Perun Airsoft MOSFET For The Steyr AUG AEG


Perun MOSFET For Aug

Perun Airsoft have done it again, made a rifle with a clunky and sluggish trigger feel amazing. The AUG MOSFET will completely transform your AEG AUG. The AUG I used for this review was one of the Tokyo Marui Hi-cycle models. This is one of the fastest firing RIF’s out of the box on the market already, so paired with this Perun MOSFET and the fact it is a compact bullpup rifle, it has been made for a CQB monster!

Perun MOSFET For Aug 02

The installation of the MOSFET was as simple as the P90 one, well almost as simple. The only difference being that the AUG trigger unit is inside the gearbox as opposed to the P90 having an external trigger unit. This meant the gearbox needed disassembling to install the MOSFET, which isn’t really an issue if you know what you’re doing. Once this is done, the trigger bar needs to be removed and the new trigger board installed where the trigger sits, along with the magnet for the sensor. Connect all your wires up and install the programming board on to the rear where the battery goes in and voila, you are done!

Perun MOSFET For Aug 03

The only thing to watch out for is the connecting wire that runs from the gearbox to the trigger, when you are putting the upper back onto the lower, it is very easy to get these wires caught up and damaged so just take your time and be cautious of the wires.

Perun MOSFET For Aug 04

Finally, unfortunately I ended up with a dud model. In all fairness to Perun, this was sent out before the release as a test model so I cannot really hold it against them! What I will say is how impressed I was with their brilliant customer service. I contacted Jakub, I sent him a couple of images with an explanation of the issue I was experiencing, he then ran through a couple of quick issues. It could have been if I had done something wrong, but we concluded I had received a faulty trigger board. He sent me an email at 3pm on 23rd December to say the replacement MOSFET was sent out, I then received the package at 10am on the 28th of December.

Perun MOSFET For Aug 05


Perun MOSFET For Aug 06

I must admit it was so impressed at how they managed to get the package to me in the UK from Poland in 5 days and if that is not impressive enough, 3 of those 5 days were Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day!! As we all know this is the busiest time of the year for all delivery companies so hats off to Perun for pulling out of the bag!

Once again, this MOSFET has drastically improved the trigger response and performance of the AUG whilst also giving the user lots of programmable features for them to fine tune their RIF. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the installation and once again, a great big thank you to Perun for providing the units and being so helpful when something went wrong. 

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