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0'20 Magazine: The Perfect Airsoft Replica

Cesar and Javi are back in this episode of 0'20 Magazine, the free airsoft print and online magazine. They talk about their airsoft guns and talk about what they think to be the airsoft replica. We all have our ideas of what perfect replica should be but hear these guys out, you might get some nice ideas too. Just turn on your language captions is this in Spanish.

14mm CCW Outer Barrel TM MK23 SOCOM

Lees Precision Engineering announce a new CNC-machined 14mm CCW Outer Barrel for airsoft's favourite stealth pistol, the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM NBB... "If you have a Tokyo Marui  Mk23 SOCOM NBB and wanted to add a 14mm CCW suppressor or tracer unit the only practical option was to use a 16mm to 14mm CCW thread adapter.

The BB Warrior On GBB Airsoft Guns

We all have our love and hate relationship with gas blowbacks for various reasons. The BB Warrior has his, and he explains why in this video. We just wish for them to more reliable in cold weather conditions... "Gas powered airsoft guns are realy cool, but they've got some definite flaws. Let's talk about them in today's video!"

Fall 1918 WWI Airsoft Game Trailer 2

Here is another video from World War 1 Airsoft of their recently concluded Fall 1918 World War 1-themed airsoft event... "A little sneak peek to what Fall 1918 looked like. This was filmed through binoculars by Pietari and Jimi of Linnasoft. They have done very nice job with the editing and sounds.

Full video coming soon!"

Has eHobby Asia Closed Down For Good?

What some have noticed may have finally happened. Reliable sources have informed us that eHobby Asia has closed shop as of the 1st of February 2019. Before that, they were having a Season Sale of up to 80% off. Checking their online store, there just bits and pieces available with no airsoft gun for sale.


ICS Captain, or the ICS Brand Ambassador, Magaz, talks about the soon to be released ICS-ASG Hera Arms CQR AEG... "In this brief overview video we take a quick look at the ICS and ASG HERA Arms CQR live at Alpha 55, for the Equal airsoft Operation Jawbreaker event.

You can pre order a HERA for yourself at your local authorised ASG/ICS Retailer!"

Mil-Spec Monkey: KAC LW-AMG At SHOT 2019

The Mil-Spec Monkey at the SHOT Show 2019 gets to see the KAC LW-AMG or the Lightweight Assault Gun. This fires the 7.62mm NATO Round and has MIL-STD-1913 Attachment rail you can attach various accessories from optics to other aiming devices to. It can also be used with the 6.5mm Creedmoor. Reed Knight talks about this light support weapon in this video.

12% Off GK Tactical, Prometheus & KJW

Another Weekly Sale at RedWolf Airsoft is now online. Customers can get 12% off their purchases of GK Tactical, Prometheus (Laylax brand), and KJ Works... "This week is GK Tactical, Prometheus (Laylax) & KJ Works, all products under these brands will get 12% OFF during the period!

Promotion starts now till Feb 17th, 2019.

CYMA CM702A Sniper Rifle Overview

Riddler Goose shows the features of this M24-style rifle from CYMA, the CYMA CM702A Sniper Rifle... "In this episode we are taking a look at THE CM702A made by Cyma. The gun features adjustable hopup, bipod mount and a thread for a supressor/adapter. Today I am overviewing the gun and doing an OFTB shooting test on the range! If you enjoy this video format please let me know by leaving a like so I know to make more like this in the future."

Taajuus Airsoft: DIY Helmet Blower

Trying to figure out how to solve that fogging problem? Taajus Airsoft got an idea of putting a blower on his helmet. Will it work like the other eye pros with fans? We sure want this to work... "Tried everything but stil getting your goggles fogged? You need Helmet blower fan!"