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Fixing Your A&K 5000-Round Box Magazine

For all of those who have ordered the AnK 5000 Rounds Box Magazine for M4/M16 replicas with electric winding and had problems with it, worry no more. That is, if you want to fix the problem of your connector falling off inside the box mag, rendering your remote switch pad useless. It is also such a big hassle manually winding the box, as the winding gear is stiff. Furthermore, you made a purchase of this box magazine since you want to have the convenience of electrical winding such a hefty magazine.

Richard Marcinko: Rogue Warrior

Now, here we go again for our recommended book for all of you airsofters out there. This book is actually first released in 1993, but has generated controversy among military and political circles, and has catapulted the author, Richard Marcinko to fame. For all those who haven't heard of him, his book is called ROGUE WARRIOR, which is his autobiography that describes his growth and experience in the US Navy Seals, in particular, he was the first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six --- the US Navy's premier counter-terrorist unit. 

RedWolf Review of the Tokyo Marui SA Vz.61 Scorpion

Does the Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion have a sting in its tail? Take a look at our Review for the lowdown.That's the introduction of RedWolf Airsoft of this nice little AEG, the Samopal Vzor 1961/ SA vz.61 issued to various units in the Czechoslovak army, and also exported and in use among many special forces in various countries.

Airsoft Videos from Around the World

Here are some airsoft videos we have found at from around the world. We'll be featuring more videos during weekends from wherever we find them online. We would welcome video contributions or leads of interesting airsoft videos coming from airsoft teams. These can be airsoft skirmishes, documentaries, TV reports, humourous ones, and even video reviews and posted at online video sharing websites (such as So enjoy the videos, and thanks to all those who posted these videos online and wanted to share these.


2007 Online Airsoft Retailer Satisfaction Survey

Update 13 September 2007: Our apologies to those who tried to answer the survey but found the survey has closed. It is again open as we upgraded the account to  be able to accept more responses... Now it's time to take a survey of airsoft players regarding their online purchasing experiences. We're hitting the "xxxxber" months now, and the countdown to Christmas has now started.

Feature Interview: Guy Ayal, TSI Armories

TSI Armories have been generating buzz in airsoft communities around the world for their up and coming release of Galil airsoft variants such as the ARM, SAR, and MAR, and also the Tavor which is the latest bullpup weapon to be introduced into active service. A brief background on the Galil for newbies in airsoft or even real steel weapons: the Galil is one of the rifles in use in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) which uses the 5.56mm NATO rounds. Named after Yisrael Galili, it is based on the more famous and iconic AK-47.

Retailer Shootout: and Special Airsoft Supplies (SAS)

We decided to make purchases from two vendors that supply airsoft gear and be able to use these gears for upcoming skirmishes and at the same time test how online retailers take care of their customers, especially how they process and deliver. So we placed orders at and Special Airsoft Supplies last 30 August and see who delivers first. Now, is Hong Kong based while SAS is in Buckinghamshire, England and the delivery address is somewhere North of Greater London.

RS 97 Primary Explorations

Editor's Note: This is a review and takedown of the Real Sword Type 97 as issued by the Real Sword Company.  This is a very comprehensive review, though its title has "Primary", but nevertheless provides a great look into the AEG that has recently been released by Real Sword. Richard Lee is the author of this article with Jensen Yang taking the photographs shown here.  This article is courtesy of Real Sword. 

RS 97 Primary Explorations

Blackwater: The Rise of the Contractors

Any contractor wanna-be reading this? The Blackwater look is famous among airsofters who are fascinated by the rise of private security contractors which are generating much controversy for their involvement in security operations in Iraq and other parts in the world. Blackwater seems to generate the attention of many in the media and discussion in political circles for their high-profile involvement and powerful connections.

A.C.E. Brigade: Pinoys' Love for Airsoft is Brought to the UK

The Airsoft Combat Enthusiasts (ACE) Brigade is a federation of Filipino Airsoft teams based in the UK. Initially comprised of five teams: the Wildcats, Warhawks, Special Airsoft Forces (SAF) based in the Isle of Man, Black Cats, and the Filipino Community Basildon Airsoft Team (FilCombat) in Essex, it has recently added two more teams: Pinoy Ammunition 21 (PA21) and the Worthing Redfox.