4UAD Grading System Challenger Program: ICS CXP-Tomahawk


4UAD Smart Airsoft grades the CXP-Tomahawk from ICS Airsoft in their Grading System Challenger Program.

Players Wanted: Why the Novritsch AFU Should be Recalled


Players Wanted explains why the Anti-Fog Unit (AFU) from Novritsch should be recalled. For those who have purchased this, they can watch this video to make their own conclusions...

The Preferred Airsoft Pistols In Turkey


Poligun Atış Kulübü features what airsoft players in Turkey prefer and giving us a another look on airsoft preferences in that country... "In this section, we have examined the most preferred airsoft guns in Turkey for you.

E&L Airsoft AK AEG Series 'Abkhaz Musical' Promo


A short film called "Abkhaz Musical" is the video promo of the E&L Airsoft AK AEG Series... "E&L Airsoft AK AEG series 'Abkhaz Intervention' promo. In the aftermath of the Cold War, unrests sweeps through the Southern Caucasus.

Mach Sakai On The Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior .45 GBB Pistol


With the introduction of the upcoming Lycoris Recoil GBB Pistol to be made by Tokyo Marui, Mach Sakai takes a look at the Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior .45 GBB Pistol which is has features that can be incorporated into the design.

Airsoft Action Magazine April 2023 Issue Now Available


It's that time of the month again when you get to download or read online an airsoft magazine for free.

Defrowe Airsoft: "I Run An LMG And I Love It"


More of the Defrowe Airsoft and Wolf Dude as they talk about using an LMG in airsoft games in this podcast... "There are several reasons why someone might choose to use a Light Machine Gun (LMG) in airsoft:

Wiley X WX Ovation Glasses At Military 1st


In stock right now is the Wiley X WX Ovation Glasses at Military 1st's online store... "Lightweight and versatile Wiley X WX Ovation Glasses come with shatterproof Selenite lenses, supertough Triloid Nylon frames and removable Side Shields.

VFC At IWA 2023: BCM MCMR Aster, M249 GBB, USSOCOM M3 MAAWS & APS Stechkin GBB Pistol


A big presence by VFC at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 as they got good foot traffic from trade visitors even if their H&K airsoft products are at the Umarex booth in Hall 7A.

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