Tokyo Marui Biohazard RE:4 SG-09R GBB Pistol & SAA.45 Civilian 4 ¾ Inch Revolver Revealed


The Tokyo Marui Marufes Online Part 8 that took place yesterday was short and more straight to the point.

Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch Volume 1 Now Available To Purchase

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If you’re planning a gift for yourself or your airsoft mates apart from the usual airsoft guns and gear, you might want to get a book about the firearms replicated in airsoft.

Wilcox Unveils The RAID Xe Aiming/Illumination Device With High Power & Lower Power Editions

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The airsoft industry is always on the lookout for something from the military and security industry to replicate for use in airsoft. Ranging from guns to gear and weapons accessories. One accessory that is high on the list or aiming and illumination devices and Wilcox just got one that can be a good product to replicate.

Will Terry Crews & Dave Batista Finally Team Up For “Gears of War” Live Action Movie?


With the announcement of Netflix bankrolling the production of “Gears of War” live action movie and an animated series spinoff, fans have started to clamor that the whoever will be involved in the production should immediately

Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar Smart Watch Has A Tactical Edition

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Garmin just made my Christmas shopping priority list even harder. I’m a sucker for tactical watches and smart tactical watches offer more than what I need.

John Wick Chapter 4 Trailer Shows Keanu Reeves Battling Donnie Yen


The build up to the next movie in the John Wick series continues with the release of the trailer showing more detail of what Keanu Reeves will be facing.  What fans of the series are excited about is that he will be going up against the Ip Man himself, Do

Tokyo Marui MARUFES Online Part 8 Will Be Held On The 18th Of November

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With Covid-19 restrictions in Japan now relaxed, we were expecting that the annual Tokyo Marui Festival, which takes place in November, will be resuming this year.

CZ 75 “Order of the White Lion” Commemorates 100 Years Of Czech Republic’s Highest State Decoration


CZ, or more known as the Colt CZ Group after the Czech company’s acquisition of the iconic American firearms maker, does some limited edition versions of its pistols.

“Okami” A Film Project By Ex Military & Supported By Airsofters Now On Kickstarter

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Spreading around in social media and airsoft groups is an upcoming film project called “Okami”.

The EQUALIZER Is The Newest 9mm Carry Pistol From Smith & Wesson


Probably you are trying to find some famous lines uttered by Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington, in “The Equalizer” movie when you read the title of this story about the new EQUALIZER 9mm pistol from Smith Wesson.

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02 Dec 2022

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