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Recording With Night Vision Tips

DesertFox Airsoft gives tips in the best and cheapest way possible to record the gameplay action with an NVG... "After using an assortment of Night Vision recording set ups since 2015.  I have finally found an Night Vision Goggle recording set up perfect for me; Gosky Big Type Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount makes recording through night vision easy and it doesn't cost a lot of money."

Mil-Spec Monkey: Wiley-X SHOT Show 2019

So what do Wiley X got for us in 2019? Mil-Spec Monkey checks their new products at their booth in Las Vegas during the SHOT Show 2019... "WileyX presents some of their latest eyewear including WX Detection, WX Kingpin, WX Aspect (with climate control seal), and WX Vallus."

Gun Gamers: Elite Force MP7 AEG By VFC

Many are waiting for this MP7 AEG from Elite Force and produced by Vega Force Company (VFC). In this video, the Gun Gamers got a hold of this AEG when they visited the Elite Force booth during the SHOT Show 2019... "In this video from SHOT 2019, Amy and Kyle go over the Elite Force MP7 AEG OEM'd by VFC."

FAB Defense Cobra Folding Glock Stock

Zahal posted this video of the FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19 in action... "The Glock tactical Cobra stock takes your Glock Pistol to the next level of stability and performance. The FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19 makes shooting much more accurate.  The stock is used by undercover law enforcement & security personnel worldwide.

How To Build An Airsoft DMR Part 1

Part 1 of how to build an airsoft DMR courtesy of Wolf Airsoft Gaming... "This is the start of a brand new series that hopefully some of you find helpful in finding the right DMR platform and understanding DMR's and long range performance in airsoft. This video lecture series will cover everything that a part guide doesn't.

T.Rex Arms SHOT Show 2019 Part 1

T.Rex Arms were at the SHOT Show 2019 on the prowl for new items to try and learn for their audience... "The T.Rex Team visited SHOT Show this week, and we managed to get some hands-on time with the Aimpoint Acro, the new Glock 48, various Geissele and Kel-Tec guns, and a bunch of stuff from Magpul and Unity and others at Industry Day out on the range. This is only Part 1 of our SHOT coverage, so be sure to check back for the videos of us on the tradeshow floor."

RA-Tech Magazine Gas Chamber Extension

RA-Tech are releasing a gas chamber extension for the the Glock gas magazine. Made of CNC'd aluminium, this increases the gas capacity of the GBB pistol. The increase is around 25%, which means more rounds can be squeezed off, especially if you use it as a Glock-style gas pistol as primary in a CQB game.

Vickers Tactical's BCM Factory Tour

We get to see the factory of BCM as Larry Vickers gives us a tour in this episode of Vickers Tactical... "Larry sits down with Paul Buffoni, the owner and CEO of Bravo Company USA, to talk about BCM's brand new facility and what the company has been up to in the last few year."

Hyperdouraku: TM MK18 MOD1 NEG Review

The Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 NGRS is now out and Hyperdouraku gets to be one of the first to review this new generation electric gun. This is a CQBR design with a Surefire-type 4 prong flash hider and a KAC-Type rear and front sights. It has fully licensed Daniel Defense RIS. Check with your retailers if they already have this in stock.

TFB: Top 5 New SMGs SHOT Show 2019

Find out some of the SMGs or pistol-calibre SBRs at the SHOT Show 2019 that are featured in this The Firearm Blog video. Now, we if get more airsoft versions of these... "In this episode of TFBTV, James talks about his 5 favorite SMGs/Pistol Caliber Carbines from SHOT Show 2019.