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0'20 Magazine Issue No. 18 Now Available

Issue No. 18 of 0'20 Magazine is now available for anyone to read online and offline.This covers reviews of the CYMA CM.076 AEG, Secutor Gladius Acta Non Verba, Emerson Street Series, Secutor RudisMagna, APS PER MARK VI, Raven Airsoft, and SRU conversion kits. Other articles cover the OPS Team, SG Fashion Snap and Border War X. This is Issue No. 62 for the Spanish Language, Issue No. 32 for the French version, and Issue No. 27 for the Taiwan Edition.

SPEED Ambi KRISS Vector Gen2 Mag Release

Speed Airsoft announce their second generation upgrade part for the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG, an ambidextrous magazine release... "SPEED Airsoft has the new Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 Magazine Release for the Krytac KRISS Vector. This allows true ambidextrous operation with rapid instinctive magazine changes. No more unnatural finger stretching to release the magazine.

This new SPEED Magazine Release also retains the stock release position for greater flexibility.

MAG 40mm Shell With The ICS MGL

Mach Sakai tests the 40mm Gas Grenade Shell from MAG with the ICS Airsoft MGL. The MAG 40mm can be loaded with 120 rounds of 6mm plastic BBs and with the ICS Airsoft MGL, six shells can be fired one aftet the other. Find out that range of the BBs as well as the performance of the MGL with the MAG shells.

ASGI: G&G MBR 308 Mag Compatibility

The G&G TR16 MBR 308 is in stock at Airsoft GI and it has various features that would make it a good deal to have such as sound amplifier muzzle, G2 MOSFET, ergonomic crane stock, quick spring change system and more. Since it comes with a large 308-style magazine, what other magazines in the airsoft market can be used with it? Airsoft GI TV Uncut tries to find in this video.

Special Offers From Military1st This Week

More Special Offers from as they add more items at their store with prices discounted. They added items from Alta Industries, Brandit, Helikon-Tex, Klean Kanteen, Mil-Tec, Swiss Eye, and Viper. Check the items below and visit the online store if interested in any of these... "Discover this week's special offers at Military 1st online store!

Diles46 With The Blue Fox Tracker

Diles46 was at the Southern Strike event hosted by DesertFox Events and he checks out the Blue Fox Tracker. A smartphone app made for DesertFox Events it is part squad tracker, part communicator, that will allow squad members to track their position, their squads position and receive vital communications from their squad and chain of command.

ASTKilo23: Arcturus Centaur B AEG

Next up to review the Arcturus Centaur B AEG is ASTKilo23. Now already available at retailers, this AEG has a Version 3 Gearbox, allowing it to use AK-style AEG magazines. The gearbox has 8mm bearings and is powered by a motor goes 19000RPM. It usually comes with a 1 variable cap AEG magazine and 1 320-round high cap AEG magazine.

WE AK74 Wood Stock GBB At Crown Airsoft

For those finicky about their AK gas blowback, wanting them to be with wood furniture, here is a WE Airsoft AK74 Wood Stock GBB available at Crown Airsoft... "WE AK74 WOOD STOCK Open Bolt Gas Blowback Rifle (GBB) constructed out of high quality stamped steel with polymer furniture to look and feel like the real steel AK74. Shooting at 500 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs) and featuring a full travel metal bolt, the WE AK74 gives players arguably the most realistic recoil on the airsoft market.

Airsoft Elementary DM870 Mod Videos

Sherlock of Elementary Airsoft shows you the Dominator DM870 Real Action Airsoft Shotgun and how to use APS Shotgun Shells with it in this two-part video... "A probably overly long video intro to the Dominator DM870 Airsoft shotgun and how to disassemble it. I also talk about the future modification plans to accept APS shells which will covered in subsequent videos."

Airsoft Action TV: Transporting Your RIF

Something for airsoft players in the UK to watch as Airsoft Action talks about transporting your airsoft RIF. This can be applicable to other countries... "In which Anvil and Gadge talk about transporting your airsoft replicas and equipment to and from games without falling foul of the law."