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Wolverine MTW Review By Taktik Airsoft

The new Wolverine Airsoft MTW Complete HPA-powered airsoft rifle is available in Canada. Montreal-based airsoft retailer Taktik Airsoft give a quick review of this HPA rifle as they have it in stock... "Checking out the Wolverine MTW and some of it's features. We put together a simple custom setup for a client which gave us an opportunity to confirm external component compatibility."

PTS Syndicate Christmas Sale Is On

PTS Syndicate goes into the Yuletide spirit with their Christmas Sale offer... "Christmas is just around the corner! Have you choose this year Christmas present for yourself? From now till 6 Jan 2019, PTS online store giving you a special offer that selective items UP TO 15% OFF. Also, purchase over US$250 can get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Last but not least, every order above US$50, we will send you FREE PVC Patches!

Storm Riders: 5 Common Airsoft Mistakes

Find out the five common mistakes in airsoft brought to you by the Storm Riders... "In this video, Phil goes over the Storm Riders' top 5 list of most common airsoft mistakes. These are mistakes we see almost every single game but can really hamper your overall performance. They are fairly easy to overcome however, so hopefully this guide will help you do just that!"

TheDeeMoe At The Airsoft Expo 2018

TheDeeMoe vlogs about what he saw at the Airsoft Expo 2018 which took place last 6 October 2018 at Tac City Airsoft which is the first of this planned yearly event... "The first annual Airsoft Expo took place at Tac city Airsoft in Fullerton CA. Super dope event for the community. Hyped for future events like this one. Enjoy!"

A Very Very Long KRISS Vector AEG

We get see that Krytac KRISS Vector AEG again which perhaps is the longest in the world. Introduced last year during the Krytac Owners' Club Meeting hosted by Laylax last year in Japan, it sure is a crazy project. We wonder if any of you would want to own one and actually skirmish with it. Anyway, here is Mach Sakai to show you more of it.

WE Airsoft Chrome G17 GBB Pistol

With his gun wall finally finished, we get to see more of Max Cherepenin's airsoft guns inn the background. For this video, he features the Chrome G17 Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft and he is happy with what they have produced. It is actually a two-tone GBB pistol with the Chrome being the slide whislt the lower frame is black.... "Hope you guys enjoy this video! This will show why I love this variant of glock!"

Completed CYMA MP5-SD6 Rebuild

ASTKilo23 shows his complete rebuilt CYMA MP5-SD6 and he was able to get those original parts from CYMA to do this... "Just finished up rebuilding a Cyma MP5-SD6 from spare parts. It is mostly Cyma. I kept it as stock as possible. In their stock form, when tuned, they are extremely solid guns. Enjoy!"

Military 1st: Surplus M65 Regiment Jacket

The Surplus M65 Regiment Jacket is available now at the Military 1st online store... "The Surplus M65 Regiment Jacket is based on well-known, classic field jacket model, and comes with water-repellent outer made of washed cotton and removable quilted fleece liner which can be used as a warm standalone coat. 

Top 20 Unique Airsoft Loadouts #2

Now we're on part 2 of USAirsoft's Top 20 Unique Airsoft Loadouts and we're digging this part. For movie buffs you get to see some of the movie loadouts such as Ghostbusters with a working proton pack. Lots of these loadouts are good to see in a Cosplay show so hopefully we get to see more airsoft players when we visit a Cosplay event.

Santa's Having A Sale At Gunfire

For Gunfire, the Holiday Season Airsoft Shopping Sale just started with their Santa Sale giving you discounts of up to 50% off... "Santa Sale has arrived at Gunfire! Over 3000 products up to 50%OFF. Tactical Santa got the coordinates, and he is on his way to Gunfire to bring you over 3000 products up to -50%.