The Pentagon Pushes Ahead In Developing Jetpacks For The Troops


Jetpacks are high in the radar of the U.S. Military as there are significant developments in jetpack technology.

The Much Awaited FN SCAR 15P CQB Pistol Is Finally Here

Gungho Cowboy

The FN SCAR family continues to grow and for the past iterations, the releases were geared at providing a more compact version such as the SCAR-SC.

All The Videos From The Krytac Owners’ Meeting Volume 5


November 5, 2022 was a fun day as an airsoft player in Japan.

It’s The Fourth & Final Week Of Nominations! Send That List Of Nominees In!


Not much explaining to do when we say it’s the final week of the Nomination Period of the 13th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards.

DJI’s Mini 3 Drone Is Its Cheapest But It Comes With Compromises


In the quest of drone companies to make their drones meet certain government regulations, especially for drone beginners and occasional users who may not want to register and be able to fly, DJI has released a new version of its Mini drone, the DJI Mini 3.

SIG Sauer Releases P320 XFive DH3 Pistol Designed By Daniel Horner

Gungho Cowboy

It is really hard to keep track of the variations of the highly successful P320 pistol from SIG Sauer. The latest release is the P320 XFive DH3 Pistol that is designed by Daniel Horner of Team SIG.

Starship Troopers: Extermination Coming To Steam In 2023


Troopers of the United Citizen Federation, the governing entity of earth, will want you to join them in a bug-squishing mission as they take back the planets taken over by the Arachnids. It will be an action-packed space adventure as you and your squad will need each other to survive and overcome the enemy.

Max Venom's MXP-DW Is The Simplest PDW Kit For Your Glock Pistol

Gungho Cowboy

We all want a stable shooting platform with our pistols, but sometimes getting the kits to convert them into PDW-style weapons also comes at a cost.

U.S. Army Suspends “Call Of Duty” Sponsorship After Activision Blizzard Gets Sued For Sexual Assault & Discrimination


What could have been a good partnership between the U.S. Army eSports and Activision Blizzard has been put into limbo as the video game publisher got hit with a bunch of lawsuits accusing the company of sexual assault and discrimination. 

We’re Now On The Third Week Of Nominations! Don’t Let The Clock Run Out!


The list of nominees is growing bigger and bigger as more and more members of the airsoft community keep on sending their list of nominees at the 13th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards.

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