REAPERs Airsoft: Ares AR-308L Deluxe AEG


A ready to go to action Ares AR-308L Deluxe AEG gets fully reviewed first by REAPERs Airsoft... "Hey guys, today we're enjoying the new Ares AR.308L S-AEG. This model comes from Airsoft2Go in a deluxe package incl.

Installing First Factory Picatinny Rear Stock Base for Tokyo Marui AEG MP5K


Another howto video from Laylax showing how to install the First Factory Picatinny Rear Stock Base for Tokyo Marui AEG MP5K... "Made for the Tokyo Marui MP5K AEG series of SMG for an variety of customization options.

Lancer Tactical M4 Gen2 Available At Sniper-AS


A quick overview by Sniper-AS of the new Lancer Tactical M4 Gen2 which they have in stock... "The Lancer Tactical M4 Gen 2 is finally here! A new airsoft for beginners.

Arcturus AK-12 AEG At Airsoft-RUS


Alexander scrutinizes fully the Arcturus AK-12 AEG that is available to order at Airsoft-RUS... "In this video we take a look at AEG AK-12 from Arcturus.

A Comparison Of The Real & Airsoft CANiK TP-9 Elite Combat Pistols


Has Cybergun done a good replication of the licensed CANiK TP-9 Combat Elite Pistol? The best way is to compare it to the real deal and that's what Delta Says did in this video...

Military 1st Summer Sale 2022


Take the chance to grab gear, tactical clothing, and outdoor equipment at 15% off with the Military 1st Summer Sale. Don't forget to use the discount code you find here when checking out... "We offer 15% off sitewide with Discount Code SAVE15.

USAirsoft's 1 vs 1 With COD Modern Warfare's Ghost


All set to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare again? But first watch this 1 versus 1 airoft game play by USAirsoft with Ghost, the games' third most popular character after Captain Price and Soap...

N.A.C. Interclub Queens Birthday 2022


Unlimited Airsoft Shop attended the N.A.C. Interclub Queens Birthday 2022 airsoft event that took place early this month at Armageddon Paintball in Nelson, New Zealand...

I Am Airsoft: Cybergun VFC Colt Commando M733 GBBR


Stewbacca joins I Am Airsoft to talk about the Cybergun VFC Colt Commando M733 Gas Blowback Rifle in this video. Stewbacca did a full written review of the GBBR for Issue No.

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