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Airsoft Mike: Tokyo Marui AK47 Mini

Airsoft Mike posted a Holiday Special video covering the Tokyo Marui AK47 Mini... "It's the holidays, so time for something a little different and fun! Emphasis on the word LITTLE! This is the Tokyo Marui Mini Series. A series of Airsoft AEGs that are literally stumpy and small versions of their full size counterparts!

Join me today as I unbox the TM AK47 Mini!"

Airsoft Amigos At The SHOT Show 2019

Tim Selby of Airsoft Amigos goes around the Sands Convention Center to show what was on display at the airsoft booths during the SHOT Show 2019... "Tim had the opportunity to walk around Shot Show during the dying minutes and managed to take a look at the RWA, G&G and ASG booth to see what they had at their booth. Though, this is no typical Shot Show video where they get USEFUL information out of their interviewees..."

Airsoft GI Uncut: Classic Army SR-40

Isaias gets tortured to reveal the location of the Classic Army SR-40 at a good price in this Airsoft GI Uncut episode. The SR-40 is a bolt action airsoft sniper rifle that perhaps follows the quality set by the Classic Army M24. This is VSR-10 compatible and has adjustable cheek riser, bipod mount, and polymer textured body.

Brain Exploder: Long Range Airsoft Gameplay

The Brain Exploder grabs an Ares Airsoft SR25  DMR AEG for sone long range shooting in this gameplay video... "Choosing an airsoft SR25 such as this version by ARES airsoft is one way to keep the long range advantage of a sniper with the quick follow up abilities of an assault rifle. On this day I am taking my slightly upgraded ARES SR25 from Airsoft Megastore.

Arthurian Excalibur AEG Review

Airsoft Nation reviews the Excalibur AEG from a new airsoft brand in the UK called the Arthurian Airsoft. I guess we'll expect more names from the Knights of the Round Table from this company, plus Merlin... "This a review of the Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Series rifles. The newest UK Airsoft brand, Arthurian Airsoft have launched with 5 models for their first Excalibur Series."

Gun Gamers: Keeping Your Rifle Light

A good topic for this SpeedSim episode of the Gun Gamers, keeping your primary weapon light. Especially if you are spped player, then having your gun light just like the rest of your gear, is important... "Today on SpeedSim, Eric and Amy go over some concepts about how to keep your rifle lightweight and how best to manage carrying your rifle to prevent fatigue."

King Arms M4 TWS KeyMod Series

An introduction video of the King Arms M4 TWS KeyMod Series. For those who prefer the M-Lok, they have it available as well. This series is made of full metal constructed AEGs equipped with Training Weapon System (TWS) Keymod integrated receiver and rail platform. Available in diffrent lengths, they are fully ambidextrous as well as featuring an ergonomic grip.

Pain X: Sionyx Digital Night Vision Camera

Pain X gets to have a closer look at this device that we want to be part of our gear, the Sionyx Aurora Color Night Vision Camera. He spotted this whilst roaming the halls of the Sands Convention Center during the SHOT Show 2019... "In this video Martin from Sionyx talks about the DIGITAL NIGHT VISION game changer, the Aurora."

AI 40 Mike Brutal 150BBs At 30 M/S

Airsoft Review en Español's Christian got his hands on the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Grenade. Perhaps the product that has divided opinions on its use, it is still is an innovation with its patented Quantum Engine. For this review, he finds this new type of 40mm gas grenade to be brutal at 150 BBs flying at 30m/s.

Reapers Airsoft Shirts & Patches Now Available

Reapers Airsoft finally got a delivery of their own patches and shirts as requested by their viewers... "Hi folks, a few of you had asked a few months ago where they got our T-shirts, we ordered a few more for the current order and everyone who wants one has to write an e-mail. LG and nice week."