Double Eagle M918G UTR EK47 At Taiwan Gun


Presentation by Taiwan Gun of the Double Eagle M918G UTR EK47 AEG that the have in stock...

CYMA CM.103A AK Alpha AEG Review


L'antre Du Dingo gets to review the AK Alpha AEG made by CYMA, the CM.130A. This is based on the design by CAA and disributed by Kalashnikov USA, which has no relationship with Kalashnikov Concern of Russia.

Airsoft Weekend's First HPA Airsoft Gun


Airsoft Weekend got the Wolverine Airsoft MTW as his first HPA airsoft gun and seems to be happy with it... "So I have delved into the world of HPA and I have gone full measure and got me a  Wolverine MTW.

Snake Industries Action Army AAP-01 TAKA KIT


We have seen airsoft players mod their Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol to look like a cordless drill gun. If you want variety, how about modding it as a Nail Gun?

This Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB Is Awesome


That's what Fulcrum says about the Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB in this video review. Find out why by watching it...

Kraken Airsoft: PolarStar CGS


Kraken Airsoft talks about the PolarStar Airsoft CGS Gas Stock, which will allow HPA airsoft players to power their guns via a CO2 gas tank inside the stock rather than a tethered tank...

Which Method Is Best In CQB?


Gunfather Milsim, who is a SWAT guy,  discusses methods in CQB and what is the best... "In this video I discuss various CQB methods and the two main types, namely Dynamic Entry and Threshold Assaults.

Tips For First Time Airsoft Players


Back to some beginner tips from Storm Riders to give so more first time players can come better prepared... "In this video, Phil goes over our best tips to help brand new airsofters get the most out of their first game!

Specna Arms & Gunfire At IWA Outdoor Classics 2023


Leszek of Gunfire got a lot of stuff to say of new and upcoming products from Specna Arms during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 held earlier this month.

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