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This Week's Military1st Special Offers

The Special Offers from come early this week. They got additional stuff from brands such as Helikon-Tex, Klean Kanteen, Magnun Boots, Mil-Tec, Princeton Tec, Swiss Eye, and Wisport... "Special offers at Military 1st! Find this week's special offers at Military 1st online store!

Airsoft Gas Magazine Maintenance Tip

Eject88 shows you how to maintain you gas magazine without opening it up in this video. It seems like he did this video in his underwear... "My version on how to maintain your magazines without disassembling them. The goal is to keep the O-rings and rubber gaskets lubricated with silicon oil. Here I use Abbey's products: The silicon oil 35, and the Predator High silicon oil percentage in the gas, container.

RWTV: Umarex G28 AEG, Ultimate DMR?

Marck West gets his hands on the Umarex Heckler & Koch G28 AEG for this review and checks it out if is the ultimate DMR for airsoft. Do you agree or if you've got another airsoft DMR that you think is better than the G28 made by the Vega Force Company (VFC) for Umarex... "At long last Marck checks out the Umarex G28 AEG, is it really the ultimate DMR?

Valken Airsoft Video: V-FLASH Magazine

More information about the V-Flash Magazine available right now in Black and Tan at the Valken store at their authorised dealers... "The Valken V-Flash M4 Magazine is the result of a close collaboration between Valken and Merens Sports. The V-Flash Mag is a 300rd hi-cap airsoft magazine that can be fully wound in just two pulls of the steel cable. The tab for the cable is externally accessible and locks flush with the base of the magazine when not in use.

Redline Airsoft Gen 2 Airstock Overview

We get to spot another video showing the Redline Airsoft Gen 2 Airsoft. This product allows you to ditch the HPA hose and just mount it the air tank directly to your HPA-powered airsoft gun. Amped Airsoft have this at their website and here is their overview video... "Matt does a quick overview of the second gen airstock. Make sure to check it out on the website."

New Agilite Raptor FAST Helmet Covers

Agilite announce their Raptor FAST Helmet Covers made specifically for the OPS-Core FAST Ballistic and FAST Bump Helmets... "The Raptor is a Special Operations Helmet Cover that knows how to work around helmet accessories. It includes an integrated counterweight pouch, hook and loop areas for flags and IR Strobes, in-built goggles retention, an accessory harness point and the ability to attach Agilite Visor Goggles Covers."

5KU Skeletonised GBB Grips At 18Airsoft

Another 5KU product for you to consider in building your own custom M4 Gas Blowback Rifle. The 5KU CNC'd Skeletonised Grip for Gas Blowback is now in stock at 18Airsoft. Available in black, red, and blue colours, these are made for M4 GBBs for obvious reasons. These do not have grip panels like the 5KU CNC'd Modular Pistol Grip with the Knurl Texture. If you want a more lightweight rifle, then you might want get this.

Changing AEG Battery Connector Howto

Another video for those diving into their AEGs to take them apart and change the parts for better performance. In this case, it is changing the battery connector, especially replacing the Tamiya Connector as shown by Reaper Airsoft... "Today we go over how to replace the small tamiya battery connector on your airsoft gun."

Airsoft Reality Module Muzzle Smoke Device

Previously, efforts are making realistic-firing airsoft guns were mainly more on mimicking muzzle flash. In this video by inventic Zombie at the Firat University Mechanical Engineering Department in Turkey, he shows what he calls the Airsoft Reality Module (ARM) Muzzle Smoke Device which simulates muzzle flash and smoke with the sound of the airsoft gun also more realistic and the smoke can be adjusted.

BattleArena Third Airsoft Tournament

If you want to watch a recording of Third Tournament of Battle Arena in Russia sponsored by Kalashnikov Concern, cancel everything you're doing right now. Also, call your teammates and tell them to bring popcorn and drinks. BattleArena broadcasted this over 6 hour video live, with 16 strong teams involving Russian and foreign players. The setup of the tournament venue looks good.

Fast forward the video to 27:10 to start watching the game.