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Bullgear: PTW Upgrade To HPA + Tracer

What travesty is this? An HPA upgrade to a very expensive airsoft gun, a Systema PTW. Anyway, Bullgear shows the reworking of a Systema PTW and Celcius CTW with the BBD Bullgear Conversion Kit, allowing it to be powered with HPA. The CTW is said to be a clone of the PTW, so it can be converted as well. A tracer has been integrated into this HPA build.

FPS SWAT Siege Part 2 IRL

Another Airsoft War video from the TrueMOBSTER Team and this is the second part of their FPS SWAT Siege... "In Today's First Person Shooter Airsoft War In Real Life (IRL) the Swat team have to secure the high profile target! It's no easy task the swat team have to use their martial arts knowledge to take down the targets goons! Leave a comment with what you guys want to see next, is it another Fortnite irl video, or GTA Online/San Andreas video?" KJW M700 Take Down Model

Another player favourite is back again on our YouTube screens in this video, the KJ Works M700 Take Down Model... "This is the 'take down 'model of the very popular KJW M700 sniper rifle. Adjustable FPS, better portability and features everything else in the KJW M700 full size model.

PolarStar UGS Airsoftjunkiez Pre-Order

Airsoftjunkiez are taking pre-orders for the UGS being produced by PolarStar Airsoft... "The Type 2 is designed for use with traditional TM Spec M4 series AEG receives. (Modification of the receiver and gearbox is required). With the PolarStar UGS™ (Universal Gas Stock) you can now get the performance advantage of a HPA system without needing to be tethered to a remote air rig and still retain the likeness and function of a traditional adjustable AR-15 stock.

Concealable Airsoft M4s By Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI got a least of M4 SBRs/PDWs which can be con easily concealed or used as backup guns for airsoft snipers that need more than a pistol. Their compact sizes makes them easier to carry... "Aaron takes a look at a few M4's for those Covert Operators on the Airsoft field!! Check below for all of the guns!"

Xcortech XT301 Tracer Silencer Review

Airsoft Review en Español is the latest to review an already familiar product to airsoft players, the XT301 Tracer-Suppressor from Xcortech. A compact tracer unit, a single charge of the battery can light up the 20,000 tracer BBs. It can light up tracer BBs at a maximum of 35rps and can be charged with a Micro-USB cable.

Gun Gamers: Airsoft Uniforms Requirements

Wearing a uniform in airsoft is not exactly a requirement especially for the regular day skirmishes but there are many times when they become requirements. Gun Gamers talk about this in this episode... "Today on Gun Gamers, E House discusses the practice of uniform requirements for airsoft and MilSim gaming."

Diles46's Experience At Fulda Gap 2018

It's the first time for Diles46 of Elite Force to attend the Fulda Gap 2018 Airsoft, one of the longest running airsoft events in the USA and for this year, he says 700 players attended this event... "This was my first time at the Legendary Fulda Gap Scenario Airsoft game held at Command Decisions Wargame Center paintball field in North Carolina. This fun 'milsim light' game happens every year and I hope to be back next year!"

Airsoft GI: Classic Army PXG-9

Another compact AEG from Classic Army is announced. Airsoft GI are now taking pre-orders for the Classic Army ECS PXG9 AEG... "Classic Army refined the SMG airsoft gun with its breakthrough Nemesis X9! Now it's back to do it again with the PXG9! This Polymer Airsoft gun features many of the same benefits of it's predecessor, including the compact size and stick magazines, but with a lighter weight and lower cost of entry.

Marty Airsoft: TAGinn TAG-19 Review

Marty Airsoft reviews the TAG-19 pyro grenade for airsoft use made by TAG Innovations/Airsoft Pyrotechnics. If there is an uncanny resemblace to a real world grenade, it is because it is based on the RGD-5, the fragmentation grenade developed by the Soviet Union in 1950s and it is still in use by many countries who were in the Soviet Union's orbit during the Cold War.