Is The GHK AKM V3 GBB Worth Buying?


With the release of the GHK AKM V3 GBB which many welcome, 4UAD Smart Airsoft goes more in depth to find out if it is worth buying. The new version is said to have taken a great leap from its V2 Predecessors. The new V3 Version is equipped with a 21mm ovresized piston, and a newly design Hop Up Chamber Unit, which allows the rifle to improve in both the recoil sensation and accuracy simultaneously. Reliability is also said to have greatly improved by the above designs. 

4UAD Smart Airsoft: The Different AEG To Collect


In this episode and not an ASMR sessions, 4UAD Smart Airsoft goes over the LCT Airsoft LC-3K AEG as distinct airsoft gun to collect apart from the usual ARs and AKs. It is made from steel, machined aluminum, and polymer, and it has a V2 gearbox that houses a polycarbonate piston, a brass cylinder, and a CNC aluminum cylinder head. The hop up unit is a durable polymer, rotary design, and it is housed in the beefy steel outer barrel.

Tokyo Marui Saiga-12k GBB Shotgun ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft got their hands on the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun if they like how it performs during a mag dump. The Saiga-12K replica is a faithful representation of the original, crafted primarily from zinc and aluminum alloy and coated to resemble the real firearm. The plastic components, including the folding stock, pistol grip, magazine body, and bed, adhere to the original design.

Arcturus PP19-01 Zenitco + Perun ETU ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft's ASMR episode shows an Arcturus Airsoft PP19-01 AEG that has been upgraded with Zenitco parts externally and a Perun Airsoft ETU internally. The process begins with the unboxing of the PP19. The PP19 is then carefully taken apart to expose the gearbox. The sensor is tested to ensure it's functioning properly before the gear shimming process begins. The piston is installed with precision, after which the box is securely closed. The Perun ETU is then set up.

CYMA MP5K With Perun ETU & SOLINK Brushless Motor ASMR


Another ASMR session with 4UAD Smart Airsoft with an upgraded CYMA MP5K. The process of upgrading the MP5K airsoft gun in this session involves several steps. First, the gun is taken apart and the gearbox is removed. Next, the sensor is tested and the wire is trimmed to fit the gearbox. Then, the sensor is double checked and the gears are shimmed to ensure smooth operation. After that, the piston is installed and the gearbox is closed.

Survive An Airsoft Game With Grenades Only


4UAD Smart Airsoft got a bunch of the new Acetech Hive and Spawner Package, which is the 40mm gas shell that can be loaded up quickly putting the airsoft grenadier back in the game quicker than others. This is a highly efficient system that reloads in just one second. It can fire 80 BBs in a single shot and is compatible with all 40mm grenade launchers. The cartridge tube’s status can be quickly identified, enhancing its usability.

4UAD Smart Airsoft: Get Your GBB To Shoot 80M


4UAD Smart Airsoft has taken a VFC M110K1 gas blowback rifle and modified it to achieve an impressive shooting range of up to 80 metres. There have been a few issues encountered with the M110K1. One of the problems was a light strike on the hammer, which needed to be resolved. Additionally, the buffer tube on the M110K1 came off, requiring attention. There was also a need to increase the hop-up for better performance. A misaligned rail was another issue that needed to be addressed.

4UAD Smart Airsoft's EMG & IRON PWS M4 GBB ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft does some teching on the EMG & IRON PWS M4 Gas Blowback Rifle in their latest ASMR session. This shows disassembly and lubication of parts from Falcon Airsoft such as the Trigger Control Group and Bolt Group followed by putting it together again. Next was the installation of accessories and the mandatory mag dump to check if works properly.

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