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Gas Blowback

Marui M4 Carbine GBBR At Firesupport

The newly released Tokyo Marui M4 Carbine Gas Blowback Rifle is now in stock at Firesupport. With Cerakote Coating, this has the MWS and ZET System for longer lasting performance and one can enjoy a stronger recoil... "The new Marui M4 GBBR Carbine, only £459 at Firesupport.

Major Features:

Bunny Custom SV Infinity Cross Race Gun

Action Air/Airsoft practical shooters might want to check this new custom gun at Bunny Workshop, the Bunny Custom SV Infinity Cross Open Race Gun Airsoft. This is based on Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1 GBB System and has been fine tuned by their in house gunsmith.

WGC Shop: Umarex G28 GBB Asia Edition

The Asia Edition of the Umarex G28 Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC is available to order at WGC Shop. Since it is an Asian Edition, this is mainbly available to customers in Asian countries where airsoft is legal... "This product only selling to ASIA countries & will arrange to ship from WGC Hong Kong Warehouse!

Umarex G28 GBB Rifle At eHobby Asia

The Limited Deluxe Version Umarex H&K G28 GBB Rifle, which by now you know the OEM, is in stock at eHobby Asia... "The G28 is a military version of the civilian semi automatic competition rifle MR308. Deployed in the established 7.62 x 51 calibre, the 'Designated Marksman Rifle' (DMR) ensures accuracy of 1.5 MOA whilst enabling a full night fighting capability.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBB Rifle

The Tokyo Marui M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle is now available in Japan and shipping to other countries. This is this classic look for those looking a version that use the Tokyo Marui MWS with ZET which is the company's gas blowback technology for AR-style airsoft rifles. Find out more about this rifle in this review by Mach Sakai.

AUDI RS6 x AK105 Tactical GBB Rifle

Marry your passion for cars with your passion for airsoft with this Bunny Custom AUDI RS6 x AK105 Tactical GBB Rifle from Bunny Workshop. This is based on the GHK AK105 GBB Rifle which is given a Cerakote AUDI RS6 Pattern coating. It comes kitted with an Asura Dynamics B10 Tactical Rail, Asura Dynamics Ar Stock Adapter Gen 2, Asura Dynamics Tactical AK Selector, and Asura Dynamics Tactical Gas Tube Rail.

WGC: Gunsmith Bros GB-01 Open GBB

In stock right now at WGC Shop is the Gunsmith Bros GB-01 Open GBB Pistol in Silver. Made for airsoft practical pistol shooters for the Open Division, this is CNC'd aluminium and stainless steel. Compatible with the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa magazines it comes with 3 alumnium magazine based pads, hammer spring tool, and a hard case.

Hephaestus HTs-14 2017 Ed. Now Shipping

The Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 GBB 2017 Edition is now shipping according to the company is finally shipping. Last month, they announced they the shipment was to be delayed due to some unforeseen issues... "Sorry to have kept you waiting. Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 GBBR (ver.2017) are being dispatched to our distributors and shall be available very soon (exact date depends on location, please see below).

G&P Madbull Licensed Troy 9" M4 GBBR

Check this G&P 9" Troy Gas Blowback Rifle licensed from MadBull Airsoft with the gas blowback system based on the Western Arms GBB tech. You can get one now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Established in 1995, G&P is among the oldest Military-simulation and training Airsoft manufacturers in the world.

GHK SIG 552 GBB At 22nd Hooha Show

Something we would like to see in the gas blowback segment of the airsoft market will be finally coming true. WGC Shop posted photos of the prototype of the SIG 552 Gas Blowback Rifle being developed by GHK and on display at the 22nd Taipei Hooha Show. We like what we see and looking forward to its release.