Burst-Head MK23 One Touch Carbine Conversion Kit


Boss Guerilla does a review of the Burst-Head MK23 One Touch Carbine Conversion Kit in this Upi-Upi Team video. This carbine kit allows you to remove the MK23 from the carbine chassis with just a single push of a lever...

Tanie Militaria: G&G GR4 G26 AEG


An overview of the G&G Armament GR4 G26 AEG available at Tanie Militaria... "A GR4 G26 carbine replica by G&G. Metal (including steel) and plastic were used in production.

OPS-Store Upgraded SA-E19 EDGE MK18


OPS-Store has an upgraded Specna Arms SA-E19 Daniel Defense MK18 AEG available in black or dual-tone colours...

Western Arms CQB Commander In Depth Review


Target-1 give their take on the Western Arms CQB Commander Gas Blowback Pistol... "A traditional carry gun with a full size frame and 4.25 inch slides. Commander revives with Wilson Combat's aesthetics and functionality.

WE CT 25 Junior GBB Pistol At Sniper-AS


One the most compact airsoft pistols in the market, the WE Airsoft CT 25 Junior GBB Pistol, is available at Sniper-AS. OnlyGuns does a quick presentation of this pistol in this video...

Gamergasm: The £400 Airsoft Shotgun That You Will Want


Gamergasm shows why the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun is the airsoft shotgun that you want in this video...

Best Airsoft Weapon Lights


Shot Tactics talk about the best weaponlights in airsoft...

"What's the Best Optic for my Gun?"


In this episode of Patrol Base TV Clips, a Q&A series by Patrol Base, Stu and Pete talk about the best optic for airsoft guns.

LCT Airsoft RS Handguards For LC-3, LK33 & LK53 Series


LCT Airsoft are taking a few days off to celebrate the Moon Festival in Taiwan which starts today and they will be back to work on the 22nd of September.

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