which they classified as a sub-…

The Bodyguard 380 Gas Pistol By Tokyo Marui

Master Chief

Tokyo Marui or TM has recently been releasing its small arms or compact carry gas gun range and the one of the newest ones to come out of the Tokyo Marui factory is the Bodyguard 380 which is based on the design manufactured by Smith and Wesson. The real steel Bodyguard 380 is designed to provide…

Specna Arms SA-J05 EDGE With Gate Aster

Master Chief

For the AK lovers out there, Specna Arms have released their latest replica for their J series. The SA-J05 AEG combines both the modern and classic look of the AK47,  built solidly with steel materials as seen on its receiver and outer barrel. Not only that, this replica is also part of their EDGE…

Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET (Front Wired)

Andrew Cole

The Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET from my understanding is new to the market but offers functionality to rival the more widely known units, from the likes of Gate with their Titan drop-in units, or the Evolution ETS III. At first glance the new unit comes in a neat small package which I am not sure if is…

The Laylax Container Gun Case

Master Chief

Laylax has always been known for innovation and pushing the boundaries making new products for Airsoft. Their latest release is a gun case with a twist. This is, for me, the most unique gun case I have ever seen, and who ever came up with the design is a genius. When I go play airsoft, I always…

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