Type 1 AK-47 ASMR


The Quiet Kid does an ASMR session showing one of the early AK-47s produced... "Today I’m showing a rather rare example -  an early production AK-47 with a stamped receiver and a folding stock. AK production began in 1949, and this one is dated 1950. It was made in Joseph Stalin’s Russia, in the city of Izhevsk (the only city where AKs were manufactured at that time).

Parabellum Custom P320 M17 GBB Pistol ASMR


In another ASMR session, 4UAD Smart Airsoft presents the Parabellum Custom P320 M17 GBB Pistol. The session begins with the unboxing of the pistol, followed by a quick look at its features. The team then proceeds to disassemble the pistol, focusing on the fire control group and the slide. The Hop Up is also disassembled for a closer inspection. The fire control group is then reassembled, and the Trigger Control Group is installed.



If you prefer ASMR in watching airsoft videos, here is CY Wang with his video on the G&G TGM R5 AEG. The R5, adorned with a modern MLOK handguard and a compact folding stock for easy battery installation, boasts a contemporary design. This version is fully metallic, fitted with a MOSFET and a 25K RPM motor, delivering performance on par with the renowned G&G ARP-9, all encased in the classic MP5 structure.

Tokyo Marui Saiga-12k GBB Shotgun ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft got their hands on the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun if they like how it performs during a mag dump. The Saiga-12K replica is a faithful representation of the original, crafted primarily from zinc and aluminum alloy and coated to resemble the real firearm. The plastic components, including the folding stock, pistol grip, magazine body, and bed, adhere to the original design.

Arcturus PP19-01 Zenitco + Perun ETU ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft's ASMR episode shows an Arcturus Airsoft PP19-01 AEG that has been upgraded with Zenitco parts externally and a Perun Airsoft ETU internally. The process begins with the unboxing of the PP19. The PP19 is then carefully taken apart to expose the gearbox. The sensor is tested to ensure it's functioning properly before the gear shimming process begins. The piston is installed with precision, after which the box is securely closed. The Perun ETU is then set up.

4UAD Smart Airsoft's EMG & IRON PWS M4 GBB ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft does some teching on the EMG & IRON PWS M4 Gas Blowback Rifle in their latest ASMR session. This shows disassembly and lubication of parts from Falcon Airsoft such as the Trigger Control Group and Bolt Group followed by putting it together again. Next was the installation of accessories and the mandatory mag dump to check if works properly.

Arcturus AK-12 With Jefftron ETU & ADV Brushless Motor ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft's latest ASMR sessions covers the Arcturus AK-12 With Jefftron ETU & ADV brushless motor. The AK12 is taken apart to remove the gearbox. and gets fitted with the Jefftron ETU and follow the Jefftron Sticker Tips. Next, a test of the sensors and shim the gears before installing the piston and closing the box followed by the installation of the ADV Brushless Motor and pair the selector. From there, it's the assembly of the rail and barrel before conducting a final test and mag dump.

The First VFC M249 GBB Unboxing (ASMR)


How do you unbox an item with no box? Well, find out in this 4UAD Smart Airsoft ASMR session with the VFC M249 Gas Blowback. This is the first GBB machine gun that works like a real one. It has a light metal body and bolt, and a 100-round magazine. You can take it apart and put it back together. It also has a hop-up, a bipod, and shoots 6mm BBs with HFC134a gas. Should be shipping to sellers worldwide.

ICS SIG 552 + DV Brushless Motor + Jefftron ETU AEG ASMR


Time for another ASMR session with 4UAD Smart Airsoft as they put together an upgraded SIG 552 AEG from ICS Airsoft by equipping with a DV Brushless AEG  motor and adding a Jefftron ETU. As for the suppressor mounted, it is the RGW suppressor. Watch carefully the installation which includes a mag dump to check how it performs. Just try to stay awake as ASMRs usually lull us to sleep.

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