Major Jasem's "MOSUL" Loadout


The film "Mosul", which is about the Nineveh SWAT Team that operated in the area during the occupation of ISIS of Iraq's second biggest city, is a good movie to watch and in the airsoft community, a war film is good for them when they start putting an airsoft loadout inspired by what they saw.

APS 20th Anniversary Bumblebee Edition


In this video, the guys at 0'20 Magazine review the Bumbledee Edition Gas Blowback Pistol from APS in celebration of their 20

Fox Airsoft: G&G PCC45 AEG


Fox Airsoft are expecting the G&G PCC45 AEG to be available at their store soon and are taking pre-orders... "The G&G PCC45 is a unique new AEG that is compact.

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 S-AEG With Jefftron Leviathan EFCS


Reapers Airsoft does a review of the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 S-AEG that comes with the Jefftron Leviathan EFCS. The S-AEG means it is a semi-auto AEG to meet airsoft regulations in Germany..

TM MK23 CQB Version Primary Airsoft HPA Adapter Warduck Edition


Phew! That's a long one but it is interesting how this MK23 CQB Version Primary Airsoft HPA Adapter Warduck Edition for the Tokyo Marui SOCOM 23 NBB will perform.

Barrel Bags And Dead Rags At Airsoft Station


Having barrel bags and dead rags always in your kit bag ready to be used for keeping safe and not being hit twice on your way to the respawn area should always be a habit. If you don't have these, just go to Airsoft Station as they got these available...

Military 1st Maxpedition Giveaway 2021


Win a Maxpedition Entity Backpack as an EDC bag in this Military 1st Giveaway promo... "Take part in the Military 1st new Giveaway for a chance to win the Maxpedition Entity Backpack of your choice.

Storm Riders Call Your Hits Episode 28


For episode 28 of the "Call Your Hits" series of the Storm Riders, it's all about tips for airsoft beginners. If you are one, you might want to listen carefully to this podcast...

Penguins Tactical Training Scene 43


Penguins Tactical's Training Scene episode 43 features the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG. Whilst it is not a full 1:1 scale of the real MP7 from Heckler & Koch, airsoft players like its realistic operation and strong recoil...

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