Laylax Nitro.Vo TM SCAR NGRS M-Lok Handguard Booster


Available by tomorrow initially for Japanese airsoft market is the TM SCAR NGRS M-Lok Handguard Booster made under the Nitro.vo brand of Laylax... "It is an item that extends the hand guard exclusively for the Tokyo Marui SCAR series and enhances expandability.

You can use the rail on the side of the main body to lengthen the hand guard part of about 163 mm.

In addition, the rails on both sides use slots that comply with the M-LOK standard.

Tier-1-Me On The Tokyo Marui MK17 SCAR-H NGRS


A handy SCAR-H AEG is the Tokyo Marui MK17 SCAR-H NGRS that is available in the market for years now. A favourite AEG amongst NGRS users, this is an excellent performer out of the box based on experience, but will Tier-1-Me agree? Watch his video below... "The MK17 Special operations Combat Assault Rifle from Tokyo Marui is one of the best Hi-end airsoft replicas on the market today. Featuring their fantastic electric recoil system, magical hop units, and great built quality, the Scar H is not to be missed."

REAPERS Airsoft: Tokyo Marui SCAR-H Next Gen Recoil Shock


Many airsoft players swear by Tokyo Marui SCAR-H NGRS AEG as one of the best AEGs that performs right out of the box. But does it pass the scrutiny of Reapers Airsoft? So brace yourselves for an almost 2-hour review and in German... "Hi folks, in this video we x-ray the TM SCAR-H NGRS. Since this is a high-priced model, I will also make a few comparisons to the VFC / Begadi HW17 Deluxe."

Eagle6 Airsoft Tests An Upgraded TM 417 DMR NGRS


As part of their upgrade service Eagle6 Airsoft tests the AEG to ensure that they work as expected fromm the upgrade work. In this case it is the Tokyo Marui HK417 DMR NGRS... "Richard from our tech team talks about and demonstrates a customers upgraded TM 417 DMR NGRS build. Please find the full build description below.

FPS Results 470 FPS (Measured On 0.20gr BB) & FPS Results 320 FPS (Measured On 0.43gr BB)

Scope Of Work:

Is The Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Worth It?


Another round of the "Worth It" review series by Big Bird's Airsoft. For this review he take a look a the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L NGRS AEG. This is the only SCAR-L AEG in the airsoft market that features a simulated blowback and recoil and of course comes with the "magic dust" of Tokyo Marui for good range and accuracy. But does it pass Big Bird's scrutiny? Watch the video.

Laylax First Factory MG Lower Frame For Marui M4 NGRS


For owners of the Tokyo Marui M4 NGRS Series, especially for the MK18 NGRS owners, they can pre-order a MG Lower Frame made just for the series by the First Factory brand of Laylax... "The next-generation electric gun equipped with a blowback gimmick has a fate that is likely to cause damage and rattling, because the recoil shock puts a heavy burden on each part.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 NGRS


Mach Sakai goes over the most popular airsoft gun in Japan right now, the Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod1 NGRS. Since it is part of the NGRS series, it comes with the simulated recoil shock and blowback functions. He checks it out for its external details if it is faithful to the original real steel model, its operations, and as always its performance in a quick steel challenge.

DesertFox Airsoft: The $1,800 Airsoft LMG


The Tokyo Marui MK46 Mod0 LMG may be out of reach to some airsoft players given its US$1,800, but to those who were able to afford one, is it worth the money? DesertFox Airsoft gets his hands on one to find out... "Tokyo Marui Airsoft Mark 46 Mod 0 NGRS shook $1800.something out of Jason's bank account, was it worth it???"

Tokyo Marui AK Storm Gameplay Video


The Kuman Channel Review takes the Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS for a spin in this review gameplay video... "Kuman Channel Review of Tokyo Marui's AK Storm in action! It's a great guy, so please see slowly until the end of the true performance that you can understand only after using it in the field."

Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD.1 NGRS Review By Hyperdouraku


This is more of a video review done by Hyperdouraku on the Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod.1 NGRS AEG that is sought after by airsoft players as the MK18 for airsoft is in vogue. As its model name indicates, this has the new generation recoil shock with electric blowback system for more realism. This was released last year so not exactly a new model.

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