Eagle6 Airsoft Tests An Upgraded TM 417 DMR NGRS


Eagle6 Airsoft Tests An Upgraded TM 417 DMR NGRS

As part of their upgrade service Eagle6 Airsoft tests the AEG to ensure that they work as expected fromm the upgrade work. In this case it is the Tokyo Marui HK417 DMR NGRS... "Richard from our tech team talks about and demonstrates a customers upgraded TM 417 DMR NGRS build. Please find the full build description below.

FPS Results 470 FPS (Measured On 0.20gr BB) & FPS Results 320 FPS (Measured On 0.43gr BB)

Scope Of Work:

Install Lvl 9 Build, bring fps & RPS up and retain reliability.   Install Gate titan mosfet for improved trigger response.  install R hop.


  • Level 1 - Power Spring & Rebuild
    • Full strip & rebuild
    • EagleSix M140 For NGRS
  • Level 2 - Hop Rubbers & Nubs
    • R Hop
  • Level 3 - Tight Bore Barrel
    • Prometheus 6.03mm 407mm Tightbore Barrel
  • Level 4 - Gears & Bearings
    • Prometheus Normal Torque NGRS gear set
    • Prometheus 6mm Bearings
  • Level 5 - Piston Head & Spring Guide
    • Prometheus Piston Head New V2 M4 NGRS
    • Prometheus Spring Guide New v2 M4 NGRS
  • Level 6 - Cylinder Head and Cylinder
    • Prometheus Cylinder Type A
    • Prometheus Cylinder Head New V2 M4 NGRS
  • Level 7 - Air Nozzle & Tappet Plate
    • Prometheus Air Nozzle M4 NGRS
    • Prometheus Tappet Plate M4 NGRS
  • Level 8 - Selector Plate & Piston
    • Prometheus Piston M4 NGRS
    • Prometheus Selector Plate
  • Level 9 - Recoil Related
    • Prometheus Epsilon Gold Trigger for NGRS.


  • Gate titan advanced
  • Laylax Trigger Pin
  • Deans mod
  • modify 2x 2600mah 7.4v lipos for deans.

Tested On an 7.4v 2600mah Lipo on video.

This RIF was put through our '4 point testing' prior to dispatch."

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