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Last Stand Gamers: Best M4 Setup Ever

Check this video from Last Stand Gamers to find if it is indeed the best airsoft M4 setup ever... "For all you M4 operators out there, configuring your rifle to be both flexible and effective is extremely important. In today's video i show you my configuration, hoping that it'll give you some tips, to better optimise your M4."

Swamp Sniper: Bad Drone Strikes

The Swamp Sniper got another sniper gameplay footage, playing with the Classic Army M24 LTR for the Battle of Sagewick... "Swamp Sniper using the Classic Army M24 LTR at Ballahack Airsoft Field dealing with some bad drone strikes. Well, not all of them were bad. This is Part II of the Battle for Sagewick (Classic Army Day), the second event in Ballahack's ongoing World Conflict series between Rosvad and Endure. In the first phase I use the Classic Army M110 DMR.

The BB Warrior: Problem w/ Ghillie Suits

So what are the problems in using Ghillie suits in airsoft games? Are they being improperly used or they provide more problems for airsoft players in concealment than being more helpful? The BB Warrior takes this topic in this video... "Today we'l be taking a look at the issues with Ghillie suits in airsoft, and what I believe to be a more viable option."

Unicorn Leah: Jet's Dreams Come True

Curious what dreams of Jet DesertFox came true when he went to the Summer Palooza 2017 with Unicorn Leah? Watch this video his other half made... "Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah travel to Spring, TX to visit High Ground Airsoft for their annual Summer Airsoft Palooza...and all of Jet's dreams come true."

Ares Airsoft SOC SLR Now Available

If you have been waiting for the Ares Airsoft SOC Self Loading Rifle (SLR), better check with your retailer as it is now available... "The most advanced modern sniper rifle. In collaboration with Otto Repa OMR, of the world's best gunsmith and designer from Germany, Ares SOC airsoft is built 100% according to the original design.

eHobby Asia Newly Released Products

With their End of Season Sale ongoing, eHobby Asia also announce newly released products now in stock at their online store. The new arrivals are from G&P, Ares Airsoft's Amoeba brand, eHobby Asia Custom (EAC), WinGun, 5.11 Tactical, Army Force, and 5KU. Just click the links below to learn more.

G&P MOTS II 12.5 Phantom AEG

RedWolf Airsoft Facebook Giveaway

The RedWolf Airsoft Giveaway promo on social media is now back. Try to win one of the Ares Amoeba AA M4 AEG that they are giving away... "We apologize. Due to technical problem, we have to reupload this post. It's that time again to do another giveaway!! Like & share our Facebook post and follow our Instagram for a chance to win an Ares Amoeba AA M4.

How Would You Use An Extra Thumb?

The thumb probably is the most indispensable part of our hand as it provides us with more dexterity with holding things and having a good grip. But an extra thumb? Dani Clode of the Royal College of Art in London designed a prosthetic called "Third Thumb" using 3D Printing and moves by controlling it with the foot and servos. It looks very much useful, but in terms airsoft, will you find a use for it? What do you think? Watch the video below:

How To Adjust M4 Hop-Up Quick Tip

One of the first things that airsoft players should know in using their airsoft guns is adjusting the hop-up to get the desired range. Airsoft GI Uncut shows you how to do this with the M4 hop-up... "Dave has a quick tip on how to adjust the Hop Up on your M4-style airsoft gun. adjusting hop up on other styles is very similar, and many of the same concepts apply!"

Diles46: Tactical Fun House In Phoenix

Diles46 sends in a link of an awesone new concept of airsofting at the Tactical Fun House... "The purest form of airsoft sport competition is here! Tactical Fun House in Phoenix, AZ, offers computer monitored and managed target shooting in a modular kill house concept. Race against the clock between friends and teams. SO MUCH FUN! Located in Phoenix, Arizona."