RedWolf Airsoft TV On The G&G SMC-9


Marck takes a look at the G&G SMC-9 GBB, admiring its modularity in this RWTV episode. This is now available at the RedWolf Airsoft online store right now...

Secutor Arms Ferrum S-Series Springer Shotguns


News from SKW Airsoft about the new Ferrum S-Series of Springer Airsoft Shotguns from Secutor Arms... "We are proud to announce the launch on the European market this week of the new spring shotguns (S series) FERRUM.

BB2K Airsoft Review Of The KWC UZI


BB2K Airsoft gets his hands on one of the famous guns in the 1980s, the Uzi, and in this case it is an airsoft version in the form of the KWC Uzi... "Who does not know the IMI UZI submachine gun.

Lego Glock 18C Single Shot Blowback Pistol?


Lego fans who are also airsoft players can merge their hobby with functioning toy guys build with Lego blocks. In this video Mach Sakai checks out a Glock 18C Single Shot Blowback Pistol made of the famous blocks.

FSB Alpha Loadout For Airsoft From Gear Craft


A good line of low profile plater carriers as well as pouches and accessories from Russian gear maker, Gear Craft, is presented here by Red Army Airsoft for a loadout based on the Russian FSB Alpha...

Is The KWA Ronin 47 Worth Your Money?


B.A.C. Airsoft tries to answer this question in this review of the KWA Ronin 47 AEG... "Hey guys, we are proud to present you our review of the KWA Ronin 47. This thing is great!

Airsoft Mike: S&T E11 Blaster


Unboxing video by Airsoft Mike coves the S&T E11 Blaster used in the Star Wars movie franchise. This is a full metal AEG with a plastic gip which Stormtrooper cosplayers can use as their gun prop.

Super Realistic RPG-26 For Airsoft Use


Reventian got a DIY Airsoft RPG-26 kit that he put together and finds it to be super realistic... "I recently purchased a DIY Airsoft RPG that shoots 40mm shells that can be used to simulate explosions!

Tanie Militaria: JG MAC-10 SMG AEG


A clone of the Tokyo Marui MAC-10, the JG MAC-10 AEG is available at Tanie Militaria... "A replica of a submachine gun made of high quality ABS material.

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