Baton Airsoft UDR-15 RYUSOKU AEG


Mokei Paddock Baton Airsoft UDR-15 RYUSOKU AEG

Mokei Paddock introduce the an upcoming AEG from Baton Airsoft, the UDR-15 RYUSOKU AEG which they expect to be available later this month. It features BATON Airsoft's signature flow velocity tuning, which combines a 'Flow Speed Loose Barrel 6.10' and a 'Flow Speed Surface Hop-up Packing Set' to achieve the highest class of high accuracy among commercially available electric guns. Maker tests have recorded an accuracy of 195mm at 30M.

The UDR-15 RYUSOKU is also equipped with a 13-tooth sector gear and an 11.1V lipo battery, which together realize a sharp response and control force of about 20 shots per second. The gun body is made of full metal and features the bold flesh-cut design of the F1 Firearms official license.

The UDR-15 RYUSOKU is equipped with an electronic trigger that can be switched to 5 different firing modes:

  • Mode.1: Safety → Semi-Auto → Full-Auto
  • Mode.2: Safety → Semi-Auto → 3-point burst
  • Mode.3: Safety → 2-point burst → Full-Auto
  • Mode.4: Safety → 3-point burst → Full-Auto
  • Mode.5: Safety → 3-point burst → 9-point burst

The UDR-15 RYUSOKU is available for pre-order now at Mokei Paddock for 47,800 yen (tax included).

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