TangoDown's New MK3 Rifle Magazine Sports A Modular Design & Enhanced Feeding

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TangoDown MK3 Rifle Magazine

TangoDown, a company specializing in firearm accessories, has unveiled the MK3 Rifle Magazine, marking a significant breakthrough in the industry. TangoDown is a familiar brand in airsoft as its products are produced for airsoft use by different airsoft accessories manufacturers.

The MK3 shows TangoDown's commitment to innovative modular magazine design. Understanding the pivotal role of magazines in firearm performance, TangoDown has concentrated its efforts on developing the ideal magazine for any rifle.

The MK3 is characterized by its modular design and a ribbed body with an aggressive texture, ensuring a secure grip during handling. In contrast to conventional magazines with detachable floorplates, the MK3 adopts a unified design, eliminating the need for disassembly. The feed lips and follower have been reengineered to guarantee smooth and dependable feeding of M855A1 ammunition.

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Currently available in black and flat dark earth, the MK3 offers a 30-round capacity, with a 20-round variant to be introduced shortly. Users have the option to select between flat bottom and round bottom magazines, with the latter designed for those who favour monopod use.

The MK3 is equipped with a bright white, low-friction, anti-tilt follower to ensure smooth feeding. The magazine is constructed from impact-resistant polymer, promising durability, and longevity.

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One of the standout features of the MK3 is its corrosion-resistant, heat-treated spring. This spring enhances the overall reliability and performance of the MK3. The magazine is specifically tailored for 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridges and is compatible with any AR15 or M16/M4 MIL-SPEC pattern magazine well.

The textured steps on the body and moulded ridges facilitate easy insertion and removal from pouches. Notably, the MK3 enables easy magazine seating on a closed rifle bolt even when fully loaded with 30 rounds, thereby eliminating the need for magazine tapping.

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The MK3 is easy to load, even manually. The magazine incorporates ammo status windows for quick visual checks. The round bottom variant provides an edge for competition use, range drills, or field applications that require swift movement.

Maintaining the MK3 is straightforward and fast. A blast of compressed air through the upside-down ported follower effectively clears any dust or debris. To clean carbon buildup resulting from prolonged suppressor use, simply soak the magazine in hot, soapy water with a magazine brush (sold separately), rinse, and air dry. 

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