Alchemy Custom Weaponry Unveils Its Limited Edition Restomod MEUSOC V1


ACW MEUSOC 1911 v1 Restomod

Alchemy Custom Weaponry (ACW) has recently introduced the its restomod, the MEUSOC 1911, a limited edition pistol that serves as a tribute to the iconic United States Marine Corps' custom combat .45 pistol. The MEUSOC is a nod to the original model which was officially retired in 2012 and succeeded by the Colt M45A1 rail gun.

In airsoft the option is to get the Tokyo Marui MEU 1911 .45 SOC Gas Blowback Pistol and its clones.

ACW MEUSOC 1911 v1 Restomod 02

The MEUSOC's aesthetic harks back to the classic military pistols of the 1990s, yet it is built with the impeccable internal craftsmanship synonymous with ACW. Each gun is meticulously hand-assembled using oversized components and is finished with a robust hard blast DLC coating. The frame features A1-style scallops and is paired with wraparound Pachmayr grips, foregoing the traditional front strap checkering.

ACW MEUSOC 1911 v1 Restomod 03

Incorporating a lanyard loop in its mainspring housing and a ring hammer for a vintage flair, the MEUSOC also displays newly designed ACW insignia that draw inspiration from the original markings. It is further distinguished by its vertical cocking serrations and the installation of a fixed Harrison "Retro" rear sight.

With only 25 units in existence, the MEUSOC is not merely a collector's item but also shows ACW's commitment to excellence. It is designed to perform with distinction, whether used in competitive shooting or tactical scenarios.

ACW MEUSOC 1911 v1 Restomod 04

Priced at $4,750, the MEUSOC is an exclusive offering with a highly limited availability. Prospective buyers are encouraged to act swiftly, as the ability to add the pistol to a shopping cart signifies its immediate availability for purchase and subsequent delivery to a certified firearms dealer.

The origins of ACW trace back to 2011 when Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland established the company. Initially, ACW focused on enhancing classic 1911 pistols manufactured by others. In 2016, a partnership with Cabot Guns led to the development of ACW's signature line of custom 1911s.

ACW's pistols are a harmonious fusion of contemporary innovation and time-honored artisanship. They merge the elegance of classic design with the assurance of modern, high-performance parts, culminating in firearms that are both aesthetically pleasing and dependable.

Embodying the essence of traditional gunsmithing, ACW is defined by its scrupulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Each 1911 pistol crafted by ACW is a product of expert gunsmiths' hands, boasting polished internals and a promise of precision, all offered at a competitive market price.

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