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We Are Now In The Final Week Of Voting! Cast Your Votes Now!

These is the final week of the Voting Period of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. This means that in the next seven days, the finaliststs will have to do their utmost efforts to get the votes out for their categories. This is their last week to make their case why readers of Popular Airsoft  and the general airsoft playing communities should vote for them.

If you want to vote now, you can do so immediately by clicking on the button below:

SHOT Show 2019 Day 4: Specna Arms USA Debut, American PTW & Blue Force Gear

It was the last day of the SHOT Show 2019 and by now what needs to be reported on the airsoft front has been probably reported by now. But not really, as we still have some more to post here that should interest our readers.

SHOT Show 2019 Day 3: G&G Cobalt Kinetics & A Rifle That Shoots Arrows

A bit fewer reports from the airsoft front right at the SHOT Show 2019 today but there is still something interesting for those looking for a real steel brand having its guns licensed for airsoft use. We’ll get to that later. But today will cover more real steel stuff with some we hope to have airsoft versions soon.

First, here are the headlines from SHOT Show TV for January 24:

SHOT Show 2019 Day 2: ASG, KWA, Tippmann, Titan Power, & Elite Force

More reports coming in from the various airsoft media channels on YouTube from the SHOT Show 2019 floor as it went for the second day. The product announcements made by the airsoft manufacturers on their social media pages have become more real as they are on display at the trade show.  We know you want to hear about these more so here they are:

SHOT Show 2019 Day 1: RWA B.A.D. Rifle Project, PTS & G&G New Releases

It’s the first day of the SHOT Show 2019 the massive shooting industry trade show in North America that is hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Yesterday, media representatives were treated to actual hands on shooting of real steel guns at the Industry Day at the Range, but today is really the start of hard work from the exhibit floor.

SHOT Show 2019 Week: The Industry Day At The Range Real Steel Goodness

It’s the SHOT Show 2019 Week and the first day is not really at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas but at the Range wherein the representatives of media, whether real steel, airsoft, or the mainstream media, get their chance to shoot the various guns made available by real steel company representatives at the range.

We’re Halfway Through The Voting Period! Get That Vote In!

If you have not cast your votes you this far in the voting period of the 9th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards, where have you been? But don’t worry, there is still enough time for you to cast your vote. Just don’t cast your vote when it’s already too late. So better get the vote in as well as invite your airsoft team mates to do the same.

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The MK46 MOD.0 NGRS: Tokyo Marui’s First LMG NGRS Offering

The star of the show at the 5th Tokyo Marui Festival was the MK46 MOD.0 NGRS (New Generation Recoil Shock) AEG. Whilst the Japanese airsoft company is the leading manufacturer of airsoft guns ever since it introduced the FAMAS AEG in 1991, releasing airsoft models of some of the iconic and popular real world guns, it has never released an airsoft support weapon, which was a wonder by many over the years.

Viva Las Vegas! It’s The SHOT Show 2019 Next Week!

The first big trade event that the airsoft industry will be showcasing its products will be in Las Vegas, at the annual SHOT Show hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Whilst it’s mainly known as a show for the real steel industry, over the years, Airsoft has built a sizeable presence, albeit their mainly spreadout in the sprawling Sands Convention Center, rather than in one location.

Binge Watch All Season 1 & Season 2 Episodes Of Black The Web Series This Weekend

Too cold to play outside this weekend? Then you might want to stay in doors and binge watch on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram of Black The Web Series. The series started in 2013 as a Kickstarter project by award-winning writer/director Frank T. Ziede and he contacted us during the crowdfunding campaign about this.

The series heavily uses airsoft guns as props for the series.