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RWA Lee Enfield No. 4 On Pre-Order

We know you have been waiting for this and finally RedWolf Airsoft are taking pre-orders for the RWA Lee Enfield No. 4... "The long awaited RWA Lee Enfield No.4 is here in all its glory. True to form, the gun is crafted from real wood and is a proud representation of the rifle fielded by the British Army back in the days of WWII.


Valken LED Flashlight / Laser Sight Combo

Mount it to a rifle or a pistol, the Valken LED Flashlight/Laser Sight Combo is a good solution for use in low light conditions. You can get one at Airsoft Atlanta... "The Valken LED Flashlight / Laser Sight Combo Pistol Mount is a high quality solid combo unit that attaches to your pistol's front under-rail. Should work on most pistols with a standard rail system (all airsoft). Red laser beam, 200 lumen flashlight power.

Gunfire: Emerson, ASG & Electro River

The ASG CZ 805 Bren A2 is just one of the AEGs that are in stock from Action Sports Game at Gunfire this week. Other arrivals for your to check when you have time to do some online airsoft shipping are tactical gear from Emerson Gear and batteries and chargers from Electro River. More of these below: AirsoftCon 2017 Official Video

For those who attended the recently concluded AirsoftCon 2017, the official video is now up. AirsoftCon is a big event hosted by annually, bringing a huge number of airsoft players to their Superstore in California... "Thank you to our amazing vendors, fields and customers that made Airsoftcon 2017 absolutely EPIC!"

The Airsoft Market Predictions For 2018

With Eric of Gun Gamers, The BB Warrior Talk about how the airsoft market will be in 2018... "Today we're teaming up with Eric from Gun Gamers to give our predictions for how airsoft as a market will change in 2018. We also will be going over what happened this year, and reviewing our predictions from last year. Praise Judy!"

Diles46 Video: Why I PLAY Airsoft

Diles46 tells you the reasons why he plays airsoft in this short video. He also asks for your own reasom why you play airsoft as well... "Share with your battle buddy. Airsoft is fun. Airsoft is more fun with friends. Don't put a label on it and call yourself an airsoft team... just have fun. Airsoft is fun."

Vickers Tactical: IWI X95 Series

Larry Vickers has a special guest to talk about the compact IWI X95 Tavors in this Vickers Tactical episode. The X95 or known as Micro Tavor is a three-caliber bullpup rifle and this was designed with the input of Elite IDF units... "Tom Alibrando from IWI US, takes Larry through the evolution of the X-95."

Airsoft GI: Elite Force G17 & G19 GBBs

After Diles46, Cisco of Airsoft GI shows the fully-licensed G17 and 19 Gas Blowback Pistols from Elite Force... "That's right, it's finally happening! After years of unanswered demand, we're very excited to give you an exclusive look at the first officially licensed GLOCK airsoft guns on the market - brought to you by Elite Force! A huge thanks to Cliff from Elite Force/Umarex for swinging by the office after a very busy day at Airsoftcon!"

Interactive Airsoft Field & Gameplay Video

Another Extreme Airsoft Rhode Island footage from Unicorn Leah showing the new features that make the site attractive to airsoft players... "Behind the scenes to check out the ground-breaking updates made at Extreme Airsoft's CQB field in South Kingstown, RI. They've got specialized sound tracks and LED lighting for each individual building, adding to the realism of the field. Plus, special new lighting effects!

DesertFox Copperhead 3: Uzi Wrecks Show

Watch DesertFox Airsoft puts the KWC Uzi GBB SMG to good use during the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 3. In a previous video he showed how he put together the IDF loadout... "Jet DesertFox uses the KWC Airsoft Uzi gas blow back airsoft SMG at American Milsim Operation: Copperhead 3 and wrecks a house full of enemy UFS airsoft players."