Facebook Unfairly Unpublished Our Popular Airsoft Page, Pushing Us To Use Bluesky More


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We've all been there. Scrolling through Facebook, only to stumble upon content that seems like a blatant violation of their Community Standards, yet it remains, untouched whilst others that are not against the standards get removed. We've experienced it firsthand with Popular Airsoft. Our posts, perfectly harmless in our eyes got caught in the crossfire of Facebook's inconsistent policy enforcement (even our post about a power station for outdoor use is a violation of Community Standards?!).

FB Unfair Removal

Appealing the removals seemed pointless from the start. Facebook tightened the screws on Popular Airsoft by putting restrictions and then, yesterday, the 20th of February, they unpublished our page entirely. Just like that.

FB Unfair Removal 02

Facebook's inconsistency has eroded our trust. Harmful content flourishes while harmless posts get flagged. This breeds distrust and creates a hostile environment. Even an Oversight Board exists, supposedly with the power to review removals, but its effectiveness is questionable. Our appeals went unanswered for over a month, leaving us feeling unheard and undervalued.

Then there's the algorithm. Opaque and manipulative, it controls what we see and don't see, creating echo chambers that stifle diverse perspectives. We crave something different, something that values transparency and user control.

Fuck it! We were done. Why waste our time and resources on a platform that could take it all away in a whim? Luckily, we have our website and other platforms to connect with our audience.

Airsoft & Bluesky 02

That's why decided to be more active on Bluesky. Built on openness, transparency, and user empowerment, it's a platform with which we can grow. Unlike Facebook, it's decentralized, meaning no single entity controls our data or dictates our experience. This is a breath of fresh air in the social media world.

Whilst we are on Threads too, Meta owns it. Eventually the rules on Facebook and Instagram will find their way to Threads so we’d rather not devote much time and attention to it.

We are hopeful that Bluesky will have their standards apply equally to everyone just like what its founders did to Twitter before Musk bought it and turned it into his personal megaphone, and they're committed to consistent application of the standards.

Plus, Bluesky is designed to adapt and evolve with its users. Built on open protocols, it can change and grow alongside our needs. This ensures it remains relevant and user-friendly in the ever-shifting social media landscape. The sky's the limit.

It's time for a change and spend less time on platforms that disrespect and do not value the airsoft community. If you prefer other platforms other than Bluesky, feel free to use them.

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