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TM Scorpion Mod M Review By Hyperdouraku

Hyperdouraku does one of the first reviews on the newly released Tokyo Marui Mod M Compact AEG. A redesign of the Scorpion Vz.61 based on the company's vision on how a 21st Century Scorpion should like like. Whilst Yas thinks it is very usable for female players and hard core players as well, he recommends a MOSFET and electronic trigger to make it more responsive in terms of trigger pull. Perhaps some existing MOSFET can be used here.

Dual Barrel HPA Airsoft Gun Part 1

Valor Bound Studios show their Dual HPA Airsoft gun based on the CSI-XR5 AEG and powered with the PolarStar Fusion Engine... "Dual HPA Airsoft Gun, Dual Polarstar Fusion Engine in a 1st in the world CSI-XR5 Dual barrel aeg rifle build, why wait for the classic army DT4! This gun runs two mid cap no wind magazines and 2 of the red tip Polarstar Fusion Engines, the scope is centered so is the grip and both mages release with one button push.

Rad Plastic: American Airsoft Factory Review

Learn more about the new airsoft brand in the U.S. called the American Airsoft Factory as Rad Plastic does a review. The company offers AEGS that have open bolt blowback and a computerised fire control system that will allow you to change from full auto and variable round bursts. Also, they are on the expensive side in terms of pricing... "In this week's Episode I check out a really expensive airsoft gun. Enjoy!"

"Did YouTube Ban Airsoft Channels?"

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs reports that YouTube banned his channel then unbanned it early this year. Did others experience the same? We did not notice it happen on our channel but if you did, please feel free to share. For this episode he talks about the favourite season to play, costs of playing Milsim and more:

"Tippmann Mail Call

Element eM910a Weapon Light Review

Scarfab94 reviews the Element eM910A Vertical Foregrip Weaponlight. This has a two pressure-sensitive activation pads to control the weapon light and are located on each side for ambidextrous operation. The R2 CREE LED Lamp has a 300 lumens candlelight power and can readily me mounted on the under rails of rifles.

Siberian Strike II Gameplay Footage

It is a gameplay video this time from ASTKilo23 as he particpates in the Siberian Strike II that took place at NiteHawk Airsoft... "These are the highlights from Siberian Strike II at Nitehawk Airsoft. Pretty cold day and lots of left over snow and slush. I played on the Siberian side. We had loads of issues with Nato not calling hits. Got a few on video of people not calling their hits.

SWATT Airsoft Indoor CQB Field In Georgia

Airsoft Atlanta posts news of a new CQB field that will open in the State of Georgia in May 2018 called SWATT Airsoft... "Introducing @swattairsoft SWATT AIRSOFT, Georgia's biggest indoor CQB field opening up May 11th. Just north of Gainesville, GA, featuring 34,000 square feet of playable space, military vehicles, 2-story buildings, and more.

Why Choose The APS Hi-Cap Magazine?

APS claims that you can do a full wind of their 300 round high-capacity magazine and empty it in one go, no more winding. If you are skeptical about it, here is a video demonstrating the magazine. Still not convinced? Why not try one of these magazines and see for yourself? Works best with the APS AEGs, of course.

RedWolf Airsoft Blog: Retro Vietnam M16

Marck writes about putting together an M16A1VN AEG in this RedWolf Airsoft Blog... "I am going to come out and make a confession. I am a closeted retro and classic rifle fan. Guns like the retro M16s, M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and so on and so forth I find incredibly cool and appeals to a deep (ok maybe not too deep) hidden firearms hipster inside of me. So today I am going to put out a retro gun build of the XM16E1 based off of the TM M16VN.

Satellite Tri-One Point Bungee Sling V2

If you are a bit confused with how the Satellite Tri-One Point Bungee Sling V2 from Laylax works, it means it has three ways to sling your rifle. It is still a One Point Bungee Sling, but you can choose to either use a: 1) Hook; 2) Loop; or 3) a Paracord to attach your rifle to the sling. This is now available at the Laylax online store and available in Tan, Ranger Green, and Black.