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Stars & Stripes: Troops In Afghanistan Try The New MRE Pizza

Have you been eyeing to get the new MRE Pizza when it becomes commercially available so you can bring it your milsim or airsoft weekenders? Perhaps you are still unsure if you will like the taste of the new menu and think that it’s a Meal Rejected by The Enemy? Well, don’t worry as the valiant troops in Afghanistan are trying it out to find out if it is edible to eat and taste like the pepperoni pizza they’re used to back home.

The AK Guy Launches The AKG-47, His Own Production Gun

Remember Brandon Herrera, more known as the AK Guy? You would probably known him on YouTube with that same name and here on Popular Airsoft as we have written about his famous work, the .50 BMG firing AK-50. He also owns the AK Guy Inc., an FFL-07 licensed firearms manufacturer based in North Carolina.

U.S. Marines In Search Of The Next Generation Hearing System

The U.S. Marines want to protect the hearing of their infantry when they are in battle. That means issuing earplugs to deal with such sounds. However, according to them, sometimes they tend not to wear them for situational awareness. It is understandable as they will need to be able to listen carefully what is the most immediate threat in their sector.

One Year After Closing Down: Has US Palm Risen From The Dead?

A year ago, US Palm, a very much familiar name amongst airsoft players through the airsoft versions of their magazines for AK AEGs, announced on social media that they were shutting down. Citing downsizing economy, industry instability, and internal factor, they decided to discontinue their business. While indeed they have gone out of business, some of their designs were carried on by Armor, Express Wilderness Tactical Products, and K-9EDGE.

Ripstay: The "Fastest MOLLE Connection System On Earth" Is Now On Kickstarter

We do love our gear that use MOLLE since we prefer modular systems to configure our loadout to meet the requirements of the mission or in the case of airsoft, of the game/event. That’s the nice thing about MOLLE,  which is short for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, you can have a loadout that is either heavy or light. All you need to do is add a pouch here, remove a pouch there, attach a backpack on the back of the MOLLE vest, or discard that admin panel up front.

Army & Air Force Scorpion W2 OCP ACUs Now On Pre-Order At

Confused with the Scorpion W2 pattern and the Crye Precision Multicam Pattern? We cannot blame as they are really indistinguishable from each other and share the same history. The original pattern called the “Scorpion” pattern was developed by Natick Labs and Crye Precision in 2002. But due to dispute in “printing fees”, it never got to be used by the U.S. Army and Crye Precision went on to further develop it as the famous guccicam, the Multicam Pattern.

The National Airsoft Festival 2018 Day 3: Wet Weather Airsoft Time!

On the dot, I woke up at 0600H, feeling refreshed as it was an uninterrupted sleep that can be attributed to the noise cancelling headset I used which was absolutely amazing. I never got disturbed by the din outside even when we went to retire for the night. Outside, it was also quite as most were still in their tents. It was eerily quiet.

The National Airsoft Festival 2018 Day 2: Sun’s Out, Guns Out

I woke up at 0600H, to a wet safe zone and still few people awake. After doing my morning rituals, I went to grab coffee, pulled out my laptop and check on updates to the Popular Airsoft. Master Chief woke up before 0700H and we went to grab breakfast where there was already a queue to the breakfast van.

The National Airsoft Festival 2018 Day 1: The Weekend Of Fun & Mayhem Starts

Better leave early. That’s what BBC Breakfast advised to anyone planning to go out for the last Bank Holiday weekend before Christmas. With disruptions in public transport especially in the south, most will be taking cars to go to whatever destinations they planned going to. That means motorways will be clogged.

Stolen Paraguay Police FN FAL Rifles Replaced With Airsoft Replicas

Early this week, we read about news reports coming from South America in which FAL rifles from the Paraguayan Police were stolen, part of a big cache of firearms stolen from the Headquarters of the Department Armaments and Munitions of the National Police. Airsofters started sharing the story as reports say that they were replaced by airsoft replicas to avoid suspicion that they real FN FAL rifles were missing.