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Diles46: Till The Last Man

Diles46 got some defending to do in this American Milsim Reindeer Games event... "Defend the building! Oh sick, that sounds like some cool airsoft. We shoot 6mm plastic bb's at each other and then throw fireworks at each other for fun. JK, they are game safe pyrotechnics but good gosh... they are scary. This all went down at Fort Hood in Texas for American Milsim, Reindeer Games 17."

3 Tips On Airsoft Plate Carriers

A quick video from Storm Riders witn Phil giving tips how to use your plate carrier properly and able to maximise it. Something for new players and even veterans to watch just in case they need a refresher... "In this video, Phil goes over 3 tips to help you get the most out of your plate carrier in airsoft."

Airsoft Version Of LifeCard .22LR

Nishiyan 240 demonstrates an airsoft version of the LifeCard .22LR singe-shot discreet carry pistol. Based on the design by Trailblazer Firearms, this airsoft replica is also a single shot and it is the size of a credit card when folded. We don't know if it has a purpose in airsoft, perhaps collectors would want to have one.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA G&G CM16 LMG

A quick demo of the Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&G CM16 LMG with a Box Magazine. This will be built according to your specifications such as your choice of HPA engine to use with it. The box magazine has a 2,500 BB capacity and the custom work involves tuning as well.

WE Airsoft G17 Gen 4 GBB Review

HobbyMan UK reviews the G17 Gen 4 GBB Pistol from the WE Airsoft that he won in a raffle at SpecOps Airsoft... "Is the WE Glock 17 pistol still as good as recent releases from other manufacturers? Personally I think for the price it’s still one of the best Airsoft Glocks available. I was very fortunate to have won this particular pistol recently at one of my local Airsoft game play sites in a raffle."

Coyote Brown Sale At Military 1st

Another sale offer from Military 1st and should make those who are putting a Coyote Brown loadout happy. It's 15% Coyote items at their online store by using the discount code upon checkout... "We offer 15% off entire Coyote colour category at Military 1st online store with Discount Code COYOTE.

Maxpedition At The SHOT Show 2019

More on the gear on display at the SHOT Show 2019. The Mil-Spec Monkey gets to visit the Maxpedition booth to see what's on display and new for the year... "Maxpedition Introduces new products for their Entity line including a new lighter heather-grey ash color and bonus review of the design goals on their 3 product lines."

Haley Strategic Partners Rig Walkaround

Last Line of Defense visits the Haley Strategic Partnes HQ and he gets shown around especially taking a look at Travis' Toyota Tacoma... "Travis Haley is a legend in my crowd. Huge thanks to Travis and Sean for giving me some of their time to shoot some vid, film/record a podcast, and just hangout for a bit. Stay tuned for a few more videos from this trip, including my first podcast, and my thoughts on the Haley Strategic D7 Course."

Silverback Airsoft SRS-A1 Lightweight

Silverback Airsoft released a video announcing the production of a limited edition SRS-A1 Lightweight Edition. Based on the award-winning Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech SRS-A1 Sniper Rifle, only 100 pieces will be made for this version and it will be available next month... "SRS-A1 Lighweight, limited edition, 100 pieces worldwide, numbered:

Mach Sakai: S&T M870 Marine Magnum

Mach Sakai shows a shotgun from S&T that looks to be available in the Japanese airsoft market for now. The S&T M870 Marine Shotgun is silver edition and is made of metal and plastic. The magazine holds 22 rounds and it is a pump action with adjustable hop-up. It has "Marine Magnum" engraved.