09 Aug 2022

Frog Engineering Custom VFC M27 IAR HPA GBBR


Frog Engineering Airsoft does a quick overview of their custom VFC M27 IAR HPA GBBR. As this is made to order, interested parties will have to contact them on their Facebook page to enquire...

Action Army AAP01 Into An MP7-Style SMG


Gae Bong Soon got a 3D printed CCK for the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol. The design makes the conversion into an MP7-style gas blowback SMG.

Elite Force H&K MP5 A4/A5 Competition Kit Review


Another the combo MP5 package from Elite Force, the H&K MP5 A4/A5 Competition Kit, gets reviewed by the Salty Old Gamer...

Mach Sakai: Marushin Shell Ejecting CZ75 Silver GBB Pistol


A good prop gun  or for those who like shell ejecting airsoft guns, Mach Sakai does a review of the Marushin Shell Ejecting CZ75 Silver GBB Pistol. Available for years now, the magazine has a capacity of 10 shells.

Testing The TAGinn TAG-18, AFG-6 & TAG-19


Municak SK got to test the different pyro grenades for airsoft and milsim use from TAGinn such as TAG-18 smoke, the AFG-6 and TAG-19. You can find these at their online store located in Slovakia..

Military 1st: Civilian Dropshot Rifle Case


An inconspicuous rifle bag especially when you need to commute or go through public areas on your way to an airsoft game, the Civilian Dropshot Rifle Case can be ordered from Military 1st...

How To Host An Airsoft Game


In this episode of Destockage Games' Airsoft Academy, they give tips on how you can hold your own airsoft game. This should give you the initial know-how if you're looking into becoming an airsoft events organiser...

Home Made GM6 Lynx Gas Blowback Rifle


Panverine demonstrates the home-made GM6 Lynx Gas Blowback rifle and man that blowback is fierce. This is based on the .50 BMG Gepárd anti-materiel rifle (also uses the 12.7×108mm round) and the M6 is the last iteration of the rifle and officially called the GM6 Lynx. This was in use in the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and China.

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