Spotted: The North Shore Sports Club Coil Accelerator


Will electric powered guns be the weapons of the future rather than using gunpowder? It looks that way with the research being made on rail guns by militaries and for the private sector, there have been headways into developing coil guns.

Need To Scratch That Itchy Trigger Finger? The SI Strike Clicker Got You Covered

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As airsoft gun shooters, it’s always nice to have that trigger time with our airsoft guns (also goes for real steel shooters). But it’s not all the time we get to scratch that itchy trigger finger as we have other things to do apart from being at the airsoft field or range unless it’s our full time occupation.

"John Wick: Chapter 4" Official Teaser Trailer Shows Some Wicked Gun Fu Action


If there is a movie that most in the airsoft world can’t wait to drop, it’s “John Wick: Chapter 4”. The fourth (obviously) in the action flick franchise just had its official teaser trailer uploaded for the masses to watch over the weekend.  

Robodog Armed With An SMG Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Future Of Warfare

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It has been predicted that armed robots will be sent into the field and that prediction already has come true. You can see them in the formed of drones up in the sky, beneath the surface of the ocean, and roaming the surface of the earth.

Agilite’s Laptop Carrier Can Turn Into A Plate Carrier During An Emergency


If you work in the security industry where the requirement is not to look inconspicuous, you will  always need covert gear that can blend with your clothing, in this case civilian clothing. Or if you live in a location where mass shootings can happen, then you may need an everyday carry that can provide you some protection.

Wilson Combat To Release A Limited Edition 45th Anniversary CQB Handgun

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If there is a handgun that we urgently want to be replicated in airsoft, it will be limited edition Wilson Combat 45th Anniversary CQB.

Hasbro Gets Into The Gel Blaster Business With The Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic


Hasbro is expanding its Nerf Pro line, but is taking a tech that is based on airsoft --- gel blasters. The only difference between gel blasters and airsoft guns is mainly ammo as gel blasters fire water gel beads (or gel balls) and airsoft guns fire plastic BBs.

Trittech’s Air Raiders Protective Eyewear Promises To Stop Fog Forever

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As we always emphasize that airsoft players pay top dollar on their eye pro, sometimes we forget to think that apart from ballistic/impact protection we need that pesky fogged-up lenses banished away for good.

Action Thriller Film “The Gray Man” To Drop On Netflix July 22


When film buffs hear about the Russo brothers, it is all about some of the biggest grossing movies in recent years, mainly from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes movies about the Avengers, Captain America, and comedies that have a cult following such as “Arrested Development,” “Community,”  and “Happy Endings.

SIG Sauer Experience Center In New Hampshire Finally Opens

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Over a year ago, SIG Sauer announced the ground breaking of their planned Experience Center in Epping, New Hampshire.

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09 Aug 2022

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