The NEW OneTigris Tactical System


Versatile, compact, sleek, stylish, multifunctional, and cost-effective. These are the features that we usually go for in choosing the products we purchase, whether we are buying shoes, bags, mobile phones, etc. This is what OneTigris’ new line of Tactical Gear is all about. This whole new system…

Perun Improves On The AB MOSFET With The AB++

Matt Furey-King

I was around when AEGs came out in the early 90s, and many of us were disappointed that their functionality didn’t advance any further for the first 20 years. However, in the late noughties the first advanced trigger controllers came out.  I was very excited to see features which we only dreamed…

When You Need To Be Light & Fast: Helikon-Tex Training Mini-Rig


These days, many airsoft players are more into reducing their weight of their loadouts. During the Aughts of this century, we saw players in the field carrying so much unnecessary weight just for the sake of following the loadouts that they saw during the War on Terror. Whilst they may look good…

The OneTigris T’Farge Comfort Airsoft Masks

Master Chief

Like any other sports or hobby, the afety of the user or player and everyone around them is the most important thing. In airsoft, personal safety is one thing that all airsofters should not take for granted. Most sites in the UK will allow players to play with a minimum of eye protection although…

E&L Airsoft AK-12 AEG

Master Chief

The AK-12 is a Russian assault rifle chambered in 5.45×39mm designed and manufactured by the Kalashnikov Concern and is the latest in rifle from the company. The rifle began its life in 2011 in the Izmash factory which later on became part of the Kalashnikov Concern to participate in the "Ratnik"…

Specna Arms SA-H20 EDGE 2.0 AEG

Master Chief

The HK416 assault rifle is one of the most popular and sought after replicas among airsofters. For this reason, most airsoft companies and manufacturers have released versions of this rifle both with long barrels and CQB versions. The SA-H20 is Specna Arms’ take  on the HK416 and Gunfire have…

Specna Arms SA-J09 EDGE AEG

Master Chief

AK assault rifle replicas have always been a part of the airsoft world and probably, one of the most popular airsoft replicas next to the M4/AR platform. This is the reason why most airsoft manufacturers have an AK range of replicas and some manufacturers only make AK-style replicas. Recently,…

LCT Airsoft Z-Series ZP-19-01 AEG

Master Chief

The  ZP-19-01 is manufactured by Taiwan-based LCT Airsoft and part of the new Z-series of complete airsoft guns and parts that are based on the Zenitco designs. LCT makes all types of AEGs and EBBs but when I hear LCT, AK-type AEGs always come to mind. We have met the wonderful team of LCT during…

Perun Airsoft V2 Optical MOSFET

Master Chief

Airsoft MOSFETs have, in the past few years, been very popular to airsofters. They don’t just enhance or improve the trigger response of AEGs but also provides extra functions for the airsoft guns. In my previous review, we had a look at the Perun G&G ETU replacement unit. In that review I…

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit

Master Chief

The airsoft industry has always done it best to keep up with not only the high market demand for new innovations but also with the advancements in new technologies. This has in recent times, showed us a surge in ETUs or Electronic Trigger Units and MOSFETs that give airsoft AEGs an extended range…

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