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The BB Warrior: How To Milsim

Already think that you can take in more gruelling airsoft events? Then congratulations! You are ready to Milsim! But first you will have to consider what you should bring to a Milsim event and avoid unnecessary gear that will weigh you down. In this video, The BB Warrior talks about the bare minimum you need to bring to a Milsim event.

Robo-Airsoft: New Dawn 2 Part 1

Another Pew Pew Time video from Robo-Airsoft as he participates in New Dawn 2 in Canada. This is part 1 of the gameplay footage... "In this episode of PPT, we dive into a brand new series covering an event I went to here in Canada, New Dawn 2, which took place at a decommissioned community college.

We begin right at the start of the game, with our squad crossing a creek and assaulting the dormitory buildings on the other side of the map from our CP."

Hyperdouraku: Krytac Trident 47 SPR-M

Hyperdouraku gets to review the Krytac Trident 47 SPR-M AEG which the Japanese market already has ahead of other countries. It has the Krytac bille-style receiver, the M-LOK TR12 rail from Defiance which is another company under the KRISS Group, as well as the Defiance motor grip. As expected it has the 8mm bearing gearbox with built in MOSFET.

Airsoft Entrepot: CYMA KM45 AEP

A big bad AEP from CYMA, the KM45/CM125 AEP is featured by Airsoft Entrepot and they have it in stock right now... "Highlighting the KM45 AEP CM125 Cyma, inspired by the USP developed in the 1990s by a very famous German firm. Although intended for the USA, the Bundeswehr adopted it all the same, under the name P8. The USP has been reproduced in different versions, including the USP Compact in .45 ACP here present."

Techaan: Golden Eagle Type 870 Shotgun

Japanese airsoft YouTube channel Techaan feature the Golden Eagle Type 870 airsoft shotgun. This is a tri-shot pump action airsoft shotgun which means it has three barrels to shoot three BBs at the same time. One shell has a capacity of 30BBs and can also be switched to shoot six shots. This looks to be based on the Marui system and this can be powered by a gas through the stock and this has an AR-stock.

15% Off Headwear Items At Military 1st

Military 1st are taking off 15% off the price of the headwear they have available. Best time to get a new cap or hat to use for your next game... "Whether you want army field cap, warm beanie hat, or camouflage balaclava, Military 1st is a perfect place to get one. Today we offer 15% off entire Headwear category at Military 1st with Discount Code HEAD18.

Strataim Epsilon BB Gas Grenade Loading

SOCOM Tactical Airsoft post a video showing you how to load Strataim NOVA EPSILON Gas BB BFG reusable grenade for airsoft... "This video is made to demonstrate how easy it is to load the Strataim Epsilon BB grenade. It is powered by gas and sprays them as it spins as you'll see at the end of the video."

Airsoft Action TV: Cannae Pro Gear

Airsoft Action TV go over the Cannae Pro Gear stuff and they give the thumbs up of approval... "In which Anvil is joined by Phil Bucknall to take a look over two excellent packs on loan to us from Cannae Pro Gear UK. Load carrying in battlesims and milsims can be an issue so we wanted to see some of the top rucksacks available.

Secutor Velites Ferrum Metal Airsoft Shotguns

A new series from Secutor Arms, the Velites Ferrum S-Series Airsoft Shotguns, is announced by  SKW Airsoft... "The new Velites S (spring) line called FERRUM, that means “iron” in Latin, and will be available very soon in the market. This name honours the construction in metal of the new Velites S family, offering to the users the realism of a metal shotgun and the reliability of the spring.


Nineball TM MP7A1 14mm CCW Thread NEO

The NINEBALL Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Silencer Attachment System NEO from Laylax allows you to install 14mm CCW thread suppressors on the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEG or GBB... "It is a silencer attachment that can be used for compact machine gun made by Tokyo Marui, MP7A1.  Various muzzle options compatible with 14 mm reverse screws can be installed.