DBoys BAR M1918 A2: Beautiful, Charming & Useless


That's how Master Dallas Airsoft bluntly describes the DBoys BAR M1918 A2 AEG in this video review. Watch it to find out why (in Italian)...

AATV's GBLS DAS Long Term Review


Anvil of Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) gives his take on the GBLS DAS GDR-15, the most realistic operating (and also expensive) AR AEG in the market these days... "We test a GBLS DAS GDR15 courtesy of GBLS UK over 6 months. Accuracy Tests, range tests, drill tests and playing.

Kevin's Top 5 Airsoft Guns of 2021 & 2020


It's the turn of Kevin of Airsoft GI to list his top 5 airsoft guns in 2021 and 2020... "Why did we keep this format you ask? Because for some reason you like it with Boaz' list! So to keep you entertained Kevin made a list for you to enjoy!

Airsoft Mike's Secutor Aquila VII Unboxing


The Secutor Aquila VII AEG is available in the UK and is distributed by iWholesales. Equipped with an M-Lok rail system, it weighs around 3kg and is mainly made of metal. Internally it has a Maple Leaf Hop-up rubber, a high torque motor, and a 6.03mm inner barrel. The electric drum magazine has a 1,200 BB capacity.

USAirsoft Bought A Krytac


USAirsoft got himself a Krytac AEG, a Krytac LVOA-C AEG to be exact, and here is what he says... "So I Just Bought A Krytac. I did it, I listened to you guys and finally bought a Krytac.

Pentagon Aniketos Polo Shirt At Military 1st


The Pentagon Aniketos Polo Shirt is available now at the Military 1st online store... "The Pentagon Aniketos is a lightweight polo with a no-roll collar, a standard three-button placket and knitted cuffs, and a sunglasses hanging loop.

NAM69 Vietnam War Milsim 2021 Edition


Real Fake Guns posted a video about the NAM69 Vietnam War Milsim event hosted by TAC Sverige.

G&G PCC45 AEG Drum Magazine


Get more ammo to expend with the G&G PCC45 AEG with this new Drum Magazine with its 1,500 BB-round capacity... "Stay in the fight longer by upgrading to our new PCC 45 1500 round capacity drum magazine.

5 Financial Tips For Young Airsofters


Probably a good video to watch for those who don't want to be surprised with drained bank accounts (or their parent's) after losing themselves in those impulse airsoft purchases.

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