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CQB Russian: SpeedQB 2018 Championship

CQB Russian has this video of the SpeedQB 2018 Championship online. A form of SpeedSoft which is done indoors, it is a fast paced airsoft battle and overall is contributing to the growth of SpeedSoft as a competitive segment of airsoft like practical shooting. SpeedSoft is done more frequently in Southeast Asia and has taken root in the USA and started to grown in the UK. This took place last 14 October 2018 at Tac City Airsoft in California.

Berget Events: Berget 16 Final Footage

Berget Events posted the final video of Berget 16 (2018) which we believe also includes some footage from Berget 15 (2017). The Berget Series is one of the longest running and largest airsoft events that takes place each year with players from many parts of the world participating. This takes place at the Berget Airsoft Range in Sollefteå, Sweden.

Brain Exploder With Thompson M1A1 AEG

The Brain Exploder brings out the King Arms Thompson M1A1 AEG for some jungle gameplay... "What happens when you bring a WWII classic, airsoft Thompson M1A1, into the jungle; a little Vietnam and a little Sniper mix for a sneaky and high adrenaline action.

Hyperdouraku: TM Glock 19 Gen 3 GBB

The Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 3 Gas Blowback pistol is now out and Hyperdouraku is one of the first to review this. This pistol uses a new blowback engine as they adopted a large calibre cylinder which is 15mm in diametre. This allows for stable performance and a powerful blowback feature. This is said to be accurate in external details and can fit most holsters made for the Glock 19 in the market these days.

CYMA CM355 Tactical 870 Shotgun Review

Airsoft Review en Español takes the CYMA CM355 Tactical 870 Shotgun for this review. This has the SGA stock and handguard with the same Tri-burst system  with three inner barels as other CYMA airsoft shotguns. It comes with shells and speed loader, as well as a removeable light enhancing sight.

TFB TV: The 5 Best $1000 Scopes

Some real deal optics are priced around US$1000 and The Firearm Blog picks the five best ones in that price points in this TFBTV episode... "The 5 Best $1000 Scopes is a video you have been asking for all year. Joel got it done here! Check out these great optics and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below."

Video Game Vittles: Lion Claws 2018

Video Game Vittles joins in the Lion Claws 2018 organised by Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) one of the oldest milsim organisers in the world... "I was incredibly fortunate to join up with Broken Arrow Las Vegas and have a wonderful first experience  in the world of airsoft at Operation Lionclaws 2018."

Airsoft Amigos: Battle For The Booty Part 2

It's part 2 of the Battle for the Booty as the Airsoft Reporters of Airsoft Amigos, give us full coverage of this incident. Tim Selby is the cameraman with Batman Matthew as the reporter... "Part 2 of this AIRSOFT AMIGOS NEWS TEAM Exclusive as they head back into the battlefield to see where the elusive booty lies!"

E&C vs Lancer Tactical Proline Series

Toronto Airsoft show us to mid-tier AEGs from Lancer Tactical and the E&C or also known as East Crane. This are between the 200-300USD price range and offer a step up from entry level AEGs. Which do you think is appropriate for your? Just remember your budget as well as other features that you want in a mid-range AEG.

RedWolf: WA Beretta M92F CAP M4X15

One for the collectors, at RedWolf Airsoft, you can find the Western Arms M92F CAP M4X15 GBB Pistol in Silver. Price is an affordable US$179.99... "The Western Arms (WA) Beretta M92F CAP M4X15 is an extremely retro futuristic pistol seemingly inspired from some Sci-Fi movies or anime from the 80's and 90's.