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The Zulu Glove From Valken Tactical

When I started playing airsoft many years ago, one of the first accessories that I invested on was a good pair of gloves. Gloves don’t only make a player look cool, they also do a very important thing, and that is protect your hands. They don’t only protect your hands from the physical environment like mud, dirt, thorns, splinters and so on or protect you from the harsh weather may it be snowing or boiling hot or soaking wet. For airsoft players, one of the most obvious benefit is that gloves protect you from the pain of getting shot on the fingers.

RWA Nighthawk Custom COVERT OPS

Winter is Coming... and in airsoft we all know what that means, unusable gas powered pistols. I love using my sidearm pistol during games. Since I use midcap magazines for my primary weapon, I always end up going for my sidearm when I run out of ammo or when I get a gun hit during a game. A pistol also gives me extra manoeuvrability in tight areas and also enables me to be extra stealthy when I need to be.

My Wolverine Airsoft Reaper-Wraith Project

HPA is making a resurgence in airsoft in the past few years. It was brought about by the inability of gas blowback rifles to perform to their optimum best in cold weather. We have the same problem here in the U.K. We have been blessed with a great warm summer so far but as the weather will start to cool down, the problems with gas blowback guns and rifles come back to haunt us.

The SA-C06 CORE AEG By Specna Arms

The M4 carbine and similar design assault rifle is still to this day the most popular and most sought after airsoft replica in the market today. And this is the main reason why airsoft manufacturers make more of this variant and even go to the extent of making their own designs. There is literally a huge number of M4 variants out in the airsoft market ranging from sniper DMRs to short barreled CQB rifles.

The Viper Tactical Titanium Range

Last year, Viper Tactical sent me samples from their Titanium Range. Whils there have been many reviews of the products under the Titanium range, it took me almost a year to finally come out with a review giving you what I think about these products since I have to test them several times on the field to come out with my own conclusion(s) to these.

Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle

Ares have released their first sniper rifle under the Amoeba, the Striker AS01. The Amoeba Striker AS01 have made big headlines when it was released several months ago and was hailed as the best sniper rifle out of the box with one review claiming that it could be the only sniper rifle you will ever need.

The Evolution Airsoft TangoDown ECR AEG

Evolution Airsoft have released their latest AEG and boy it looks great! The TangoDown ECR (Enhanced Combat Rifle) comes in two colours, Black and Tan furnitures (stock, pistol grip, rail covers and vertical grip) and two barrel lengths: the standard long barrel ECR-4 and the CQB short barrel ECR-5.


Precision 6.05 Inner Barrel By Poseidon

Upgrading your airsot rifle is part and parcel of playing the game. To get your airsoft rifle to shoot better, straighter, further, and more accurate than anyone else without going over the muzzle velocity limit is the goal of most if not all experienced airsoft players. Airsoft companies know this that is why the market is saturated with tons of upgrade kits and parts and they all promise to do the same thing... make your airsoft rifle shoot better.

APS Phantom Extremis Rifle Mark II AEG

The M4 carbine is still one or if not the most famous and best selling Airsoft RIF and the Airsoft market is saturated will all sorts of variants and designs. APS got some of the newer offerings of AR AEGs and one of them is the Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER). And on this review, we will be looking into the APS PER Mark II.

The Black Hornet CO2 Pistol By APS

The Black Hornet is an innovative airsoft handgun developed by APS they just released last week after a long period of development by the company of an airsoft blowback pistol that can be preferred as a primary weapon for airsoft games.