The Specna Arms J-Series CORE Series


According to Gunfire, the polymer Specna Arms J-Series CORE series is a pricebreaker. Leszek explains more in this video...

Administrative Results: I Get Shot At By The MG-42 for Science


In this real steel session, Administrative Results tries to experience what it is to be at the receiving end of the MG-42 machine gun without getting himself hurt of course...

Silverback TAC-41A Unboxing By Airsoft Armoury


Danish airsoft shop Airsoft Armoury got a delivery of the Silverback Airsoft TAC-41A and unboxes one to show us what's inside...



One of the "cuties" in airsoft, the KWA M11A1 MAC 11 NS2 GBB SMG gets reviewed by The Regular Sandwich.  Powered by Green Gas, it is mainly made of Polymer and has a wired retractable stock.

Jeff The Kid's Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Jeff The Kid takes a shot the compact Action Army AAP-01C Gas Blowback Pistol in this video review and gives some insights on this recent release...

East Crane Glock 17 Combat Master TTI Overview


Available at Airsoft Sports is the East Crane Glock 17 Combat Master TTI GBB Pistol and they made an overview video to highlight is features...

ACS Airsoft Noob Day 2023 On 15 April


Jet Desertfox, Unicorn Leah and Airsoft Alfonse are the special guests at this year's Noob Day hosted by ACS Airsoft. The event will be on the 15th of April in West Paducah, Kentucky...

How A US Army Veteran Paints An Airsoft Rifle


Video from Airsoft Headquarters for those who want to do a custom paintjob on their airsoft rifles. A U.S. Army veteran shows how to paint an airsoft rifle like how he will do to his own real rifle.

G&G ARP9 3.0, FAR Series, TGM R5 ETU, SGR556 & MGCR GBB At IWA 2023


Ryan of G&G Armament explains the new products that airsoft players can expect from the company this year during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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