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Northeast Airsoft Sten Gas Blowback

Probably by now most of you are pretty much aware of the upcoming Sten Gas Blowback being developed by Northeast Airsoft. Pre-orders have pretty much snapped up the first batch which will soon be released. We get more information for you via quick presentation by Sebastian of the upcoming of the Sten Gas Blowback Rifle made by Northeast Airsoft during the MOA Exhibition 2017 in New Taipei City.

Gunfire: ARES M4 Sharps Bros "The Jack"

Gunfire's "Instant Airsoft" series feature the Ares M4 Sharps Bros "The Jack" made with EMG which is now available at their online store... ""The Jack" is the replica manufactured by a renowned ARES company. Thanks to a license from American Sharp Bros, a manufacturer of the real firearms, the User can feast his eyes on the authentic designation and markings as well as, more importantly, the shape of the receiver."

3DTAC Airsoft New Airsoft Display Stands

3DTAC Airsoft, a business using 3D printing to come up with new products for airsoft announce their new display stands for airsoft. You can view more at their Facebook Page... "New Display Stands. We are launching our brand new airsoft display stands. Showcase your Airsoft AEGs and GBBs with style."

MantisX Firearms Training System Review

The Gun Gamers crew try the MantisX Firearms Training System if it is a good tool for improving shooting performance. This system works for both airsoft and real steel can be used during live or dry firing... "This week on Gun Gamers, Kyle (and E House later on) goes over the merits and results of the MantisX Firearms Training System."

Prometheus Design Werx Mountain Shirt

Prometheus Design Werx (PDW) just made available their PDW Mountain Shirt. Available in Charcoal Heather Gray and OD Green, they cost US$139.00 each... "The Mountain Shirt is an updated modern classic built to last, ready for the wilderness to the work shop, and the pursuit of a life lived on your terms.

Airsoft GI: Is Airsoft Too Expensive?

In Airsoft GI's Airsoft Story Time Part 3, Cisco and Michael took about airsoft being an expensive hobby. Or is not? It depends on how you see and spend on airsoft things... "Airsoft is a hobby sport. You choose how much you want to spend on it. The quality of time and the memories made are priceless."

WE Airsoft At MOA Exhibition 2017

WE Airsoft got a lot of airsoft blowback airsoft guns in the market so we just focused on the new and upcoming items. They were at the MOA Exhibition 2017 earlier this month in New Taipei City and Light Lam of Crown Airsoft shows the WE AK47 Gas Blowback Rifle with real wood kit, the Hex/Honey Comb GBB Pistols, and the Cybergun Magnum Research Desert Eagle GBB Pistols in Black and Chrome.

EAC HK45CT Navy Seal RAL 8000

eHobby Asia got the EAC (Umarex) HK45CT Navy Seal RAL 8000 with the Cerakote treatment. With the RAL 8000 colour scheme, it should go well with your Umarex/VFC G28 airsodt rifle. This is a 1:1 Ratio realistic gas blow back airsoft pistol and it is a Umarex licensed HK (Heckler & Koch GmbH) Series Pistol with smoother slide cycling with clicks & clacks sound.


King Arms M4 TWS VIS Elite Series

Featured on this Airsoft-Rus product presentation is the King Arms M4 TWS VIS Elite Series. This series feature aluminium alloy 6061 upper and lower receivers which are billet style. The railed handguard is CNC'd and the the integrated flip-up gas block front sight also has a removable rear flip-up sight. The gearbox is full metal that can accept most upgrades for the Version 2 gearbox.

EMG/Black Owl Gear Reaper Softshell Jacket

Black Owl Gear announce the Reaper Soft Shell Jacket produced in cooperation with EMG... "Stay warm & active in cold weather with EMG Reaper Softshell Jacket. The Reaper Softshell Jacket provides an excellent defense against harsh winds and water, while maintaining excellent breathability due to specialized layers fabrics used in it's construction.