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Garand Thumb With The HK G36

Another real world firearm session with Mr. Flannel Shirt, Garand Thumb. For this episode, he ditches the AR and goes for the Heckler & Koch G36, which is a mainstay in militaries in other parts of the world though the German Bundeswehr are now in search of a replacement. Check out what he says about this rifle in the video below:

More Gunfire Santa Sale Discounts

Better act quick with this additional discount on top of the already generous one with Gunfire's Santa Sale 2018... "Santa’s promo code up to 15%OFF replicas, tactics, parts and more at Gunfire! Tactical Santa has already visited us and left a gift for you!

WGC: GLOCK Genuine Shooting Sports Jacket

For Glock fans, you can get an official Glock Genuine Lightweight Shooting Sports Jacket available at WGC Shop... "Glock Lightweight Windbreaker, Black. Perfect for the shooting sports enthusiast, this water-resistant, zip closure. The jacket features the Glock prefection logo on the left breast.

Airsoftology: Real Cost Of Milsim

Is participating in a Milsim game an expensive thing? Well, it depends, as usually the big part is always the travel expenses since a Milsim event can be far from your location. Here is Jonathan Higgs talk about it plus touch other topics such as cheating, gas blowback AK, and team comms in this Airsoftology Q&A Mondays episode:

"Tippmann Mail Call:

Reapers Airsoft: Modify MOD24 Sniper Rifle

Reapers Airsoft reviews if the Modify MOD24 airsoft sniper rifle to find out if it is the best airsoft sniper rifle out of the box... "Hi folks, today let's take a closer look at the Modify MOD24 Spring-loaded Sniper (6mm BB Airsoft). A little update to the HopUp. I have already ordered the HopUp arm made of aluminum, but unfortunately I could not find a suitable bucking with a larger patch area. I'll keep you up to date."

Cybergun FN 5-7 Co2 Pistol Review

Airsoft Review en Español reviews the Marushin-made Cybergun FN 5-7 CO2 Blowback Pistol. It is an efficient CO2 pistol that can give you 100 shots with a single 12g CO2 Cartridge. Its blowback is heavy and comes with an 20mm under rail and a three dot sight. The magazine has a 22 round magazine and is mainly made of Polymer.

Infamous Airsoft: Krytac LMG Review

Infamous Airsoft brings out the Krytac LMG, which has been available for sometime now, for some BB time for this gameplay and review video... "A dizzying gameplay testing one of the most compact and lightweight replicas for the role of support or support in the Airsoft, the new LMG of Krytac."

Military 1st: Tervel Optiline Shirts In Stock

The Tervel Optiline Shirts are in stock at the Military 1st online store... "Each Tervel Optiline Shirt is created in seamless, anti-odour dual-layer technology for enhanced breathability and moisture-wicking. Tervel thermal tops combine multiple breathable zones within the external and internal layers, offering increased ventilation and excellent moisture management.

RedWolf Airsoft Year End Sale 2018

Grab your chance to get up 18% off the price when you order from RedWolf Airsoft. Their Year End Sale is a lengthy one as it will end on the 3rd of January 2019 and it has already started. The discount will apply when you checkouot, no need to get a discount code to avail of such promo... "Promotion starts now till Jan 3rd, 2018.

Offer details:

Emerson Gear Drop Down Pouch Review

The BB Warrior features the Emerson Drop Down Pouch, a US$25 tactical funny pack... "Today we'll be taking a look at a 'dangler' style pouch that won't break the bank: the Emerson Gear Drop Down Pouch. Emerson has really stepped up their quality over the last few years, and I was pleasantly surprised by this product."