Airsoftology: H&K UMP-45 GBB Review


Jonathan Higgs reviews the Elite Force HK UMP-45 Gas Blowback SMG OEM by VFC in this video from Airsoftology... "You ain't been UMP'd until you've been gas blowback UMP'd!  We're looking at Elite Force's GBB Heckler & Koch UMP-45 & showing you all of the interesting features this VFC-powered SMG has to offer."



The hard-kicking UMG Gas Blowback SMG from Vega Force Company (VFC) is now available at This comes with top rail, a polymer body, a 25-round magazine and a suppressor with an initial muzzle velocity of 400fps. It also has the 2-round burst fire mode, apart from single and full auto modes. Watch the video from WhatAreYouBuyen that's included here.


Bunny Custom Heckler & Koch USC GBB


Bunny Workshop just came up with a civilian version of the H&K UMP GBB. The civilian version is called the H&K USC and is marketed to the U.S. civilian firearms market where it is offered a semi-automatic, blowback carbine. The Bunny Custom H&K USC GBB is based on the VFC H&K UMP GBB with the fixed stock custom made and extended steel barrel. Looking at the photos, it looks like it still retains the full-auto mode.

Airsoft GI: H&K UMP & IWI Uzi Overview


Find out more about these blowback airsoft machine pistols in this video by Airsoft GI... "Check out these two great gas blow back sub machine guns from Elite Force! The IWI Uzi is a classic sub machine guns that have been around for decades utilized that military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. This gun features a VERY hard blowback powered by CO2 and is perfect for the CQB player looking for absolute realism.

Add A Threaded Barrel To UMP Cheap


We love any tip that can help us do low cost upgrades to our airsoft guns. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about adding a threaded barrel to the Elite Force UMP in this Gear Guide episode... "We show you how to add the missing threaded barrel to your Elite Force 'Elite' UMP-45 for under $10 in this quick DIY tip video!

Looking for the adapter? They can be elusive... Search for 'PPS/SHS BARREL ADAPTER 13MM CW TO 14MM CCW THREADS' online."

Airsoft Atlanta: VFC HK UMP GBB SMG


Now in stock at their store, Airsoft Atlanta reviews this H&K UMP gas blowback airsoft SMG... "The new solid GAS POWERED HK UMP 45 from VFC (Licensed by Umarex) is the most realistic version yet. Features full trademarks. Top picatinny rail, two side panel rails. Ambidextrous safety and mag release. High quality polymer body and rubber buttpad. Full auto, 2 round burst and semi!


Airsoft Atlanta HK UMP 45 Elite AEG Review


In stock at Airsoft Atlanta and as of this writing at a special version is the elite version of the Umarex UMP AEG... "The H&K UMP Elite AEG (Licensed by Umarex, OEM by Ares) is a great choice for those looking for a SMG. The UMP features an ambidextrous safety/fire selector and magazine release. The stock also folds to the side for a more CQB friendly play style. The magazine features fake shells on the side to emulate a fully loaded magazine.

Evike [The Gun Corner] H&K UMP GBB


In this episode of the's The Gun Corner, Matt gives us a quick preview of the upcoming Elite Force UMP 45 GBB. We're a bit confused here as a previous sneak preview of this shows it to be a GBB and here is Matt telling us it's also an AEG and confirmed by Elite Force Vince that it has an integrated battery, though we would take it as joke as there is a UMP AEG already in the market. Intriguing as it may seem, this is still a prototype and won't be released this year.

DesertFox Exclusive: Elite Force UMP GBB


Jet DesertFox sent in news about the soon to be released Elite Force UMP GBB as he tests the prototype version during the Airsoftcon 2014... "This is an exclusive look at the Elite Force gas blow back UMP 45. My insight into the gun after shooting it at the Evike Airsoftcon: Light weight, very solid and crisp action and magazines were light weight as well unlike M4 or MP7 GBB magazines.

Airsplat On Demand: VFC UMP Deluxe GBB


In this episode of AirSplat On Demand, they cover the VFC UMP Deluxe GBB Submachine Gun with specifications exclusive to The DX version of the UMP GBB from VFC comes with fully-licensed Heckler & Koch Markings from Umarex. The body is reinforced ABS and has a functioning cocking handle. Just like the real deal, it has a folding stock, adjustable rear sight, and you can switch from semi to 2-round burst to full auto.

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