King Arms TWS 9mm GBB With MIM Steel Fire Control Module


King Arms sends in news that the King Arms TWS 9mm GBB restock with MIM steel fire control module is available again... "Our highly popular TWS 9mm GBB series is back in stock with an all-new upgrade featuring MIM steel fire control module.

Classic Army M15A4 AEG Revisited


ASTKilo23 goes down the memory lane to review the Classic Army M15A4 AEG's internals... "The owner of Nitehawk Airsoft recently dropped off several Airsoft guns for me to work on, one of which was a rather old Classic Army M15A4 AEG.

Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 Version 3


What are the improvements done on the Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 GBB Version 3. Airsoft Mike tells us in this video. The Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 GBB Magazine is made entirely of steel and can hold 32 rounds.

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Hop-Up Bucking Change


Airsoft Sharks got another tutorial video showing you how to change the hop-up bucking of the ASG CZ Shadow 2 GBB pistol... "ASG CZ shadow 2 is considered on of the best Airsoft pistols, and I do fully Agree with that.

Logan Plays: G&G ARP9 AEG


Logan Plays goes through the features of the not-so-new ARP9 AEG from G&G Armament. The G&G ARP 9 is a popular gun for ‘Speedsoft’ players due to its compact form, ability to take a drum magazine, and readiness for 11.1 out-of-the-box.

KJ Works CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol At Redmantoys


An unboxing and overview video by Redmantoys Airsoft of one of the more sought after GBB pistol in recent years, the licensed KJ Works CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol.

Cybergun's Airsoft User Guide: Gas Blowback Rifles


Cybergun got an Airsoft User Guide series on YouTube and they start with Gas Blowback Rifles... "Welcome to our dedicated video about how to properly use our GBBR gas powered replicas!

Defrowe Airsoft: Hexera Airsoft Arena


For this episode of the Defrowe Airsoft podcast series, he features the Hexera Airsoft Arena, one of the renowned airsoft facilities in Japan... "Get ready to dive into the world of airsoft like never before!

VFC M249 GBB Visual Project


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu has another visual project and he covers the newly released VFC M249 GBB LMG. In part 1, he does an assembly of the GBB in under 1 minute to demonstrate if it is a faithful reproduction of the real deal.

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