4UAD Smart Airsoft ICS CXP-Tomahawk ASMR


What will the crew of 4UAD Smart Airsoft put into the ICS Airsoft CXP-Tomahawk BASR in this ASMR video as they try all the upgrades they can find. For owners of the CXP-Tomahawk, they can follow his closely as they take it apart and do all the parts swap they can. They do a final test followed by mag dump.

Just make sure you don't fall asleep as it is an ASMR.

4UAD Smart Airsoft Sports Day Part 2


Here is the second part of the Sports Day by 4UAD Smart Airsoft held in Kaoshiung in Taiwan and you get to see the VFC Carl Gustaf in action... "This was the 4UAd Sports Day event Part 2, in this game not just the balls, I have to get a kill with the VFC Carl Gustaf! Will I complete the goal? Let's wait and see!"'

4UAD Smart Airsoft: VFC M110K1 GBB


An honest look by 4UAD Smart Airsoft at the VFC M110K1 Gas Blowback Rifle in this episode. This is a realistic replica of the VFC M110K1 rifle with all the features and components of the SASS program upgrade. It has a full steel construction for the muzzle break, barrel, screw, pin, release button, and sling plate. It also has a CNC machined aluminum KAC URX 3.1 handguard.

4UAD Smart Airsoft At Urban Battlefield - Bridgehead


4UAD Smart Airsoft held their Sports Day at the Urban Battledhead - Bridgehead in Kaoshiung in Taiwan and here is first part of their video.... "This was the 4UAd Sports Day event Part 1, in this game the teams have to capture as many balls as possible! This indeed was fun and more objective than the regular team death match."

Hexard UTP Tactical Bag ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft departs from the usual airsoft gun ASMRs and does a EDC bag this time. The Hexard UTP-01S Messenger bag is made of Cordura 1000D/500D Black with Duraflex Lock Monster 50mm x1 Mojave 25mm x 3 buckles. This can fit tablets and laptops up to 13.3inches and has a 13 litre capacity.

Are Taiwan Night Market Guns Good?


In Taiwan, night markets abound where you can get cheap and great food as well as have some fun doing some shooting at balloons with airsoft guns to win a prize. I actually won a deck of playing cards when I tried this out. 4UAD Smart Airsoft visits one to show if the guns are good enough to shoot accurately... "Hey guys, this episode is gonna be a real treat because we're gonna introduce you to an unique aspect of Taiwanese night markets: Airsoft Shooting!

RA-Tech M14 Lv3 + TNT New TDC Hop-Up ASMR


In this ASMR session with 4UAD Smart Airsoft, they feature the RA-Tech M14 Lv3 with a TNT New TDC Hop-Up installed. The RA-Tech M14 Lv3 is customised WE Airsoft M14 Gas Blowback Rifle with a big portion of the internal parts made up of RA-Tech's own upgrade parts.

4UAD Smart Airsoft VFC XM177 + XM148 Unboxing ASMR


It's a Sunday, a day to relax so here is a session that airsofters will find relaxing, an airsoft product unboxing ASMR by 4UAD Smart Airsoft. This session covers the the VFC XM177 GBB Rifle & XM148 40mm Shell Launcher combo. They show the metal parts, using the 4uantum Lubricate to lubricate certain parts, attaching the XM148, testing it and a doing a mag dump.

4UAD Grading System Challenger Program: ICS CXP-Tomahawk


4UAD Smart Airsoft grades the CXP-Tomahawk from ICS Airsoft in their Grading System Challenger Program. This is a comprehensive review of the airsoft gun to give us an understanding how it works, inside and outside, the  better to make an informed purchasing decision. The CXP-Tomahawk is the first bolt action airsoft sniper rifle from ICS Airsoft.

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