DMT Airsoft AR-15 Lighter Nano AEG


Mokei Paddock shows the DMT Airsoft AR-15 Lighter Nano AEG that should be shipping to Japanese customers this month. DMT’s AR-15 Lighter Nano is the latest in the DMT series, equipped with a 3.6-inch handguard and short stock for compactness. It has a hit accuracy of 70% or more against a 30 x 30 cm target 30 m away, and a power of around 0.7J. The attached magazine is a convenient polymer short magazine that can be switched between 70 rounds and 20 rounds.

Baton Airsoft UDR-15 RYUSOKU AEG


Mokei Paddock introduce the an upcoming AEG from Baton Airsoft, the UDR-15 RYUSOKU AEG which they expect to be available later this month. It features BATON Airsoft's signature flow velocity tuning, which combines a 'Flow Speed Loose Barrel 6.10' and a 'Flow Speed Surface Hop-up Packing Set' to achieve the highest class of high accuracy among commercially available electric guns. Maker tests have recorded an accuracy of 195mm at 30M.

USAirsoft Tours The Mokei Paddock


During his visit to Japan in November last year, USAirsoft got to get around to check the airsoft retail scene, visiting Mokei Paddock in this video... "Mokei Paddock モケイパドック was an amazing store and arena that I really wish we had the time to enjoy more but with everything else we had planned, we just couldn't stay long.

This place had a perfect balance of AEGs, Gas Blowbacks, primaries, secondaries, and everything else in between!

Tanio Koba/Baton M1911A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol At Mokie Paddock


Mokie Paddock talks about the Taniokoba/Baton M1911A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol they have available at their store for the Japanes airsoft makret... "It is the military government M1911A1 of the CO2 blowback series of Taniokoba / Baton, which attracts slide kicks comparable to real guns. In addition, Taizou Kobayashi's commitment has been packed into the model of the late WWII 'Mirigaba' with a completely new mold.

Double Eagle AX15 AEG With Kestrel V2


Mokei Paddock tries out a Double Eagle AX15 AEG that is equipped with a Kestrel V2 ETU to find out how it performs... "Double Eagle electric gun AX//15 electronic trigger setting change and test firing. Download the dedicated app from the attached manual and change the settings with the app by connecting the electronic trigger and smartphone via Bluetooth.

Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike & Master Mike 40mm Shells


Mokei Paddock goes over two of the more recent offerings from Airsoft Innovations, the 40 Mike and the Master Mike 40mm shells. These have the Quantum Drive Technology but what are the differences? Watch the video to find out and determine which one meets your needs.

Evolution Airsoft Recon S EMR ETS At Mokei Paddock


The Evolution Airsoft Recon S EMR ETS is available a Mokei Paddock in Japan and here is their take on the Italian export... "Evolution Airsoft's EMR ETS3 review and specification commentary. After all, the feature is the built-in electronic trigger, which allows various settings by operating the trigger and selector. The best electric gun when you want to play with an electric gun with an electronic trigger, but you don't know how to install or set it."

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