DMT Airsoft AR-15 Lighter Nano AEG


Mokei Paddock DMT Airsoft AR-15 Lighter Nano AEG

Mokei Paddock shows the DMT Airsoft AR-15 Lighter Nano AEG that should be shipping to Japanese customers this month. DMT’s AR-15 Lighter Nano is the latest in the DMT series, equipped with a 3.6-inch handguard and short stock for compactness. It has a hit accuracy of 70% or more against a 30 x 30 cm target 30 m away, and a power of around 0.7J. The attached magazine is a convenient polymer short magazine that can be switched between 70 rounds and 20 rounds. The trigger system uses a microswitch with a clicky feel, giving it a 2-stage trigger-like clickable feel. It is as compact as the P90 or MP5 and can be used in any situation.

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