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Earmor Tactical Ear Protection Headsets

Communication is a vital ingredient to any team related activity. May this be  a sport or hobby-related such as airsoft (and event paintball) or military and law enforcement operations. To be able to function as a single unit, the team needs to be able to talk or communicate with each other.

Specna Arms & Jing Gong G36Cs Compared

In this review in which we compared two guns of the same variant made by two different companies we will focus mainly on the aesthetics.  Jing Gong is a company that make low to mid range guns at low prices. Specna Arms follow this same trait but with differences to Jing Gong.

Titan Power Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

When it comes to electric powered airsoft replicas, an excellent power source or a battery is a must. AEGs or Automatic Electric Guns are useless without a good power source. Just imagine being in a middle of a firefight and you slowly hear your rifle firing slower and slower until it’s completely dead. It’s either swap for a fresh battery, if you remembered to bring one in-game, go for your side arm, if you have one, or just do the walk of shame towards the safe zone.

APS CAM870 MK2 CO2 Airsoft Shotgun

For the past few years, it has been very obvious that airsoft manufacturers are trying their best to outdo each other on who can make the most realistic airsoft replica not just on looks but also on the way they function.

We now have replicas that recreate recoil and blowback when fired like the more realistic gas blow backs to the more electric recoil shock AEGs. We have also seen shell ejecting airsoft shotgun replicas made to make it a step further into realism.

Trident Gear Airsoft Armour/Training Plates

When I go to my skirmish field or to battle/milsims I want my kit to be as realistic as possible, being a serving member of the Armed Forces and a seasoned airsoft player I like to think this time has given me knowledge and experience to recognise high quality kit. There’s always room for improvement but what can I do to take my kit to the next level?

Team Trident have answered my calling!

The CM16 ARP9 AEG By G&G Armament

G&G Armament is, I would say, one of the pioneers in the airsoft manufacturing business. When shopping around for a new airsoft replica, G&G is always one of the brands I always check out. Not only do they have superior quality external build but through the years have also vastly improved their internals at a very high and respectable standard.

9MM ARs?

APS Phantom Extremis Rifle MK6 CRS

APS Conception have released their latest version of the Phantom Extremis Rifle or the APS PER MK6. Yes, that is how fast the PER has evolved from the first one I reviewed last year which was then the PER MK2. Within a year, APS was able to release four more versions of this AEG series.

Entry Level G36C AEG From Jing Gong

Jing Gong are known for their low to mid-priced airsoft guns, they're affordable and are good entry level guns for new players and casual players alike.  The China-based airsoft  manufacturer has a good line-up of airsoft guns, from AEGs to Gas blowbacks, from M4s to Heckler & Koch-style airsoft guns such as the G36 series and I got one of the latter, the G36C.

So how does this G36C sent to us by Gunfire hold up?

Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Magnum Shell

Airsoft Innovations, which specialise in airsoft grenades, have for years given us some of the best ever airsoft products ranging from bang or sound grenades to impact BB grenades and airsofters around the world love their products... until now.

Specna Arms SA-G10 KeyMod EBB Carbine

A few months ago, I did a review on the Specna Arms Core series which was their more affordable range of airsoft replicas. Now, Gunfire  have sent me the new SA-G10 KeyMod EBB Carbine from the Electric Blowback G-series from Specna Arms. Let’s find out how this AEG, which takes its design inspiration from a famous German firearms manufacturer, fares.