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The Trailblazer “Lifecard” Is A Credit Card Size Folding .22 LR Pistol

It’s not always everyday that we get to see an unusual gun. That unusual gun may or may not be made for airsoft, but it is something that proves that if “there is a will, there is a way” when making products. It is only the human imagination that will limit out way to develop things in life, and usually, minds can provided limitless idea, whether useful or not.

Megabots Team Tests The MK3 “Eagle Prime” Before The Giant Robot Duel

We’re getting closer to what will be the first giant robot duel in human (errr… robot) history. Two years in the making, we believe that the fight between the robots Megabots and Suidobashi Heavy Industries will finally take place at an undisclosed location. It is supposed to happen this month, but it has been pushed back a bit, with the fight seen to be happening in September.

The R2Gear MK3 Is A 5-in-1 Outdoor Gadget For Your Smartphone

Going out to the outdoors or airsoft events, one thing that I worry about is if my smartphone is rugged enough to handle bumps and falls. So far, it does, but I would prefer it tucked inside my pack or pockets when out there in the boondocks. But with that inside, how can I quickly communicate to my team or to the outside world?

Before You Start Monetizing Your Airsoft YouTube Channel, Read This

Running a YouTube Channel is always a money intensive exercise. Even if you can use your smartphone camera to record yourself and what you do to initially get some viewers, you might want to get serious into grabbing more eyeballs, such as wanting to be the most viewed airsoft channel on YouTube. Then some money will be required such as action cameras, mounts, microphones editing software, and transportation. It will get even more taxing when you get more viewers as you need to give fresh content as often as you can to maintain and increase your viewership.

New AutoGlove Allows You To Simulate Full Auto Firing With Semi-Autos

Owning a full auto weapon in the U.S. is an expensive proposition. An application has to pay a US$200 tax stamp then wait for months before the permit comes in which sometimes can take a year and then spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to purchase a full auto gun. Just for the application, a lot of requirements will be asked for such as photo, fingerprints, and pages and pages of forms to submit to the ATF that one may just settle for a semi-auto weapon to make it easier to own a gun.

Director James Cameron Is Looking Into A New Terminator Trilogy

Already missing your favourite Cyborg after watching the last of movie, Terminator Gensys in which the original Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger made another appearance? It looks like your wish will be fulfilled if James Cameron, one of the creators of this hit move franchise, decides to push ahead with his plans.

Artist Eric Nado Recycles Typerwriters Into Beautiful Gun Art

I don’t know if many of Popular Airsoft readers can still recall what a typewriter is. Probably a dinosaur now since the advent of personal computing and the rise of the internet, there are still millions out there gathering dust or already taken out for scrap. The typewriter has served its purpose really good, allowing us to churn out clearly written words in neat paragraphs without the need for electricity.

Call Of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Is More Horrifying Than Ever

Call of Duty fans who latched on to the rumour that the Call of Duty: WWII won’t be having the Zombie Mode can now rejoice. Last week, Sledgehammer Games released the trailer of Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies during the Comic-Con and oh boy it’s horrifyingly fun, if you want to call it that way.

The Mawashi UPRISE Exoskeleton Design Is Inspired By Sumo Wrestlers

We are always fascinated with developments in exoskeletons as resources are being devoted by militaries around the world to develop this technology to allow soldiers to carry loads at great distances without causing too much fatigue and muscles stress. This in turn can give great advantages to the military that is equipped with this as their soldiers can fight better as they are not burdened much by the weight of their warfighting gear.

UK Government Will Soon Require Drones To Be Registered

For airsoft players and hobby drone enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, they will have to check their drones if they fall within the criteria set out by the authorities. If they do, then they should register their drones at the Department of Transport Civil Aviation Authority and take a safety awareness test once the guidelines are out.