The Top 5 Guns of James Bond By The Firearm Blog


Let's watch this video to find out which of the firearms used in James Bond films were made it to the top 5 of The Firearm Blog...

Geonox Airsoft: Jing Gong PM5 SD5 AEG


In case you get confused with the PM5 SD5 name, it's probably just to avoid some IP issues with this airsoft replica of the MP5 SD5 by Jing Gong. Geonox Airsoft got one for a full review...

G&G GC16 FFR AEG At Patrol Base


The shorter barreled GC16 FFR AEG from G&G Armament is available at Patrol Base and here is Stu showing us the highlights of this AEG in this livestreamed video...

Comp-Tac CT3 Level 3 Holster Now Available


If you have been waiting for the Comp-Tac CT3 Level 3 Holster since it was announced in July, it is now available to order at their online store...

Kraken Airsoft Buys The Cheapest Airsoft SCAR-L He Can Find


The first thing that came to our mind was the first ever SCAR-L AEG released in the market, the China-made JLS SCAR-L AEG, but we know it's not in the market for years now. What brand did Kraken Airsoft buy cheapest?

Military 1st: Wisport Stork Bag In Stock


Product news from Military 1st this weekend is the availability of the Wisport Stork Bag at their online store...

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Slide Strip Down & Loading Nozzle Replacement


Tech time with Rock Bottom Airsoft as he does some troubleshooting with this ASG CZ Shadow 2 Gas Blowback Pistol... "In this video we take a look at my used CZ Shadow 2.

Carbon Fibre Suppressors For Airsoft MK23


KPP Airsoft got some carbon fibre suppressors for the MK23 SOCOM NBB Pistol.

Fox Airsoft: George's Top 10 Stocking Stuffers


Airsoft retailers go out of their way to make shopping easier for their customers. Especially for the holiday season, with choices needed to make, it becomes harder. Good thing that there are recommendations that can help make that choice a little bit easier.

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