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Tanie Militaria Umarex UMP AEG

Full review by Tanie Militaria of the Umarex UMP AEG available at their store in Poland... "A replica of the H&K UMP submachine gun manufactured by S&T under a license granted by Umarex. It is made of a real firearm, made of high-quality, durable ABS grade plastic, with a few small metal elements. Thanks to this, the replica has a low weight, which facilitates comfortable and quick maneuvering. In addition, the construction is fully double-sided - thanks to this, the replica is extremely user-friendly for left-handed people.

The replica is equipped with a stock folded to the right side and a set of 22 mm RIS rails - both on the spine and on the front grip of the replica. This allows you to attach to the replica both a red dot sight and other types of equipment, including laser target markers, tactical flashlights or grips.

Mechanical sights allow for significant adjustment both vertically and horizontally.

The replica is built on the basis of the STAR UMP model, which guarantees full compatibility with STAR and Ares magazines. Thanks to the use of a dummy charging lever in place of the actual lever, it was possible to extend the battery compartment so that it could accommodate a 9.6V stick package.

The replica is equipped with a metal V.3 gearbox with steel gears mounted on steel 7 mm bearings. It uses a quick spring change system that allows you to quickly adjust the power of the replica to the game and its conditions. The gearbox can be accessed by removing a single pin - this frees the lower part of the body and allows you to quickly access the gearbox.

S&T decided to deviate a bit further from the original - the replica is equipped with an effective, sensitive trigger system known, among others. from CA M249 replicas. However, even despite these modifications, the gearbox is still compatible with most of the tuning and replacement parts available on the market.

The replica is characterized by very good focus - it is possible to effectively fire a continuous fire from a distance of 40 meters at a target the size of a human figure while maintaining full accuracy. What's more, the use of a 9.6V battery allows for a rate of fire of 950 RPM while maintaining the initial muzzle velocity of ~ 320 FPS with the manufacturer's basic configuration.

The replica is designed primarily for CQB games - a reasonable muzzle velocity combined with high maneuverability, good focus and repeatability of shots as well as a high rate of fire make it an ideal tool for short-range operations. Nevertheless, it is also perfect for medium-range fire, as a purely assault replica for activities in forest or urban areas.

The replica is equipped with a hi-cap magazine holding 450 BB pellets. It is worth paying attention to the design of the magazine foot - the tensioning system is protected by a cover which, on the one hand, significantly minimizes the possibility of mechanical damage to the knob, and on the other hand, does not limit its use in any way."

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