LCT Airsoft’s LK-53A3 AEG

Master Chief

LCT Airsoft is well known at manufacturing period or shall I say replicas of rifles in the past. Their latest release is a blast from the 60s, with the LK-53 series modeled from the Heckler & Koch HK53. In the 1960s, HK or Heckler & Koch released the HK53A3 which they classified as a sub-…

The Bodyguard 380 Gas Pistol By Tokyo Marui

Master Chief

Tokyo Marui or TM has recently been releasing its small arms or compact carry gas gun range and the one of the newest ones to come out of the Tokyo Marui factory is the Bodyguard 380 which is based on the design manufactured by Smith and Wesson. The real steel Bodyguard 380 is designed to provide…

Specna Arms SA-J05 EDGE With Gate Aster

Master Chief

For the AK lovers out there, Specna Arms have released their latest replica for their J series. The SA-J05 AEG combines both the modern and classic look of the AK47,  built solidly with steel materials as seen on its receiver and outer barrel. Not only that, this replica is also part of their EDGE…

Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET (Front Wired)

Andrew Cole

The Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET from my understanding is new to the market but offers functionality to rival the more widely known units, from the likes of Gate with their Titan drop-in units, or the Evolution ETS III. At first glance the new unit comes in a neat small package which I am not sure if is…

The Laylax Container Gun Case

Master Chief

Laylax has always been known for innovation and pushing the boundaries making new products for Airsoft. Their latest release is a gun case with a twist. This is, for me, the most unique gun case I have ever seen, and who ever came up with the design is a genius. When I go play airsoft, I always…

Firefield RapidStrike 1-6x24 SFP Riflescope

Master Chief

Airsoft will never be fun without the various accessories available. Most airsofters next planned or unplanned purchases after setting up their airsoft replicas are the accessories that they can attach externally to all those RIS rails. A lot of airsoft rifle attachments or accessories are just for…

Battle Style Performance Shirt By Laylax


The first time I saw the Battle Style Performance Shirt at the Laylax online store, I was sure that I want it. Luckily, Laylax had some available for me that I was able to receive during the MOA 2019 in Taipei as their online store only sells to Japan-based customers. I knew that this shirt is my…

B&T USW A1 CO2 Blowback By ASG

Master Chief

The B&T USW or Universal Service Weapon was frost introduced in 2016 by the Swiss company Brügger & Thomet. The USW brings back the age old concept of a stocked pistol but made it better. They designed the pistol to be comfortable to use as a handgun and then added the accuracy by adding…

Matrix Tactical Systems Protective Goggles


These Matrix Tactical Systems Airsoft Goggles were sent to me by and today I’m going to shoot them with a full-auto burst from 1ft away with an AEG firing 0.25g BBs at 340fps (1.34 Joules). But before we destroy them, we’ll take a closer look. I review it's build quality and eye-glass…

Perun Airsoft ETU++ MOSFET


The Perun ETU++ is a brilliant MOSFET and the perfect upgrade for anyone who owns a G&G AEG with an ETU looking for more programmability options or even for someone who’s burnt their old MOSFET out and wants an upgrade over a replacement. In this review I install it into an ARP9 to test out…

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