Meet The Cockerill i-X: A Speedy Ground Interceptor With Onboard AI


Cockerill i-X

It's time for another round of writing about exciting vehicles with military applications that we'll just dream of in airsoft and this one is claimed to be one of the speediest. The armored vehicle landscape is poised for a transformative shift with the introduction of the Cockerill i-X by John Cockerill Defense. The Cockerill i-X, a groundbreaking combat vehicle, challenges established military vehicle paradigms and has a speed of up to 120kph.

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The Cockerill i-X, dubbed a "ground interceptor," delivers on its promise with remarkable speed and versatility. The "i" in its name denotes its role as an "interceptor," and the "X" represents its "modular multi-weapons system," allowing for a range of armaments to be mounted, from autocannons to missiles, tailored to specific missions.

The Cockerill i-X's capabilities extend beyond mere speed and armament. Engineered for stealth, this nimble vehicle employs adaptive camouflage to merge with its environment and can alter its infrared and acoustic emissions to evade detection.

A marvel of technology, the Cockerill i-X integrates onboard artificial intelligence (AI) to support its crew. It also features advanced helmets that synchronise with an array of sensors, such as cameras, night vision, and thermal imagers, enhancing situational awareness and precision in targeting.

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Among its standout innovations is the Cockerill i-X's retractable weapon system, which allows the vehicle to sustain a low profile outside of combat, optimizing both stealth and velocity.

The Cockerill i-X is designed for effortless deployment, capable of being transported via air (aircraft, helicopter, parachute), sea, or land (rail, road), offering commanders unparalleled flexibility for swift mobilization and strategic deployment.

Making its first appearance at the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in March 2022, the i-X has since been a highlight at numerous global defense expos.

In a significant move, John Cockerill partnered with Nimr in February 2023 to advance the Cockerill i-X towards commercialization. This partnership underscores a mutual dedication to the vehicle's development and market introduction.

The Cockerill i-X's prospects brightened further in 2023 when the French Army's Technical Section undertook evaluations of the vehicle as reported by EDR Online. According to the company, these assessments were favorable, setting the stage for possible future integration into their forces.

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