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Tokyo Marui

RedWolf UK: Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES

RWA UK will be receiving a limited shipment of the newly released Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES. Interested players in the UK better place their orders quick so they can be one of the first to own one of these... "The latest hot release from Tokyo Marui is here! The boys and girls in the HK office have been playing with these already!

First Factory P90 Armed Mag Clip

This is an example of a product that Laylax took up during their "Product Idea Grand Prix 2016", the P90 Mag Clip that they are producing under the First Factory brand. Just like the mag clamp for 5.56 magazines this allows an extra P90 AEG magazine ready for reload, making reload times faster. This uses reinforced glass fibre resin to reduce weight.

Diles46: Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher

Diles46 reviews the compact version in the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun family, the M870 Breacher... "Better late than never! I Finally got around to giving my honest opinions about this tri shot green gas shotgun from Tokyo Marui. The M870 Breacher airsoft shotgun has some really cool perks over the traditional spring powered shotguns. But of course, it has its flaws as well. Do you have one of these shotguns? What do you think? Comment below. Thanks guys!"

Nineball Long Mag Catch For Marui MP7

The Nineball Long Mag Catch for the Marui MP7 is how at Laylax. Designed for the Tokyo Marui MP7 AEG, this allows for an easier and quicker magazine release and does not get in the way with the grip and trigger operation. This is made of ABS resin and comes with installation instructions.

Latest Product Arrivals At Dave's Custom Airsoft

A big batch of airsoft products, including the Iron Airsoft 1,000-round drum magazine, G&P SAI, and E&L Airsoft just arrived at Dave's Custom Airsoft. Just visit the online store what's in stock and find out of what you need is available too... "Here at Dave’s Custom Airsoft LTD we have over 250 New Product lines in stock this month from all your favourite brands such as Iron Airsoft, Tokyo Marui, TWI, G&P etc.

PSS 6.03 Inner Barrel For Marui M40A5

Video from Laylax showing you how to install the PSS 6.03 Inner Barrel for the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle. This is a 280mm stainless steel inner barrel with a 6.03 mm High accuracy ± 0.01 mm dimensional accuracy with the steel giving it the strength for a stable trajectory upon exiting the muzzle.

Cleanshot: The Pistol To Be Invisible

For airsoft snipers looking for that backup weapon when enemies are close by, Cleanshot recommends the Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 NBB Pistol for stealth... "There is one thing you want as an airsoft sniper and that is once the enemy is nearby you either want to be silent to kill the enemy without being noticed and be invisible. Or really loud to scare them all and try to get your way out of it. I prefer this beast of a pistol so I can be invisible and use the element of surprise."

Custom Mag Catch For TM P90 AEG

Designed by Zoddy and manufactured by Laylax is the Custom P90 Magazine Catch. Designed for the Tokyo Marui P90 AEG, this allows you to change magazines smoothly whilst wearing a glove by increasing the size of the protuding parts on both sides. You can change magazines faster in a CQB game with the U-shaped bar on top of the main body and pulling the magazine catch. Video below shows how to install it on your P90.

Mach Sakai: TM VSR-10 Pro Sniper Desert

The longer version to the G-Spec, the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Sniper Rifle, gets reviewed by Mach Sakai. This version comes in Desert Tan colour though you have other colour options as well. This has iron sights though if you want to install optics, you will have to buy the mount separately. In this video, Mach Sakai checks it for accuracy and performance in a Steel Challenge.

Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 At The Grange

Now back in styke again amongst airsoft players is the stealthy Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 NBB Pistol and The Shop At The Grange got this in stock for those looking for one... "The Shop at the Grange is pleased to announce we now have in stock the much coveted Tokyo Marui Socom MK23. The MK23 Socom Pistol w/ LAM & Suppressor - Black is a 6mm BB Gas Powered replica of the MK23 Mod 0 SOCOM Pistol, and as far as Airsoft is concerned, this is a replica in a league of its own.