PDI Wide Bore 6.1+ Inner Barrel For Carbon8 Striker-9


For owners of the Carbon8 Stiker-9 CO2 Blowback pistol, they can upgrade the inner barrel with the PDI Wide Bore 6.1+ Inner Barrel which has a length of 97mm.

VFC MCX Legacy AEG With SUR300


C.X. Airsoft shows to us the VFC MCX AEG that comes with the SUR300 handguard from Airsoft Artisan...

Timerzanov Airsoft's Cybergun Thompson M1A1 GBB Review


The Cybergun Thompson M1A1 GBB is made by WE Airsoft and is available for some years now. Timerzaonov Airsoft got one to check out if it is something for collectors of WWII airsoft guns to consider... "Hi all !

Angry Unicorns Airsoft: E&C EC25 MCC AEG


A review of the E&C EC25 MCC GEN.4 S-AEG available at Begadi by Angry Unicorns Airsoft. This S-AEG is made entirely of metal, with only the handle and stock being made of nylon fiber.

New Streamlight Wedge XT Ultra-Compact, Rechargeable EDC Flashlight


A very handy EDC flashlight from Streamlight has been released... "The Wedge XT is an ultra-compact, high-performance EDC light designed for clean pocket carry.

Maniek 44 On The Runcam Scopecam 2


Maniek44 recommend the Runcam Scopecam 2 to be the best scopecam with zoom functions for mounting on airsoft guns.

Choosing The Right Airsoft Event For You


This should be an interesting episode of Gun Gamers as they talk about choosing the right event for you.

NoFo's National Airsoft Festival Debrief With Silly Ghillie


In episode 141 of November Foxtrot's podcast series, they have an event debrief with Silly Ghillie covering the National Airsoft Festival 2023, the UK's largest airsoft event...

KSC KTR-03 Sawed-off Modernized AK Custom System 7 GBB Rifle


Ozashiki Tactical shows his KSC KTR-03 Sawed-off Modernized AK Custom System 7 GBB Rifle in this video. This comes with custom contents that enhance its functionality and aesthetics.

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