Checking The Operation Of The Krytac KRISS Vector GBB


For airsoft players in Japan, they can get the upcoming Krytac KRISS Vector GBB when it gets released via Laylax. Here is a video they made to check the operation and feel of this GBB...

Is the CZ-75 Actually Reliable?


The Firearm Blog does another torture test, subjecting the CZ-75 handgun to abuse to see how reliable it is... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves absolutely destroys a CZ-75 pistol.

Jeff The Kid's RA-TECH Noveske N4 14.5 Gen3 Type 4 Review


A look at the enhnacements that RA-Tech has done to the RA-TECH Noveske N4 14.5 Gen3 Type 4 gas blowback rifle by Jeff The Kid... "We recently introduced the N4 produced by A-Plus. Many viewers also left me private messages when RA was released.

Nobel Arms SURE HIT ARP2 Dot Sight Review By Hyperdouraku


It's optics this time for Mister Moro to review in this Hyperdouraku review... "Nobel Arms' latest dot sight SURE HIT ARP2 is characterized by its square shape.

Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition Review


It's the turn of Timerzanov Airsoft to try the Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition if it is a good chrono for airsoft players and game site owners to have... "Hello everyone !

Interceptor Ultimate Airsoft Gun Starter Kit At Fox Airsoft


Another starter kit from Fox Airsoft for those who want a packaged ready to go airsoft gun.

Gun Gamers Productions "Remnant" Event


Gun Gamers are right in the midst of preparations for their event in February 2024 called "Remnant". Watch the video to learn more... "Gun Gamers Productions  is proud to announce our next winter game, Remnant!

Lancer Tactical EMG L5 AWM Magazine Review


The Challenger Team Airsoft checks out the Lancer Tactical EMG L5 AWM magazine in this video. EMG presents midcap magazines of the L5 AWM type, licensed under Lancer Systems.

"What Does It Sound Like To Get Shot At By Subsonic Bullets?"


Garand Thumb's video will give you an idea how it sounds being shot at by subsonic rounds in a setting handled by professionals... "In today's video we get shot at by subsonic rounds to see what it sounds like.

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