Taiwan Gun: Kizuna Works KW-15K GBB Pistol


Quick presentation by Taiwan Gun of the airsoft replica of the PL15-K handgun, the Kizuna Works KW-15K GBB Pistol... "The KW-15K is a compact version of the modern Russian pistol designed for the armed forces and law enforcement as a replacement for the Makarov pistol. The PL-15K by the Taiwanese company Kizuna Works is a faithful replica with the same manipulators and all details as the firearms. The slide is made of aluminum with a black finish.

Hi-Capa Breakdown & Rebuild Advanced Frame


Doing a Hi-Capa GBB Pistol upgrade? Houdini Airsoft wants you to watch this episode in doing an advanced frame... "Hey everyone!  My last breakdown vid done pretty well so I thought some of you would like to know how to do an advanced frame! You want to take your build to the next level? Then watch this vid and go get you that advanced frame! "

Rock Bottom Airsoft: ASG Strike Systems Commander XP18


Rock Bottom Airsoft gives his take on the ASG Strike Systems Commander XP18, an affordable airsoft pistol that budget conscious airsoft players can consider... "In this video we take a look at an interesting G series based Airsoft pistol. The ASG Commander XP18 is affordable but sports some features normally found on more costly options such as CO2 compatibility out of the box.

ICS Airsoft Hi-Capa Challenger Quick Review By Airsoft Europe


We get to watch another brief review of ICS Airsoft's Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol offering, the Hi-Capa Challenger, as done by Airsoft Europe. Already available in the market, it features the TDC Hop-Up Chamber, MASTER MODS R-Hop System, REVO.II High-Performance Valve System, and has the RMR & DOC mount to mount micro optics. It's compatible to some TM-spec Hi-Capa parts.

Commando Store: Glock 19 Gen 4 GBB Pistol


Quick presentation by Commando Store of Chile of the licensed Glock 19 Gen 4 Gas Blowback Pistol available at their store... "The GLOCK 19 is a compact version of the GLOCK 17. The barrel and frame of this airsoft version are shorter, but the licensed replica stands its ground next to its big brother. It's almost exactly as heavy as the real thing. Thanks to the BLOWBACK, it considerably improves the feel of the gun.

Airsoft/Gel Blaster 1911 Stuck Hammer Fix


Blowback Industries put out this video to help owner of 1911 airsoft and gel ball gas blowback pistol fix the stuck hammer... "If you are like me and own a 1911, chances are that at some stage, you will come across this issue because either your 1911 needs a good clean, or there is a part that needs to be re-seated/replaced."

Cheap Laser For 1911 Airsoft Pistols


Ever wanted to mount a laser aiming device to your classic 1911 GBB pistol but cannot as it does not have an under rail? Mr. Techcat found a laser that you can mount without the need for rail mount and it's affordable enough... "Testing cheap laser for 1911 with no rails from Aliexpress, the XM9011 Red Laser Sight M1911 fit. Tested with two 1911 airsoft models:

Mach Sakai: MGC S&W M645 Fixed Slide Gas Gun


We get to see a vintage airsoft pistol reviewed by Mach Sakai. Released in 1988, the MGC S&W M645 Fixed Slide Gun comes with a 15-BB round gs magazine and it has a Cyclone rifled inner barrel for accuracy. This has 0.4J power and since it is rifled, muzzle velocity does not increase. He checks it for external features, operations and performance.

Anareus: Tokyo Marui CURVE Fixed Slide Gas Pistol In Stock


The unique concealed carry weapon's airsoft version, the Tokyo Marui CURVE Fixed Slide Gas Pistol is now available to order at Anareus... "The weapon is designed to copy the curves of your body which is based on the Taurus CURVE .380 ACP pistol. However, it seems Taurus USA does not have it in its line up nowadays. It uses the same internals as the LCP and BODYGUARD 380 and will not need a holster as it comes with a belt clip.

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