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New Giena Tactics Alligator Sniper Platform

Russian gear maker Giena Tactics announce their new Alligator Sniper Platform and it will be on display at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 in March... "Today we are ready to present more interesting products! These are Alligator sniper coats - suppress your visual presence!

Alligator is a long sniper coat and you can install 3D leafs by yourself as you want. It’s ideal for people how want to tune everything by themselves.

Arcturus Airsoft "Lite" Range At WGC Shop

A line of affordable Arcturus "Lite" Range of AEGs is available at WGC Shop... "New 'Lite' range presented by Arcturus. It comes with nylon fiber receiver, aluminum rail and Arcturus' ver.2 gearbox with high performance, and of course, it's Li-Poly battery ready! As to its light weight and high performance features, it's a good choice for kid(certain countries), girl friend, wife and new comer."

Mach Sakai: S&T M320A1 Grenade Launcher

It's a grenade launcher for Mach Sakai to test for this video this time. The S&T ST3201A1 is a full metal airsoft grenade launcher that uses the standard 40mm gas grenade shells. Based on the Heckler & Koch design, this has an extendable stock, folding verticle grip, and can be attached to any railed handguard with a weaver attachment. It also has a leaf sight as well as G36C-style stock adapter.

Airsoft Mike Shows His Airsoft Collection

Just like any other airsoft YouTuber, an airsoft collection episode is always a must. Airsoft Mike shows his as he gets a bigger space... "This is it! I have moved my Airsoft collection to a brand new location! My last place was getting too small for the collection so a move was always inevitable! Join me on an epic brief tour of the new Airsoft Man Cave!"

WhispTech Slimline CO2 Airsoft Pouch

WhispTech talks about the Slimline CO2 Pouch he designed in cooperation with OneTigris... "This was an idea that I brought up awhile back but think forgotten in all the hustle of the site. I have searched high and low for even a shotgun shell holder of this design but usually because for shells hold 12, or even 1tg 7 and all different designs but not really meant for co2 however can be used.

Eagle6 Airsoft Q&A Show Episode 2

Rich is back with a new episode of the Eagle6 Airsoft Q&A Show to talk about airsoft tech stuff... "In today's episode we answer more of your questions submitted by you the customers. If you have any more questions tech related or otherwise please put them in the comments below for next week and thank you so much for your support in helping us grow."

Magpul Designs For The HK MP5 SMG

The Heckler & Koch MP5 will get Magpulized, if ever there is a word for what Magpul will be releasing later this year... "We all owe a debt of gratitude to roller delayed blowback firearms. In particular, Heckler & Koch GmbH's legendary MP5 family. They've saved the presidency, exposed the Matrix and stopped a relentless Alien hunter. Here at Magpul, we are paying our respects with all-new products for this awesome platform. Coming Late 2019."

GHK 551 Tactical GBBR At RedWolf Airsoft

The GHK SG 553 GBBR gets joined by the longer SG 551 Tactical GBBR that you can find right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "The SG 550 family is a gun manufactured by firearms maker Swiss Arms a former division of Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft. The SG 551 is a variant of the SG 550 with a shorter gas tube and different handguard.

Salty Old Gamer: Best Airsoft Gun Case

Salty Old Gamer shows us what he says is the best affordable gun case for your airsoft gun... "Airsoft beginner? Need a budget airsoft gun case to transport you gun to the field? Or a budget gun case to store your airsoft gun while not in use? We're talking about what we think is the best budget airsoft gun case to get you started. One as your AEG submachine gun case or AEG rifle case, and one as your airsoft sniper rifle case. Both of these make a great starter gun case, and are extremely budget friendly.

6mmTV The Cage: Inside A MedKit

We get to watch another episode of "The Cage" from 6mm TV featuring a MedKit and what's inside it... "Hello operators! Check out our new vid with Wancho as he goes in depth with a must have for every team and airsofter, the tactical boo-boo kit or the airsoft BASIC med kit.

We forgot to mention that, although Wancho's kit is water resistant, it is a good idea to pack everything in a resealable plastic bag. This is to make sure that everything stays dry."