AAP-01 DC-17 Star Wars Blaster Conversion Kit


3D printed kit that turns the Action Arm AAP-01 GBB Pistol into a DC-17 Blaster from Star Wars is presented by Wyhaq... "Today I take a look at the DC-17 Blaster conversion for AAP-01 by R3D.

Specna Arms SA-E25 EDGE 2.0 Unboxing & Gameplay


Balkan Arsenal received a Specna Arms RRA SA-E25 EDGE 2.0 package for some unboxing video as well as check how it performs in a game... "In this video i'm unboxing and playing with the Specna Arms RRA SA-E25 EDGE 2.0.

Airsoft Armoury Showcase: Comic Book Series


Comic book series in airsoft? Hear out Airsoft Armoury first... "It's cartoon time! Here we have three offers for three very different pistols for those of you who love to collect unique replicas or want to stand out on the field.

Arron Smith SAG Mk2.1 Chassis For Tokyo Marui AKM GBB


Jaeger Precision does an installation video of the Arron Smith SAG Mk2.1 Chassis For Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle. This is a fully 6061 aluminium and steel kit with hard coated anodize and this is only compatible with the Marui AKM GBB.

ASG BT USW A1 6MM CO2 Blowback Overview


Blades and Triggers in South Africa got the licensed ASG BT USW A1 in stock and they give an overview video for interested buyers...

Heretic Labs Drop Stock Adapter Installation


In Wolverine Airsoft's "What The Tech" they show how to install the Heretic Labs Drop Stock Adapter.

GHK AK Alpha GBB Gameplay


Tomi Harley brings to a game his GHK AK Alpha that is CO2-powered and gives a hard kick. The objective of the is to detonate an explosive near the enemy.

Union Stadium Survival Game Field Tour


Fuyufure took time to give us a field tour of the Union Stadium Survival Game Field even if it was raining. A relatively new airsoft game field that opened in 2022, it is located in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

EMG CYMA Gas System Series At


Matt reviews the EMG CYMA Gas System Series that is now available at

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