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Valken Tactical Alloy Series PDW AEG

Learn more about the Valken Tactical PDW AEG which is part of the Alloy Series released this year... "The Valken Tactical Alloy Series PDW "Personal Defense Weapon" is our most compact variant in our new premiere line of full metal AEG rifles. The durable high quality aluminum alloy bodies are milled to finish and hard coated to create a tough exterior, combined with a mills spec CNC'd free floating KeyMod rail system, and a 1 piece metal lightweight outer barrel.

18Airsoft: WELL AK74U CO2 GBB Rifle

18Airsoft announce that the WELL AK74U C02/GBB Rifle is back in stock. This rifle is an Open Bolt System with choices of having a Faux Wood handguard and stock, full metal receiver and cover, real steel style trigger group, and has already an integrated side rail to mount scope mount for optics. Spare magazines are also available for purchase.

UF Pro Striker XT Gen2 Shirt Frost Grey

Photos of the Frost Grey edition of the UF Pro Striker XT Gen. 2 Combat Shirt are posted om their Facebook Page. Made more appropriate in urban conditions... "Full gear load out and intense physical activities can make you sweat down to your bones, and there is nothing you can do about it. With a unique material mix, we make sure the Striker XT combat shirt will dry incredibly fast during breaks and prevent odour build-up so you can stay focused longer."

Warland Panama 2018 Show Of Force

Regular registration for the Warland 2018 "Show of Force" event that will take place at Fort Sherman in Panama is now open... "WARLAND will be like no other event you have been to. It will be 3 days real non-stop action. We have designed WARLAND to provide the participants with a high intensity event. There will be all types of missions and objectives tailored for the best operators.

5 Airsoft Safety Tips By Storm Riders

Another round of Airsoft Safety Tips, this time courtesy of the Storm Riders... "In this video, Phil (S01) goes over 5 tips to help maximize safety in airsoft. Safety is the responsibility of all players, but often gets overlooked or is taken for granted. It's important that all players be aware of the best ways to keep themselves, and others, safe on the playing field.

Famous Airsofters On Go Karts

On their trip to the Airsoft Summer Palooza in Texas, Unicorn Leah and the gang had a side trip to go for some laps on Go Karts. Too bad they were not equipped with airsoft guns to go some ala "Mario Kart" game... "Go-cart racing in Spring, TX with a bunch of airsofters before High Ground Airsoft's annual Summer Airsoft Palooza! We've seen Evike Matt talk about how much he enjoys cars...and now we get to see him race!

NPO-AEG SR-2 Veresk Coming Soon

Russian airsoft company NPO-AEG posted two photos of the upcoming NPO-AEG SR-2 Veresk Submachine Gun on their Facebook Page. The real steel version uses a 9x21mm ammo which can penetrate Russan Class-II body armour as well as thinly skinned vehicles. Its gas-operated action with rotating bolt is borrowed from SR-3 Vikhr which there is an airsoft version as well. No actual release date yet and NPO-AEG are looking into a US$450 price when it gets released.

LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG Release Update

Excited to receive your LCT Airsoft LC-3 AEG? Well, if you belong to certain regions you might have to wait a bit longer as there having some problems in shipping orders to their dealers in this update... "We're now starting to release this product. Due to the regional problem, the delivery will be late in some countries.

X-22 Backpacker FDE Released By Magpul

Something for owners of the KJ Works KC-02 to check out if this can fit theirs. Magpul are now shipping the X-22 Backpacker in Field Dark Earth... "The Magpul X-22 Backpacker stock takes the function of our full-size Hunter X-22 Takedown, and pares it down for ease of storage and transportation.

Final Call Sales At eHobby Asia

With the Airsoft Summer Season slowly coming to a close, eHobby Asia are still giving you the final chance to save more on your airsoft shopping. With their Final Call Sales, you can get up to 80% discount on selected items. That's a massive discount if you are lucky that no one has beaten you to that item you want. So rush before stocks run out.