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TM Bodyguard 380 Review

Tokyo Marui or TM has recently been releasing its small arms or compact carry gas gun range and the one of the newest ones to come out of the Tokyo Marui factory is the Bodyguard 380 which is based on the design manufactured by Smith and Wesson.

The real steel Bodyguard 380 is designed to provide personal protection in an easy-to-carry and comfortable platform. It is chambered with the .380 ACP ammunition. Magazine capacity of 6+1 with a double action fire control feature.

Apart from the standard from and rear sights, the real steel pistol also features a built in laser sight which the Tokyo Marui version unfortunately does not have.

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When Tokyo Marui releases a new airsoft gun, I am always intrigued on how they will present it. Tokyo Marui has, for me, always ensure that they manufacture a great product and will always present it in an impressive way.

As with all Tokyo Marui airsoft guns, the Bodyguard 380 is packaged beautifully in a black top box with an image of the pistol. Inside the box is the pistol, the magazine and the usual small box of extras from Tokyo Marui. On the underside of the box lid is the user manual tucked in behind the foam that holds the contents of the box in place during shipping and transport.

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The Tokyo Marui version of the Bodyguard 380 did not disappoint. Although it is an NBB or Non-Blow Back  Fixed Slide gas pistol and it has a fixed hop-up, it is still a very good little airsoft pistol. The first thing I noticed about this pistol apart from its size is its weight. Tokyo Marui used metal internal parts adding to the overall weight of the pistol which gives it a very solid feel.

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The magazine is metal and clicks nicely in. The base of the magazine also serves as a finger rest or like an extension of the pistol grip making it more comfortable to hold or grip the pistol.

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The Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 also has some nice and clear markings on the slide and receiver. The pistol grip is textured to avoid accidental slipping when gripped.

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I headed off to the main shop of CamoRaids here in Essex to test the Bodyguard 380 in their in house firing range. We set up the target at around 4.5 metres and 9 metres distance.

Using 0.2g BBs and green gas, the Bodyguard 380 performed exceptionally well. Grouping was decent and the accuracy is pretty impressive considering the length of the barrel.

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Another thing worth mentioning is that because the pistol is non blowback, it is very quiet an unlike other larger NBBs like the MK23 which has a longer trigger travel the trigger of the Bodyguard is very responsive and is capable of rapid follow up shots.

I did try heavier 0.3g BBs on a recent outdoor event and although the pistol is able to shoot the fire the BBs, the distance isn’t that decent at around less than 10 metres before dropping off. I am yet to try 0.25g BBs but I reckon it will l be able to lift that weight without any problems.


I absolutely love the Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380. It is very compact but at the same time feels very solid. The performance is great and would be the ideal backup pistol to your backup pistol. Accessories are also available with the Tokyo Marui holster and I was able to purchase a Keydex holster from Amazon at under £10.00.

So would I recommend the Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380? Absolutely yes. At under £100 with spare mags costing at under £20 it is an absolute bargain.

Big thanks to Miguel and Marek of CamoRaids for letting me use their firing range for this review.

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