Hyperdouraku: Arrow Arms B&T APC9-K AEG


The Arrow Arms B&T APC9-K AEG has been circulating in Japan for some time now. Based on the compact B&T APC9-K which is a sub-compact 9mm semi-auto carbine that the US Army adapted for their sub-compact requirements. Hyperdouraku got a unit to put it through the paces if it is something that they can recommend to Japanese airsoft players.

Hyperdouraku: G&G Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team


The fully licensed G&G Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Team is available in Japan and Hyperdouraku got one unit to review... "The latest custom AR 'BAMF Team' from COBALT KINETICS has been released by G&G ARMAMENT as an electric gun.

With a blue and gray rifle with an innovative style, and the electric unit is also equipped with the latest 'G2VG', expectations for performance will also increase. Let's review immediately."

Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD.1 NGRS Review By Hyperdouraku


This is more of a video review done by Hyperdouraku on the Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod.1 NGRS AEG that is sought after by airsoft players as the MK18 for airsoft is in vogue. As its model name indicates, this has the new generation recoil shock with electric blowback system for more realism. This was released last year so not exactly a new model.

Hyperdouraku's Forecast On Tokyo Marui's New Products


With the release of the teaser for the Maru-Fes Online Part 2 for 17 July, Yas of Hyperdouraku does what he does best, make an educated guess of the upcoming products, and he is usually accurate. In this video, he does the prediction together with Mr. Suzuki of Tokyo Sabage Park and guess what these are. Their prediction is close to ours.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Gen 4


Hyperdouraku give their take on the latest Glock GBB Pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Glock 17 Gen 4... "Tokyo Marui has been selling Glock as a gas blowback gun. The first model was the Glock 26 released in 2000, and it has a large number of Glock 17 including full size 17, full auto model 18C, long slide 34, .40 caliber model 22, compact 19 model.

E&C F8 TTI BCM Carbine 13" Keymod AEG Review By Hyperdouraku


Gentaro Toi again writes for Hyperdouraku, reviewing the E&C F8 TTI BCM Carbine 13" Keymod AEG in tan... "Introducing the tactical AR-15 electric gun from China's E&C airsoft brand. This is based on the AR-15 custom that appeared in the movie 'Fast & Furious 8 (Wild Speed Ice Break)'. The coolness of the appearance is perfect because it is modeled on the prop of the movie based on the TTI custom that is famous in the United States.

Tokyo Marui M45A1 Black Review By Hyperdouraku


The Black version of the Tokyo Marui M4A51 Gas Blowback Pistol is already in the market. Just like the tan version that came out ahead, it has Novak Officially Licensed Rear Sight, G10 Type Grip, Metal Notch Spacer, Parting Lines Finish, Upgraded Internals & Mechanism, and Diecast Magazine which has a capacity of 27 rounds as well as use the 1911 gas magazines from Tokyo Marui. Hyperdouraku takes a look at this GBB pistol in this video review.

Hyperdouraku: Krytac Barrett REC7 SBR M-Lok AEG


The Krytac Barrett REC7 SBR M-Lok AEG is available in Japan since April and it is exclusively distributed by Laylax. This officially licensed via EMG it features an aluminum alloy receiver and CNC machined aluminum alloy REC7 hand guard. It includes the KRISS Low Profile flip up sights, easy spring access system with anchored spring guide, ambidextrous fire selector and realistic locking bolt and bolt release, adjustable rotary hop-up, licensed KRISS motor grip, and KRYTAC 6 position adjustable stock with Extended Butt-pad.

CYMA XM177E2 ETU AEG Review By Hyperdouraku


Gentaro Toi reviews for Hyperdouraku the CYMA XM177E2 ETU AEG. Budget-conscious players should rejoice knowing the CYMA is churning out AEGs that come with MOSFET pre-installed though the question always is, will it perform to give the mid to high-end AEGs a stiff competition?... "Five models of the nostalgic M16 series electric guns from the Chinese brand CYMA are now available. The biggest feature is that it is equipped with the CYMA electronic trigger system 'ETU (Electric Trigger Unit)'.

Hyperdouraku: S&T M249 Para Sportsline AEG


Gentaro Toi reviews an affordable M249 AEG from S&T for Hyperdouraku... "Chinese manufacturer S&T has introduced M249 PARA on the sportsline. The sportsline is a model with a reasonable price range with a resin body for entry. It's not a toy for children, but the electric gun for those over 18 years old has been used to recreate the appearance.

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