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1/6th Galac-Tac Desert Raider Action Figure

Now you can get  1/6th scale Action Figure of the Galac-Tac soldier designed by Ryan B. Flowers, also the developer of the Galac-Tac mask... "The day is finally here and we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our 1/6th Scale Galac-Tac Desert Raider. We will be posting updates aswell as more photos over the next few days.

Also details on where to buy and how you secure your own Galac-Tac Desert Raider.

G&P-PolarStar Complete HPA Airsoft Guns

PolarStar Airsoft shares the photos of their latest venture, complete HPA-powered airsoft guns with G&P... "Check out these shots that G&P posted up of the rifles they are building! We've been consulting on this joint project to develop their rifles which incorporate our JACK system and a integral regulator which allow the HPA air tank to be threaded directly into the back of the receiver. Pretty slick looking!"

AMS: Elite Force Ares Amoeba Gen 5

The Muhl of Airsoft Megastore checks out the Gen 5 "Not a Honey Badger" AEG from Ares Airsoft's Amoeba Airsoft brand. The Amoeba series are carried by Elite Force Guns in the USA and you can check the various Amoeba Airsoft AEGs as well as spare magazines and accessories at the Airsoft Megastore online store.

The BB Warrior: Dragon Red Maritime Review

Something for a change when watching a video from The BB Warrior from the usual lists and musings on airsoft. He reviews a product his time and it is what he probably thinks is the best helmet in the airsoft market, bring a favourite helmet of his... "Today we'll be taking a look at my favorite airsoft helmet: the Dragon Red FAST Maritime."

Want An Airsoft Selfie Cam? Here's How

Want to setup an action camera in a way that it points at you so it records you in action when playing airsoft? There are different ways and Steven Lemessurier shows you one way of doing it... "This is how I made my GoPro 'Selfie Cam.' There are many ways to go about making one but I find this way to be most convenient."

CQB Airsoft Action Summer Palooza 2017

DesertFox Airsoft posted this live CQB action, now just a replay of the game, of the High Ground Airsoft Summe Palooza 2017. This event took place last 8 July in Spring, Texas and around 400 players joined in this event for a meet and greet, swap, and mingle with airsoft celebrities and event sponsors.

Hardcore Tactics MAG Pants For 5.56 Mags

What can be more hardcore than this? Having more colourful magazine pull that will make you look more tactical than using the Magpuls? Hardcore Tactics of Japan will soon be taking pre-orders for their MAG Pants which are similar to the Magpuls and can fit 5.56 NATO magazines. If you dig something like what cute Japanese girls would want to wear, you can choose from Blue, Pink, and White and look different in the field.

FN SCAR-L AEGs At Airsoft Atlanta

Fully licensed FN SCAR-L AEG with metal gearbox available in Tan and Black at Airsoft Atlanta... "The FN SCAR-L Metal AEG Rifle. This is a metal gearbox, full AEG rifle OEM by Dboys. Version 2 metal mechbox, upgraded internals, and folding rear stock. Uses M4 parts and spare magazines. Polymer furniture with metal barrel, upper receiver, and internal metal parts for added reliability. This is the best valued, yet reliable, FN SCAR-L on the market.

Airsoft GI Does A BB Weight Shootout

To answer which BB weight is best for AEGs, Cisco of Airsoft GI does a BB Shootout video. For us, it is what we find more comfortable to use in shooting is what you should go for... "We get asked what weight BBs to use for AEGs by beginners quite frequently, so we've shot a video to show you what's what!

Tactical Shirts Airsoft Summer Loadouts

Blame Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands for the increase in mix and match loadouts in airsoft these days, and that wearing some guccicam is not exactly the focus of some airsoft players. And it looks like the Wildlands look is also recommended as the loadout this summer season by Tactical Shirts Airsoft of Spain.