The Original A-TACS AU Camo Pattern Returns


The camo pattern that took the airsoft and tactical communities by storm by the end of the noughties is now back. The original Advanced Tactical Concealment (A-TACS) Pattern developed by Digitial Concealment Systems (DCS) was first announced in the 2009 and it promised a good alternative to Multicam which was the preferred camo by many.

Springfield Armory Makes NBS-Exclusive M1A Desert FDE Rifles

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This announcement by Springfield Armory of the release of M1A Desert FDE Rifles for Nation’s Best Sports (NBS) makes us pine for the M14 and M14 SOCOM AEGs.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1: Zero Hour Will Start Tomorrow


After a rather very long wait, players will get to play Season 1: Zero Hour of Battlefield 2042 starting tomorrow, the 9th of June as announced by EA and DICE.

Sako To Supply Canadian Army With The TRG M10 After Winning MCSW Contract

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When the notorious Canadian sniper, Wali (not his real name), traveled to Ukraine as a volunteer in the international legion fighting,  the Russians claimed that they were able to kill him, branding him as the “deadliest sniper in the world” for propaganda purposes, he was able to survive and

Evike.com Launches X-Trainer Tactical Training Series


“Airsoft Cross Training/X Training” was first coined by Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) over a decade ago. With Travis’ endorsement that is a very viable tool for tactical training for real steel shooters, airsoft got more attention from that community which before ignored it as just a toy for wannabe soldiers.

CAMOcqb Airsoft Game Facility In Essex Finally Opens


The long wait is over and finally we will be able to play in the newest airsoft site in Essex, the CAMOcqb Arena.

Maxim Defense Reveals The New MD9 Rifle


The trend of releasing compact rifles in PDW, SBR, or Pistol formats continues and Maxim Defense is no stranger to introducing new ones.

“SAS: Rogue Heroes” Mini Series To Air On BBC One This Year

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The unit that is said to be the precursor of the modern special forces, the British Special Air Service, will have its origin story turned into a TV mini series by the BBC.

Bill C-21 Is Back At Canada’s Parliament & Airsoft Will Still Be Affected If Passed


The airsoft community in Canada are alarmed once again as the dreaded Bill C-21 is back again at the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Smart Shooter’s Latest Smash X4 Has 4x Magnification

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Smart Shooter, the Israeli company that produces innovative fire control systems, will put on display its new Smash 4X at the Eurosatory Defense and Security event that will take place in Paris on 13-17 June.  Just like the earlier models, the Smash X4

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09 Aug 2022

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