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Airsoft Entrepot: Raptor PKP AEG

French airsoft YouTube Channel, Airsoft Entrepot (also an airsoft retailer), presents to us the first AEG release from Taiwan-based Raptor Airsoft, the PKP Pecheneg AEG and they have to conversion kit available... "The very first replica of Raptor Airsoft on video! PKP Petcheneg is a very strong support AEG, but it will give you an undeniable style with other players! Ready to carry this big baby of 10 kilos?"

6 Barreled ASGI Voltron Custom

Airsoft GI released their own multi-barreled airsoft gun to end the multi-barrel airsoft gun debate after the other manufacturers released their own versions just for the heck of it when Classic Army announced their DT-4 AEG. Too bad it's not yet the 1st of April... "Okay Elite Force, G&G Armament and Classic Army USA, we all had our fun, but let's not forget that teamwork makes the dream work! Together, we can build a brighter future for the airsoft community as a whole."

Glock G19X Pistol Video Review

Sootch00 gives us a video of the Glock 19x, the entry of Glock for the MHS contract which Sig won with the P320... "Glock Model G19 X Pistol is the Glock MHS Entry for the U.S. Military Handgun Trials. Full size G17 Grip with a G19 Slide and Barrel, but without the Frame mounted Safety. There are a lot of unique features on the G19X. Available at Dealers Jan 22 2018."

Black Powder Red Earth Lego Animation

A good number of airsofters follow the the Black Powder Red Earth Graphic Novel Series, and that includes us. Now, here is a Lego stop motion animation done by the Brick Dictator released last month... "Lego Brick stop motion animation based on the Black Powder Red Earth illustrated novel series."

Hephaestus Enhanced Recoil Spring Assembly

Hephaestus Airsoft just released an enhanced version of their Hephaestus Full Steel Simulated Recoil Spring Assembly for GHK AK Series. The first version was released in 2013 and this new version promises increased kick and better shooting experience with the GHK AK Gas Blowback Series:

Mach Sakai: Military Trend Forecast 2018

Mach Sakai introduces the Combat Magazine February 2018 issue and it is about the Military Trend Forecast for 2018. According to him, the magazine does a bold forecast such as trends over the SDF, or the Japanese Self Defense Forces as well as trends in overall guns and military. There is also special "Toigan" feature showing the airsoft guns including the Tokyo Marui AK-47 Type III Next Generation.

Airsoft 101 Guide: Red Dot Sights

Another episode of the Airsoft 101 series by Toronto Airsoft showing you most of the basics in getting started with airsoft. For this episode it is on Red Dot Sights, presenting you 5 different types of Red Dots that you can consider when configuring your airsoft gun before going out to the field.

TFB: The Top 5 Guns Of 2017

Find out the Top 5 firearms selected by The Firearm Blog for 2017... "In this episode of TFBTV, James discusses the top 5 guns that 2017 brought us. 2017 was a generally flat year for new product introductions. SHOT Show darlings, the Hudson H9 and the KelTec RDB Survival Rifle, didn’t get to shelves this year, and there wasn’t much in the way of innovation, perhaps due to the deflated gun market.

Tokyo Marui PSG-1 Overview & Internals

Wolf Airsoft Gaming posts the first of the videos on his review of the Tokyo Marui PSG-1, a favourite of airsoft players who prefer using a long gun for skirmishes... "This is the first of many videos on the Tokyo Marui PSG-1. Being a very unique and almost entirely proprietary rifle, there is a lot of information strictly about this rifle. Hopefully this series of videos will help to inform about the platform and also serve as an upgrade guide and help source parts.

Valken Alloy AEG Gearbox Install

After showing the removal of the Valken Alloy Series Gearbox, the Valken Tech Vault follows up with how to put it back... "This video demonstrates how to install a the gearbox into your Valken Alloy series AEG. Check out the Alloy series and other great airsoft products at or your local Valken retailer."