G&G ARP9 CRAZY Upgrade V2


The Real Deal Airsoft shows the crazy upgrade he has done on the G&G ARP9 AEG... "How are YOU doing my Real Deal brother/sister?!

I'm doing a custom build for my friend RDRND . We are installing a bunch of upgrades. I will walk you through my steps as we take this average airosft gun , and make it an absolute CQB BEAST!"

Hephaestus CNC Steel Enhancement Parts For GHK AK GBB


Time for a relaxing airsoft ASMR session with Hephaestus Airsoft as they feature CNC steel enhancement parts for the GHK Airsoft AK Gas Blowback System. You might like the list here especially the enhancements for recoil for stronger kick... "No Compromise on Performance. Maximize Shooting Experience.

Hephaestus Steel Enhancement Parts for GHK AK GBB System:

Tokyo Marui MK18 NGRS Upgraded LvL 3


Eagle6 Airsoft tests the Tokyo Marui MK18 NGRS Upgraded LvL 3 which fires at 345 fps on 0.20g BB and 260 fps on 0.32g BB. Scope of work for the upgrade covers Level 3 Internal Upgrade Package, Firefly Setup for Level 2, Deans mod and defuse, genuine Magpul CTR Stock, and extended butt pad hollowed out, plus + 2x 1300mah 7.4v lipos. Does it cost 900quid for the whole shebang? Better ask Richard.

Krytac KRISS Vector Upgrade Project


Reapers Airsoft shows his Krytac KRISS Vector AEG with upgrade parts from Laylax, TNT, and Angry Gun... "Hello gentlemen, it was a long time ago, when the Reaper bought a Krytac Kriss Vector. :D Today there is the project video about the monster with a lot of technical and possibly important points."

Tokyo Marui NGRS Upgrade Tutorial


If you are intimidated in upgrading the Tokyo Marui NGRS AEG with blowback and simulated recoil as it is not your usual Marui gearbox, Dave's Custom Airsoft Ltd. got this tutorial video to guide you... "A complete look at how we install our Tier 3 + Mosfet package into a Tokyo Marui NGRS TM416 rifle. This video also provides details on how to install DCA bolt release catch and triggers."

Airsoft.nu: RA-Tech Upgrades MOA 2019


RA-Tech got some new upgrade stuff to be released this year that were on display at the MO Exhibition in Taipei. The Airsoft.nu crew checked their products out at their booth with Specna Arms and if you need these once they get released, you can always head off to the Airsoft Taiwan online store to order these... "The retailer AST (AirSoft Taiwan) and the manufacturer RA-TECH had a booth at the airsoft exhibition MOA 2019 in Taiwan and showed some of the newest and upcoming products for 2020."

£900 Airsoft Upgrade Worth It?


The Heresy Group did a full upgrade on the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L NGRS worth £900. Whilst we usually just leave our Marui AEGs in stock condition as they perform well right out of the box, there are those who would try to squeeze more performance out of it by spending more than it actually costs. So is the upgrade worth it? Watch the video.

Lone Wombat: ASPUK Gold VSR Upgrade


Lone Wombat Airsoft gives his take on the ASPUK Gold VSR Upgrade Kit which of course is designed for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle and other compatible VSR-10 clones... "Today we're taking a look at the Sniper Upgrade package provided by ASPUK; Part of their Gold upgrade package, I'll go into what parts have been installed into my TM VSR, talk about my experiences with it, and show how well it fires."

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit


L'Antre du Dingo likes the Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit which of course is made for G&G AEGs... "What a nice idea Perun had! They designed a small ETU replacement unit for G&G guns. It adds many cool features and improves the efficiency of your gun and of course you keep the electronic trigger! Let's have a look at this small thing which will quickly hit the stores and become a classic!"

Amoeba Upgrade Parts At Airsoft Atlanta


More parts from Ares Airsoft Amoeba brand are now available at Airsoft Atlanta. Whether you have the Amoeba AEGs or the Strike Sniper Rifle Series, they have the part for you... "New upgrade parts and accessories from Amoeba available. Inner, outer barrels for the Striker sniper rifle series, M-Lok grips and rail adapters, and more! Check it all out on our website."

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