BATON BH-USP Tactical CO2 GBB At First Japan


A new CO2-powered USP Tactical Blowback Pistol From Baton Airsoft is available at First Japan and here is an overview video they made... "This is Maido Taketchi. I opened the newly released [BATON airsoft BH-USP Tactical CO2GBB] on 8/20 and asked Ko-chan to review it. Blowback is also quite strong. I'm honestly happy that the lineup of CO2 that operates stably regardless of the season will increase.

Using The BATON Airsoft Lipo Battery & Charger


Gunsmith Baton put out a video showing proper use of their Lipo battery and charger... "Please be sure to watch this video before using the BATON electric gun lipo battery/charger. There is a risk of explosion or fire if the lipo battery/charger is used improperly. If you have any questions about how to use the lipo battery/charger for electric guns, please feel free to contact Gunsmith BATON. We would appreciate it if you could contact us."

Hyperdouraku On The Tanio Koba-BATON M1911A1 CO2GBB


Hyperdouraku like what they saw in this new CO2GBB pistol made by Tanio Koba and Baton Airsoft... "As the 4th CO2GBB series in collaboration with TANIO / KOBA x BATON airsoft, the military government M1911A1 is a new product with a feeling of increasing aging.

There is no doubt that the number of new CO2GBB users will increase with the release of this work, which can be said to be a classic among the classics."

Hyperdouraku: Tanio Koba x BATON BS-HOST CO2 GBB Pistol


Hyperdouraku takes a look at this CO2 Blowback Pistol produced by Baton Airsoft in collaboration with legenadary airsoft gun designer, Tanio Koba... "The impression I got out of the box was heavy!!! It's as heavy as a real gun. That should be it, but when actually measured, it is close to 1 kg. Since it is a CO2 power source, the recoil spring and the hammer cock are heavier than the CFC gas gun, and the tension felt when shooting the real gun 1911."

Hyperdouraku: Baton Airsoft M45A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol


Hyperdouraku had a go with the recently released M45A CO2 Blowback Pistol from Baton Airsoft... "This M45A1 CO2 gas blowback pistol from BATON airsoft is based on the The US pistol that the US Marine Corps system adopted. It is a BATON airsoft brand product manufactured by an airsoft gun manufacturer in Taiwan as a CO2 gas blowback model exclusively for Japan."

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

Baton Airsoft M4 CQB-R Blowback AEGs


Hyperdouraku writes about the first M4 CQB-R Blowback AEGs from Baton Airsoft. These are basically offerings to meet either the budget or high performance requirements of the airsoft player. For those on a budget, they can go for the Sportline version and those who can afford more can go for the HR (High Rate/High Cycle) version which is highly tuned to be responsive when used in airsoft games.

Baton Airsoft M4CQB Blowback


For those who have been following the Japanes airsoft scene, apart from looking forward to new release from the Japanese airsoft companies, Gunsmith Baton rings a bell, as he is well known for his custom work which always get featured in Hyperdouraku. In this review made by Kazuya Kaneko, the Baton Airsoft M4QCB Blowback is a highly tuned airsoft M4 AEG with blowback features.

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