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ICS Schwaben Arms SAR Europa Sport KK

Geonox Airsoft unboxes and reviews the ICS Schwaben Arms SAR Europa Sport KK AEG. Available at, this AEG is based on the SIG 552 design and is mainly made of plastic with metal parts made of stamped steel and diecast aluminium. It has the original Schwaben Arms (SAR) Markings with the KK meaning "Short Carbine". It has a folding stock and and M1913-style rails.

The G&G Armament CM16 LMGs Are Back

Looking the LMG from G&G Armament? Better check with your retailer as another batch has been released... "The highly anticipated LMG is finally here! The CM16 LMG is packed with many features. It comes in a full polymer receiver and M-LOK rail. A 6-position crane stock allows for easy adjustment.  A bipod for a steady prone position and a set of fake bullets to complete the look of an LMG. Grab yours today! Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability.

Slong Airsoft MPG Kit Assembly

Slong Airsoft posted a video showing a quick assembly of their MPG Kit. This is made for the WE, KJ Works, VFC, and Tokyo Marui Glock GBB series and this comes with a original Slong "Angel of Death" Stock and can be used with Slong G-KRISS XI Kit as well. You can change the stock for an M4-style stock as well.

Valentines Day Sale At Military 1st

For those who are in love gear, get to show your love more as you can get gear at 14% off when you purchase from Military Promo from today, Valentine's Day until the 18th of February, just use the discount code provided here... "We offer 14% off across all categories with Discount Code LOVE.

Airsoft Gear For Small People & Women

For those having a hard time finding gear to fit their size, specially for women where most of the gear is designed for men, here are the Gun Gamers to help find your gear... "Today on Gun Gamers, Becca and Eric discuss gear options for people with smaller frames, particularly women."

Vickers Tactical: OPS-Core Helmets & Headsets

Larry Vickers was at the OPS-Core Booth at the SHOT Show 2019 to get to learn more about their AMP Headset and Fast SF Helmet. Probably this will be replicated for airsoft as OPS-Core helmet designs got a good following amongst players. Watch the video of Vickers Tactical as he goes to feature more products from the shooting trade show.

Gun Gamers: KWA QRF SHOT Show 2019

KWA is not far behind in offering SBRs or AR-style airsoft guns with pistol-calibre-style  magazines. In this video from the Gun Gamers, they feature the KWA QRF AEG Series that were on display at the SHOT Show 2019. The SBR-style segment is getting crowded and that will surely be a good thing for the airsoft customer with more choices... "In this SHOT Show video, Eric and Kyle go over the new KWA QRF AEG series."

Mach Sakai: G&G G226 Springer

G&G Armament also make spring airsoft pistols apart from CO2 and Gas Blowback pistols. Mach Sakai gets his hands on he G&G G226 Springer and this is based on the SIG P226 X5 handgun. made of high strength polymer, it has fixe triple dot sights, on frame safety, full size magazine, and rear slide serrations. He tries the pistol by doing a short steel challenge.

Mil-Spec Monkey: Brolis At SHOT Show 2019

Mil-Spec Monkey got a representative of Brolis, a company based in Lithuania to talk about the M3 Aiming Laser that was developed together with Heckler & Koch. The M3 was on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "Brolis presents their M3 aiming laser package in collaboration with HK. English is not their first language so cut them some slack for still trying to present anyway!"

UF PRO: Warrior Challenge 2018

Learn more about the Warrior Challenge hosted by the SIGMA Unit of Latvia in this video from Slovenian gear company UF PRO... "The Warrior Challenge is an annual event held by the Latvian SF unit SIGMA. Watch what the SIGMA commander and the assistant judge had to say what the event is all about."