Mach Sakai: ARES UMP Electric Blowback


The Ares UMP is an electric blowback airsoft rifle with a nylon fiber and metal construction. It features a version 2 Ares gearbox, a 110-round hi-cap magazine, an adjustable hop-up, and a stick-style battery. Mach Sakai takes it for a spin at his range to check features and performance.

Umarex UMP AEG At Tanie Militaria


Full review by Tanie Militaria of the Umarex UMP AEG available at their store in Poland... "A replica of the H&K UMP submachine gun manufactured by S&T under a license granted by Umarex. It is made of a real firearm, made of high-quality, durable ABS grade plastic, with a few small metal elements. Thanks to this, the replica has a low weight, which facilitates comfortable and quick maneuvering.

Softair Zone: Double Eagle M89A UMP


Unboxing and testing video of the Double Eagle M89A UMP AEG by Softair Zone... "Here we show you the UMP from Double Eagle. The M89A is completely made of fiber-reinforced ABS and makes a really stable impression. The side and lower rails are made of metal. The internals and the shooting performance are definitely convincing for a price below 200 euros.

It feels good in the hand and has a reasonable weight.

G&G Armament UMP Folding Stock


Latest product new release from G&G Armament is the availability of the UMP Folding Stock... "Constructed out of reinforced nylon polymer for extreme durability while maintaining its lightweight profile, the UMG folding stock is the perfect modification to your UMG or MP5. The UMP folding stock allows you to fold your stock and significantly reduce the length of your rifle for tight spaces or for easier storage  and transport. Now available worldwide."

Pheas Airsoft's DE M89A UMP Internals Review


Check out the innards of the Double Eagle M89A UMP AEG as Pheas Airsoft disassembles and does a review of the internals of this AEG... "Following the unboxing  of the Double Eagle M89A UMP here we have the disassembly video for the internal review of it!"

Nuketown "Akimbo UMP45" GBB Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse plays the COD Black Ops "Nuketown" in real life and he goes into action with dual UMP45 GBBs in Akimbo... "Playing Airsoft on a real life version of the Call of Duty "Black ops" Multiplayer Map NUKETOWN!

Me and the boys were lucky enough to be able to spend a couple hours playing private games on the Nuketown map at Paintball Explosion thanks to Mir tactical!

Guest Appearances - Airsoft Fatty + My Friends From the Local RR 313 Milsim Chapter

Airsoftjunkiez Custom UMP Redline N7


Here is something for those going to Serious Viking 2 to watch out for, the Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA UMP SMG built using with the Redline N7, the Patent Pending HPA drop-in cylinder replacement... "Airsoftjunkiez custom UMP with RedLine N7. Another fun build going to Op Serious Viking 2."

Extreme Airsoft: UMP .45 GBB Review


Latest review by Extreme Airsoft covers the Umarex UMP .45 Gas Blowback Rifle OEM by VFC... "Chuckles takes a look today at a gun that's been flying under the radar a bit, but definitely deserves the spotlight more than other guns out there. Do you prefer the EBB, or the GBB?"

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