Parabellum Custom P320 M17 GBB Pistol ASMR


4UAD Parabellum Custom P320 M17 GBB Pistol ASMR

In another ASMR session, 4UAD Smart Airsoft presents the Parabellum Custom P320 M17 GBB Pistol. The session begins with the unboxing of the pistol, followed by a quick look at its features. The team then proceeds to disassemble the pistol, focusing on the fire control group and the slide. The Hop Up is also disassembled for a closer inspection. The fire control group is then reassembled, and the Trigger Control Group is installed. The team also installs the Friction Pro Hop Up before moving on to the assembly of the slide. After the final assembly, a quick test is conducted to ensure the pistol's functionality. The session concludes with the installation of the RMR and a mag dump.

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