The U.S. Army Is Working On A Better Fitting & Comfortable Tactical Bra

Gungho Cowboy

Females joining the U.S. Army are not allowed to bring their own bras in when they start training. They can only procure the approved bra which is only one style and brand. Even then, the design to make it comfortable to wear was probably an afterthought as women say it was too tight and can cause chaffing and blisters.

“SEAL Team” Season 6 To Stream On Paramount+ On September 18


If you haven’t noticed yet, the official trailer for Season 6 of “SEAL Team” has been posted on YouTube on ten days ago.

Kalashnikov USA & Outlaw Ordnance Release Three Unique Limited Edition AK Firearms

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It’s a weekend and if you’re thinking of a new airsoft project, you will need some inspiration. Most custom work in airsoft usually takes inspiration on other weapons designs that are seen in the real and the entertainment world when no airsoft version has been made yet.

The New DJI Avata Is A Cinewhoop FPV Drone


Whilst we have been featuring drones in airsoft as a matter of capturing the airsoft action for posterity rather than for tactical purpose, current events such as the Russo-Ukranian War, has led to a good number of airsoft players to thinking that having the skills to fly drones is a plus these days, airsoft or otherwise.

The Best "Call Of Duty” Mission On All Time Is Coming Back To “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II”

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For fans of the “Call of Duty” series, there is no debate that “All Ghillied Up” in “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” is the best mission of the FPS franchise.

LWRC X OTG Limited Edition Collaboration IC-A5 5.56 Bazooka Green Rifle Announced


In part 2 of Garand Thumb's Urban Combat Survival CQB and Room Clearing together with the Orion Training Group, the video features the new LWRC X OTG Limited Edition Collaboration IC-A5 5.56 Rifle as shown in the photo above.

"Wolves Of War" World War II Movie To Be Released As VOD On 13 September

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How will a group of strangers be able to pull off a rescue mission behind enemy lines?

G&G Armament’s "Your Greatest Glory" Video Contest 2022 Is Now On


Following on the heels of the Show Yourself Photo Contest 2022, G&G Armament have also opened submissions for their long running video contest, the “Your Greatest Glory” 2022.

Airsoft Optics: Reflex Sights Often the Perfect Choice

Kevin Reese

Sun Tzu had it right when he penned “Sweat more during peace; bleed less during war” in The Art of War, first published around 500 BC. In many cases, antiquated worldviews lose power quickly in an evolving world. Other worldviews, especially related to military strategies, haven’t changed.

New Glock Watch Global Comes With An Orange Strap

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Nearly a year ago, Glock released two watches for fans of the famous handgun maker can buy, the Limited Edition GLOCK P80 40-Year Anniversary Watch and the GLOCK Precision 35th Anniversary Watch. Three days ago, they announce the release of the Glock Watch Global that is cheaper and not on a limited release.

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