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Glock Store CEO On The Airsoft Glock

The CEO of Glock Store, which actually sells the real deal Glock pistols, checks out the Glock 17 Gen 4 GBB Pistol from Elite Force/Umarex. The store now carries fully licensed Glock airsoft pistols... "Finally, a High Quality airsoft replica worthy of the Glock name. Perfectly replicating the look and feel of the Gen4 Glock 17, this is a great tool for training at home.

Laugo Arms Alien Pistol First Look

We get to take a look at the Alien pistol from Laugo Arms as Polenar Tactical were able to get their hands on one and grab a quick video... "We got our hands on the elusive Alien pistol from Laugo Arms. This handgun has the lowest bore axis on the market and the advantage of low recoil and almost no muzzle flip is very noticable."

Tokyo Marui Type 89 GBBR Shooting Test

As always, Antre du Dingo Dingchavez follows up with his comprehensive review of airsoft guns with a video testing the review subject. In this case he tests the new Tokyo Marui Type 89 Gas Blowback Rifle. Based on the JGSDF Type 89 Rifle, this GBB uses the ZET System that is seen in the M4 MWS GBBs from the Japanese airsoft company.

RedWolf Airsoft 20th Year Anniversary Promo

As RedWolf Airsoft celebrate their 20th year in the airsoft businesses, they have prepared a promo where your play a crucial part in increasing the discounts. Called "Achievement Unlocks" for each level that customers unlock via registration, the higher the discounts... "'Achievement Unlocks Campaign”, which requires a designated no. of participants to unlock various attractive offers.

5 Airsoft Features That Should Be Standard

If we talk about standards? Are talking about compatibility? Or just basically basic features that we see in airsoft guns that we buy. The BB Warrior discusses this in this video... "Today we'll be discussing some features that airsoft guns should adopt as the standard across the industry. Did you agree with my choices, or have some features you'd like to see as the standard?"

AW Custom Adaptive Drum Magazine Series

AW Custom announce the Adaptive Drum Magazine Series which are 350 round gas magazines designed for the different types of gas-powered airsoft guns... "We are proud to announce our latest innovation – AW Custom™ Adaptive Drum Magazine Series. Representing the pinnacle of research and development, the Adaptive Drum Magazine is built to be tactical, reliable and customizable.


Looking for the SVD-S AEG made by CYMA? It's in stock right now at "Does YOUR Sniper gearbox have 4 gears? The CYMA SVD-S does. The SVD-S, a modern sniper for the modern paratrooper. Featuring a folding stock, more compact barrel, and a gearbox that rivals Real Sword performance!

Shown here with the EMG Transporter 42inch Hard Case."

Marushin Winchester M1892 Randall Custom

Mach Sakai goes over the Marushin Winchester M1892 Randall Custom. This is a gas and lever action airsoft vintage-styel airsoft rifle. It has a real wood stock and metal receiver and has a capacity of 24 rounds. He checks it out for accuracy in a quick steel challenge and as scrutinises it for operations and external details.

Airsoft GI: "Why I Chose The LX-13"

Mike explains why he choses the Classic Army LX-13 AEG, an Extreme Nemesis M4 AEG that comes with the BAS Stock. This is in stock right now at Airsoft GI and here is their full description of this AEG... "deal for long-time veterans of airsoft as well as those new to the game, the Classic Army Nemesis series of AEGs was designed to give players the ultimate weapon to take down the opposition.

10% Navy Blue Items At Military 1st

Grab the opportunity to get apparel and gear in Navy Blue colour as Military 1st are taking 10% off on these. As always, use the discount code provided here when checking out for it to take effect... "We offer 10% off entire Navy Blue category at Military 1st with Discount Code NAVY18.