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Echo1 GAT Gold Back At JAG Precision

It's back in stock again! According to JAG Precision, the second batch of the Echo1 GAT AEG in Gold has arrived and resellers can order from them... "The GAT is the latest SMG from Echo1. The GAT has been talked about for years while in the making and now it is here and is worth the wait. The GAT uses a full size gearbox that is upgradable and will be better performing than any other AEP’s or even the GBB SMGs out on the market.

Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES At Firesupport

If you already got the budget to get the latest from Tokyo Marui, the SGR-12 AES, you can now grab one from Firesupport in the UK. Better get the chance now before stocks run out. Apart from the SGR-12, Firesupport got in stock other new and still in production Tokyo Marui products to choose from.

Airsoftology: G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol

Airsoftology asks if the G&G GMP92 Gas Blowback Pistol is ushering in a new era for gas blowback pistols? The first question will always be, "does it introduce something revolutionary?" or to put it mildly, a leap in innovation for airsoft gas blowback pistols? Find out in the video below:

Chopper Gunner Op Overwatch 3 Ep. 1

Part 1 of RWMilsimGC's coverage of Operation Overwatch, taking the role as a chopper gunner to rain hell to those down below... "Welcome to Doomsday Airsoft's Operation: Overwatch 3. In this episode, I take to the skies in a helicopter commonly known as a "little bird" in order to shoot tangos from the air. The little bird was designed to be both be fast and agile in order to transport armed personnel.

DesertFox: Objective Stavropol Series Trailer

DesertFox Airsoft got this trailer video up of the Milsim West Objective Stavropol event that took place last April in Centerville, Washington... "Milsim West Objective Stavropol video series trailer plus a little milsim story at the end of the video. In this series I'll be using my OTs-03 SVU with a better camera set up than the Glaz video."

USAirsoft: Simple Speedsoft Loadouts

Looking into getting more involved in speedsoft? You might want to find out what loadouts you want to have and USAirsoft just got the video for you as he talks to Nice Guys Airsoft an airsoft team comprised of about 12 members. Goodluck in speedsofting!

TFB TV Glock 18 Pistol Mini-Documentary

The Firearm Blog TV does a mini documentary on a handgun which its airsoft version, though unlicensed, is a popular handgun amongst airsoft players, the Glock 18... "In this episode of TFBTV, James is at GLOCK USA in Smyrna, GA to shoot the Glock Operator’s Course…and run the Glock 18c ragged.

Acetech AT2000 & VFC KAC Suppressor

Airsoft Mike got two products in just one package to review... "Possibly the best of both worlds! Thanks to ACETECH for sending me the all new AT2000 Predator Tracer Unit, combined with the VFC KAC M4 style Suppressor! Fits any standard 14mm ccw thread. This tacticool bit of kit totally blew me away with how bright it lights up the BBs! Join me as I unbox and showcase the Predator!"

The One Leg Agility Shooting Drill

Another shooting and moving drill video from Tactical Rifleman called the One Leg Agility... "This week Rob takes us through another Agility Drill. This one is called the 'One Leg.' As Rob says, it’s not meant to be tactical, but rather more of just an exercise drill (Shooting & Moving). As with the other agility drills; start slick, then add kit. Start slow, then add more speed. Start close, and then move farther out.

Wasps Attack Brain Exploder While Sniping

One of the risks of the trade when playing airsoft. Always be on the look for bees, wasps, and other insects that may attack you when you disturb their territory. The Brain Exploder shows his experience in this video... "One of the most memorable sniping experiences of my airsoft life but not for all the right reasons.