Army Armament TTI JW4 Pit Viper & Combat Master Alpha GBB Test


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu tests two pistols from Army Armament, then famous TTI JW4 Pit Viper and Combat Master Alphas Gas Blowback pistols.

Delta Armory M4 M-LOK 13" ALPHA ETU Review


The Delta Armory M4 M-LOK 13" ALPHA ETU AEG gets to be scrutinised by ASG Olsztyn. The ALPHA series is a full metal airsoft gun with a CNC Type A trigger, unique serial number, and 22mm RIS rails for attaching accessories.

Airsoft Skills On The Rossi Sentinel 8" M-LOK AEG


Airsoft Skills gives his take on one of the more recent releases from Rossi of Brazil, the Rossi Sentinel 8" M-LOK AEG. Rossi says the Sentinel Rifle 8” 6mm is a high-quality model they just launched.



If you prefer ASMR in watching airsoft videos, here is CY Wang with his video on the G&G TGM R5 AEG. The R5, adorned with a modern MLOK handguard and a compact folding stock for easy battery installation, boasts a contemporary design.

If-Product KSC Wooden Furniture Kit For AKS74U


Hyperdouraku goes over the If-Product KSC Wooden Furniture Kit For AKS74U. This is a 3-piece set made of Made of beech wood and finished with oil. This covers the handguard as well as the pistol grip.

Installing GATE Titan V2 On SIG Air MPX


President Yutakomachi tries installing the MOSFET on the GATE Titan V2 On SIG Air MPX AEG to see if he can get improved performance.

Second Chechen War Uniforms & Equipment Of An MVD Officer


Another lesson on Russian loadouts with Red Ivan Airsoft as he talks about the uniforms and equipment of MVD officers during the beginning of the Second Chechen War...

Strike Industries AK Multi-Angle Pistol Grip Available


In stock at the Strike Industries online store is the SI AK Multi-Angle Pistol Grip... "Introducing the Strike Industries AK Multi-Angle Pistol Grip (MAPG), patented for its ability to adjust from 10 to 35 degrees to suit your specific shooting needs and provide superior ergonomics.

Is The GHK AKM V3 GBB Worth Buying?


With the release of the GHK AKM V3 GBB which many welcome, 4UAD Smart Airsoft goes more in depth to find out if it is worth buying. The new version is said to have taken a great leap from its V2 Predecessors.

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