4UAD Grading System Challenge: GHK M4A1 RIS V2


Watch and listen carefully as 4UAD Smart Airsoft puts the GHK M4A1 RIS V2 GBB Rifle through its Grading System Challenge... "We all have heard great things about the GHK M4A1, but how good is it? We believe it is still mysterious, the most of performance information we could find were somewhat biased, and some people absolutely love this gun while some others just don't.

4UAD's RA-Tech DD MK18 Quick Unboxing


Just a quick unboxing by 4UAD Smart Airsoft of the RA-Tech DD MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle... "Thanks to RA-TECH for sponsoring this beautiful Daniel Defense MK18, and we certainly enjoyed all the markings and the steel components! Also it was a blast to film and shoot at the mysterious factory, love the lighting and love the place! I think we can definitely do better next time!"

4UAD Smart Airsoft: Action Army AAP-01 Grading System Challenge


Next up to go through the 4UAD Smart Airsoft's Grading Challenge is the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol. This is series is a must watch for all airsofters as it is meticulous as well as very educational... "It was probably the most stunting Airsoft pistol released back in 2020. This Ruger like TM Glock magazine eating creature looks like a pistol, but packs a punch of a rifle.

The 4UAD Grading System Challenge: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB


The first episode of the 4UAD Grading System Challenge is highly recommended for you to watch as it is a very comprehensive review of the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle. Does it really live up to its hype? Watch it now... "Although it was a late one, the Marui MWS M4 still shakes the market when it first came out. Some people said its very weak, and breaks when you charge 12 kg gas to it, and some people just absolutely loved it and call it the king of GBB.

How To Improve GBBs For Cold Weather Airsoft?


We're all ears on anything that can help us use gas blowbacks in cold weather conditions and 4UAD Smart Airsoft got to work to test some gas guns and they have released two videos. The first one is what happens inside a Gas magazine and how do gas blowbacks work and the second is improving their performance in cold weather conditions.

Are Airsoft Chronographs Accurate?


That's the question that 4UAD Smart Airsoft will try to answer in this video. We highly recommend that our readers watch this channel as it tackles airsoft questions straight on and properly... "How many bb does a stock AEG fire in a second and does faster rate of fire result in faster trigger response? also why do people upgrade their guns to get higher rate of fire? Most importantly do chronograph actually correct in RPS?

Joule Creep, Shooting Speed & Consistency In Airsoft


4UAD Smart Airsoft tackles airsoft consistency this time and we recommend you to watch this episode... "Hey guys, we often see people using chronograph to measure Airsoft muzzle velocities, however do we actually know what are the numbers mean to an Airsoft gun's performance?

Airsoft Shot Grouping Accuracy Test


Next for 4UAD Smart Airsoft is about shot groupings with an airsoft gun... "What's up guys, Thanks for waiting, We think Airsoft grouping accuracy test is a really big part of airsoft, and we better get the test done right. In this episode you will find out how the Sig 552 performed under each weight of bbs and further more we found out which BB weight would improve your airsoft gun accuracy and  what might be the best bb weight to use?

Maximum Range Of A Stock Airsoft Gun


Whilst we all hope most AEGs comes out of the box being able to fire at the range that Marui guns can, not all are the same. In this video, 4UAD Smart Airsoft checks out the effective range of an ICS SIG 552 AEG in stock condition... "What is the Range out of a stock AEG rifle?

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