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Mil-Spec Monkey: Surefire At SHOT 2019

The Mil-Spec Monkey got more SHOT Show 2019 videos and for this video, he visits the Surefire booth to find out their offerings for 2019... "Surefire presents some of their latest products including the XVL2, XR1, 300 Titanium Suppressor, and a bonus 40th anniversary gear review showing some historical loadouts."

Strike Patches Blacked Out & Black & White

New limited edition patches from Strike Industries are available now. These Strike Patches can be ordered in Blacked Out and Black & White... "Strike Industries creates a new limited-edition series of tactical patches. The updated designed SI Logo Patch is now introduced in two new colors.

Airsoftology: Airsoft Grenades Are Dumb

Pretty sure the title got your attention as everyone will surely have an opinion on airsoft grenades. Airsoftology's back with the Q&A Mondays and Jonathan Higgs talks about airsoft grenades, M4 troubleshooting, high end guns or upgrade of cheaper ones, just some of the topics for this Q&A show:

"Tippmann Mail Call:

75% Off Winners Sale At Gunfire

With the 9th win of Gunfire as the Best Airsoft Retailer For Europe at the 9th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards, they are again celebrating this with a Winners Sale... "We celebrate the ninth consecutive victory in the Popular Airsoft Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. It would not be possible without your support and votes.

Gun Gamers: RWA At The SHOT Show 2019

We're back with Tim Selby of RWTV and Airsoft Amigos. He again shows the various offerings from RWA at the RedWolf Airsoft booth during the SHOT Show 2019 for the Gun Gamers... "Tim Selby talks about new stuff coming from RedWolf Airsoft for 2019."

5.11 Tactical: FN 509 Midsize

5.11 Tactical roamed the SHOT Show 2019 to feature products to their viewer and customers. They spot the midsized version 509 pistol from FN... "The 509 is an amazing full size pistol, but this year at SHOT Show FN brought out their new midsize version of the 509. Packed with all the same tactical features, the 509 Midsize is the perfect compromise of firepower and concealment."

Pain X: ZShot Odin Transformer

We get another look at the Odin Innovations Transformer Speedloader in this video of Pain X at the ZShot booth during the SHOT Show 2019... "In this video Nelson from ZShot runs us through the new FIRE at the ZShot booth at SHOT Show 2019. We talk about the NEW Odin Transformer, the ZSHot HK 416 PTW, the LICENSED Colt MK18 PTW, and some FIRE tracer units."

Upi Upi: G&G At SHOT Show 2019

The all-female Japanese airsoft team, Upi Upi, was at the SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas. They visited airsoft manufacturers and other displays from the real steel world to show to their followers on YouTube. For this video, they visit the G&G Armament booth to find out what new airsoft guns they have in store for 2019.

Unicorn Leah: Girl vs Everyone

Unicorn Leah goes on a rampage at the Milsim West Spearhead Saratov event... "One woman airsoft wrecking crew at Milsim West: Spearhead Saratov! Unicorn Leah joins the Gun Gamers on a surprise attack mission - when they are spotted, there is no choice but to distribute as many hits as possible before running off into the sunset.

Tested: Mortal Engines Hand Cannon

Adam Savage has another video in replica firearms making, with the Mortal Engines Hand Cannon being the subject of this one day build at Tested... "Adam has just returned from New Zealand, where he met with some of the prop makers for the upcoming film Mortal Engines. Using their designs, Adam makes a replica of the character Anna Fang's striking sidearm, showing paint and weathering techniques to make this piece look at home in the movie's striking world!"