A Roblox Airsoft Centre?


Well, this is something new. We don't play Roblox so we can't give our take on this but for airsoft players who also play the game, check this Airsoft Center out in the game. The Ultimate Fish finds it cool so watch this video to find out why... "Roblox Airsoft Center Is Actually Kinda Cool. In todays video, I play a game on Roblox called Airsoft Center.

Craft Apple Works Type 100 Model Gun


It's been over 10 years now since we last read about the Craft Apple Works (CAW) Type 100 Model Gun was talked about. We were hoping for an airsof version of this SMG made for the Japanese Paratroopers in World War II but it's really more of a collector's item and it's not even listed at the CAW website anymore. Based on the  Bergman MP28 this model is equipped with a bipod and bayonet lug and saw action in battles in Southeast Asia.

Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 MSR2 Rifle Scope Review


It's the Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 MSR2 Rifle Scope that gets the attention of the Bavarian Shooter for a video review... "My honest review of the Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 rifle scope. The scope has the MSR-2 reticle and is painted in the special color Coyote Brown. I mounted the optics on a Spuhr block mount with 20 MOA forward tilt. A good look, but there are a few things to consider. More about that in this video!"

Ascend DP17 Deadpool Custom Metal Version GBB Pistol


Black Reapers Cahors checks out the Ascend DP17 Deadpool Custom Metal Version GBB Pistol if it is fun one to shoot with. This is based on the WE Airsoft Glock 17 GBB pistol customised to the taste of Deadpool and comes with the Custom force trigger. This comes with a 24-BB round gas magazine... "Hi there! Today, find the video review of the Glock DP17 Deadpool Custom by Torn!"

Military 1st Eyewear Sale 2022


Grab a pair of new shades, eye protection or ballistic glasses at a discounted price as Military 1st are holding an eyewear sale right now... "We offer 10% off all sunglasses, goggles, and eyewear accessories with Discount Code EYE10.

Sunglasses are welcome addition during any outdoor activity no matter the season and an absolute essential in summer. 

Mach Sakai: Academy Airsoft SIG Sauer P230


Another spring airsoft pistol for Mach Sakai to review. The Academy Airsoft SIG Sauer P230 is cheap airsoft gun that is a spring-powered for some backyard plinking or as gun prop. This is also sold in a transparent version overseas at some big box stores as well as online such as Amazon. Will it be a good and cheap airsoft pistol for use as a safe practice pistol at home? Watch the video to decide.

MiR Tactical: Rocket Labs Pistols


Slex talks about the custom airsoft pistols done by Rocket Labs at MiR Tactical... "We are here today to prove to you, why rocket labs here at MiR Tactical are the best custom Rocket Labs Builders in the industry. Don't miss out on any new customs we build. Join us Today!

Come see our options here."

Ares Airsoft Mauser 98k TNT Studio Upgrade


Neo035 talks about the upgrades done to the Ares Airsoft Mauser 98k rifle. This uses the TNT Studio Ares Kar98k Retrofit Kit which comes with a one piece CNC'd aluminium hop chamber base as well has aluminium front cover, aluminium BB stopper,  and aluminum lever *1 , 6*6 nub*1 , PIN*1. This also includes a 60° H.L.R. Rubber for the ARES 98K and T-N.T. S+ inner barrel with a 545mm length.

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