Mach Sakai With The G&G GTP9 GBB Pistol


Mach Sakai checks out the G&G GTP9 GBB that comes equipped with a Micro Pro-Sight if he can hit targets even more accurately. The G&G GTP9 GBB comes with G&G's Whirl Valve tech, exxternal hop-up adjustment, and ambidextrous controls. He also checks for operations if it is something to his liking.

Polenar Tactical Reviews The Arex Zero 2


A real steel review of the Slovenian-made Arex Zero 2 Pistol by Polenar Tactical... "Arex Zero 2 is an all-metal double action handgun made in Slovenia. Zero 2 is the new flagship handgun from Arex. It was developed and improved from the Zero 1, which has unquestionable reliability, great accuracy and a competitive price.

In this review we take a closer look at the improvements and changes made to this formidable handgun."

Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui Ruger LCP II NBB


Timerzanov Airsoft reviews one of the newest CCW fixed slide gas pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Ruger LCP II NBB... "Hi there ! For this Tuesday video I offer you a novelty from Tokyo Marui, I present to you today the LCP II! A tiny, cute, easily concealable replica perfect for games with a prisoner scenario. This replica is an NBB entirely in ABS but has incredible shooting performance... In short, I let you discover that in the video!

G&G Armament GX45 MKV GBB Pistol Announced


Another gas blowback pistol from G&G Armament, check the GX45 MKV GBB Pistol which should be authorised dealers... "We're adding another model to the ever-growing GX45 Series. The new GX45 MKV will feature a laser-cut metal slide with a skeletonized trigger and hammer. A new textured ergonomic design on the pistol grip panels provides a comfortable and sturdy hold.

Tier 1 Hi-Capa 5.1 Build Breakdown


Valiant Airsoft shows his custom Tier 1 Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Pistol in this video and you might pick a thing or two when planning your own build... "You guys sure were persistent. Through comments and DM's, my silver 5.1 hi-capa build has been the most requested subject by far.

KWA HK45 GBB Pistol At Venture Shop


Venture Shop feature what they say to be a top line status HK45 GBB Pistol from KWA... "The airsoft HK45 is a GBB modelinho inspired by the classic HK in .45 caliber from Heckler & Koch. A very popular equipment for bringing intrinsic quality, and it couldn't be different with the model presented by KWA!

Would you like to play?"

WE Airsoft Beretta M9A1 GBB Pistol At Strike Planet


An overview pistol of the WE Airsoft Beretta M9A1 GBB Pistol that is available at Strike Planet... "Airsoft version of the Italian pistol Beretta 92FS by WE. Made from zinc alloy. The pistol has a full stroke cycle similar to a real pistol. When firing, the jam moves back and sends the next ball into the barrel. If the 25-round magazine runs out of ammo, the gun will stop as a real pistol.

Maruzen Walther P99 FS NBB


Mach Sakai gets to review one of the Bond pistols,  the Walther P99 FS NBB Pistol. As an NBB, it has a fixed slide and there is a package available that but comes with detachable silencer rail mount and LED torch. It is said to have the best non-blowback double-action trigger in the airsoft market.

AW Custom NE2201 1911 Deadpool Gas Gel Blaster


The AW Custom NE2201 1911 Deadpool pistol got a Gel Blaster version and X-Force Tactical got it in stock and here is what they say... "The latest batch of AW Custom GBB pistols have landed and we are proud to present to you the Deadpool 1911. At X-Force Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you the coolest toy guns and gel blasters available."

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