GM Tatico: KWA EVE 9


GM Tatico goes over the KWA Originals EVE-9 AEG 2.5+ in this video. KWA Originals' Eve-9 is a revamped M4 platform with a lightweight polymer body, ambidextrous controls, and a handguard-mounted charging handle for easy hop-up access.

Elite Force M3 MAAWS Worth Your Money?


Sports and Gadgets have reviewed the Elite Force M3 MAAWS by VFC, designed for the US market.

Cybergun FAMAS F1 EVO Disassembly


The Little Green Men Airsoft shows how to take a part the Cybergun FAMAS F1 EVO AEG for maintenance and repairs.

Colt Python PPC Custom With Smoke Generator


Airsoft Tec put this contraption together using a Tokyo Marui No.9 Colt Python .357 Magnum PPC Custom airsoft revolver as a base gun and muzzle smoke generator to make a very realistic firing airsoft pistol.

L'Antre Du Dingo: Olight Marauder Mini


Learn more about this as L'Antre Du Dingo does a video review of this product. The Olight Marauder Mini is a compact flashlight that packs a powerful punch with a long-lasting battery.

First look at Holosun P.ID Lights By Polenar Tactical


Learn about the Holosun P.ID lights in this video put out by Polenar Tactical... "We take a closer look at the Holosun P.ID line of weapon mounted lights. Once again Holosun managed to make a quality product for a reasonable price point.

Airsoft Targets & Drills When At Home


Not being able to go the game field does not mean you can't do some airsoft skills development since you can do some at home. Vertice Airsoft shows some targets and drills to follow...

Storm Riders Call Your Hits Episode 167


The Storm Riders talk about the Americal Milsim Atlantic Front event in episode 167 of their Call Your Hits podcast series... "In this episode, Chris from Nomad Airsoft talks about his experience at the American Milsim event, Atlantic Front.

Arrow Dynamic Airsoft M202A1 FLASH Review


A big one for Explosive Enterprises to review as it is the Arrow Dynamic Airsoft M202A1 FLASH...

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