RWC Agency Arms Bonesaw 34 In Cerakote Woodland


Another complete RWC Agency Arms GBB Pistol, RWC Agency Arms Bonesaw 34 In Cerakote Woodland is in stock at the RedWolf Airsoft online store...

Rawks Airsoft's Thoughts On the Sig Sauer MCX AEG


The official SIG Air MCX AEG is available in the market with the VFC being the OEM. Rawks Airsoft gives his take on this AEG. You can check with your nearest airsoft retailer if they already have this in stock...

Gunfire Instant Video: Specna Arms RRA SA C07 PDW CORE


Here is one of the Specna Arms CORE series that come with the PDW Stock, the  RRA SA C07 PDW CORE... "The latest delivery from Specna Arms includes new CORE ™ replicas with PDW stocks!

Web Limited ZSRT-Themed Products At Laylax


For those familiar with ZSRT or the Zombie Special Response Team products made by D Craft Works in Japan, there is a limited run of these products for your use with airsoft guns in cooperation with Laylax.

Airsoft GI: "Are HPA Guns DEAD?!"


Are AEGs superior to HPA airsoft guns? Watch Boaz of Airsoft GI talk about this topic in this video... "Boaz went over why he thinks Gas Blowback Rifles are the best in our last video. Kevin started off with an HPA system and was then shown the magic of AEGS!

T.Rex Arms Winter Shooting With Assorted Weapons


More real steel shooting goodness with Lucas Botkin, the CEO of T.Rex Arms during winter with a MK18, Steyr Aug, PTR MPR. and the FN SCAR 17... "Lucas Botkin runs through a number of drills with a variety of weapons in a new environment! All in one take, of course.

Product Spotlight: SureFire Scout Light Pro


Surefire puts the spotlight on their Surefire Scout Light Pro in this video... "SureFire’s legendary Scout Light® WeaponLights have proven themselves in combat around the world.

Valken 46" Double Rifle Tactical Gun Case


The Valken Tactical 46" Double Rifle Tactical Gun Case should be good enough to help you bring you a primary plus a backup carbine. Kaiju tells more about it in this video...

The TrueMobster's The Lockdown Survival Guide


Find out tips whilst trying the survive the Lockdown in effect from the TrueMobster YouTube Channel and be entertained at the same time. Got any tips? We're more than happy to hear from you...

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