Crye Precision Unveils R-SERIES, A Modular and Adaptable Load Carriage System

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Crye Precision R-SERIES

Change is inevitable in the fields of military, law enforcement, and public safety. As the world changes, so do the challenges and requirements of these professions. That’s why they need equipment that can change with them. Crye Precision, the company whose products are some of the most replicated for use by airsoft players, is introducing the R-SERIES, a groundbreaking product line that takes load carriage technology to the next level.

The R-SERIES is based on the proven JPC 2.0 platform, which was developed with the input and feedback of Special Operations Forces. The R-SERIES enhances the JPC 2.0 by focusing on four key aspects: weight, durability, integration, and versatility. These are not just buzzwords; they are the result of careful attention to every detail of the system.

At the core of the R-SERIES is the JPC R-SERIES, a plate carrier that can be customized to suit any mission. It can handle various cable management needs, plate sizes and shapes, and load requirements. It can also transform into four different configurations, depending on the situation:

  • ASSAULT: A robust configuration for heavy-duty missions.
  • JUMP: A chest rig configuration for fast and easy access to magazines.
  • RECCE: A lightweight configuration for stealth and mobility.
  • PACK: A backpack configuration for long and heavy missions.

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The R-SERIES also offers a range of accessories that can further enhance the functionality and comfort of the system. These include pouches for modern communication devices, pockets for optimal weight distribution and ergonomics, and more.

A new cable management system ensures that wires are meticulously organized and protected, reducing hassle and improving efficiency. The R-SERIES is designed with the user in mind; in fact, the whole project started with Crye Precision asking operators what they wanted to improve from the JPC 2.0. The R-SERIES is the answer to their needs.

Crye Precision’s dedication to providing professionals with the best tools possible with this new product line. The R-SERIES is ready to help you adapt, evolve, and succeed in a changing world. It is available now, waiting to be your reliable ally on any mission, in any environment.

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