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Xmas Shopping At The Evike Superstore

What can you buy this Christmas for your airsoft hobby? DesertFox Airsoft got some ideas if you do your shopping at the Superstore in Alhambra, California... "Christmas Holiday shopping ideas for Airsoft at the Airsoft, Outdoor and Fishing Super Store!"

PTS Kinetic MREX-AR M-LOK 11″

The PTS Syndicate Kinetic MREX-AR M-LOK 11″ Modular Rail is now pre-order... "Like the MREX™-SCAR, much thought has been put into the design of the MREX™-AR. It is ergonomically set up to be more like a hand-guard (like that of the FAL or G3) instead of a tube. Its profile allows the user a very comfortable 'C-Grip' on the weapon, and allows accessories to be mounted as though they are integral to the weapon.

GBLS GDR15 DAS: Worth The Money?

A question that should always be asked about the GBLS GDR15 DAS AEG given that it's a rather expensive AEG. Airsoft CamMan ask this question... "I’m back with the GBLS DAS GDR15, after a disastrous first use which saw the GDR15 jamming very often. The GDR15 has just been returned to me from warranty repairs where a micro switch was replaced. Said to be the most realistic and advanced AEG available on the market at present, I give the GBLS DAS GDR15 another run out."

RedWolf Airsoft Naughty Deals Promo

Find out what deals your can get from RedWolf Airsoft's Naughty or Nice Deals of Christmas. If you are now on the hunt for some airsoft holiday bargains then the promo is something that you want to learn more. It's now ongoing and will end on the 26th of September.

How To Replace Airsoft AK Handguards

Just a quick video from Dundich showin you how to replace the metal handguards in some of the popular airsoft AK rifles in the market... "In this video I show you how to replace basic and metal Picatinny 20mm RIS front handguards from any CYMA, DBoys, VFC or LCT Ak airsoft gun."

Upi Upi Team At Union Festival 2018

The all-female Japanese airsoft team, Upi Upi Team, were at the Union Festival 2018. This four part video shows what happened during the event, which is organised by Sabage-Union last 22 September 2018. There was an SG (Survival Game) Fashion Contest that took place in the same event where SG-Fashion Snap took photos of the finalists.

APS: EMG F1 Firearms UDR-15 AEG

A quick presentation of APS on the EMG F1 Firearms UDR-15 AEG. Carried mainly by, the externaks are made of CNC'd aluminium with the railed handguard able to accept weapons accessories. It has the "ultra smooth" gearbox with quick springchange features and has ambidextrous fire controls.

Burntwolf Airsoft: ASG Dan Wesson Revolver

Burntwolf Airsoft goes pistol-packing, reviewing the Dan Wesson airsoft revolver from Action Sport Games (ASG)... "Right then you Orrible lot this week on Burntwolf Airsoft,im going to be reviewing the Dan Wesson revolver made by ASG.

Mach Sakai: VFC XCR-L Micro AEG

In case you have forgotten, VFC produce fully licensed XCR AEGs from Robinsons Armament for some time now. In this video, Mach Sakai tries out the XCR-L Micro, a stubby AR-style AEG that is made of polymer. It has a folding stock and comes with all the markings. Usually, the package comes with a 120 round, mid-capacity AEG magazine.

0'20 Mag Discussion: 12 Strong Movie

0'20 Magazine's main guys, Cesar and Javier, have a chat to discuss the movie "12 Strong." We believe many airsofters have watched this movie which is based on the "Horse Soldiers" book about the team of U.S. Army Special Forces that were sent to Afghanistan after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S. to coordinate with the Northern Alliance who were up against the Taliban.