Tokyo Marui FNX-45 GBB Pistol Unboxing


Quick video by Tactical 10 as he unboxes the Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol. The Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical is a fully ambidextrous pistol based on the design to replace the M9 as the US military's .45 caliber pistol. It features a tan slide and frame, and is compatible with the TM45 Tactical suppressor and an optional Micro Pro Site optic. The pistol also has a newly-designed oval piston for low-positioned Micro Pro Site mounting and powerful recoil shock.

Woodland Warriors NL On The Army Armament R17 GBB Pistol


Woodland Warriors NL reviews Army Armament R17 GBB Pistol but this is the Begadi special version. The slide, CNC machined to Begadi's specifications, comes with a mount for RedDots. The solid polymer handle features hand-made stippling. It includes a Begadi CNC manufactured and ventilated piston head made of aluminum with two O-rings, pre-assembled for medium strong green gas such as ProTech (5 – 25°C), and a separate hard one for strong gas or high outside temperatures (25°C+).

Operador 'Airsoft' BR: G&G CM16 Raider GBB Rifle


A quick overview on the gas blowback version of G&G's Combat Machine by Operador 'Airsoft' BR which he owns for some time now. G&G’s Combat Machine line, a popular budget-friendly AEG line, has introduced the M4 Raider GBBR Airsoft Gun. This model retains the beloved Combat Machine platform but incorporates a closed-bolt gas blowback system. It boasts high-quality polymer receivers, an adjustable LE stock, a removable rear sight, and front and rear sling points.

Hephaestus Enhanced Recoil Spring for TM AKM & AKX GBBR Review


Ollie Talks Airsoft goes over the Hephaestus Enhanced Recoil Spring for TM AKM & AKX gas blowback rifles to check if there is enhanced performance from these gas blowback rifles. The Hephaestus Tokyo Marui AK GBB Series Enhanced Recoil Spring is a drop-in upgrade for the TM AK gas rifles that provides increased recoil for a more realistic shooting experience.

VFC/Umarex Glock 19 Quick Review By Warsheep Tactical


Warsheep Tactical does a quickie review of the licensed VFC/Umarex Glock 19 Gas Blowback Pistol. The Umarex Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol GBB Black is a compact version of the Glock 17, with a shorter barrel and frame. Despite its smaller size, this licensed replica holds its own against its larger counterpart, thanks to its heavy metal slide which adds significant weight and enhances the feel of the pistol. The adjustable hop-up imparts a backspin on the BB, ensuring stable flight over long distances.

Is The GHK AKM V3 GBB Worth Buying?


With the release of the GHK AKM V3 GBB which many welcome, 4UAD Smart Airsoft goes more in depth to find out if it is worth buying. The new version is said to have taken a great leap from its V2 Predecessors. The new V3 Version is equipped with a 21mm ovresized piston, and a newly design Hop Up Chamber Unit, which allows the rifle to improve in both the recoil sensation and accuracy simultaneously. Reliability is also said to have greatly improved by the above designs. 

Mach Sakai Reviews The KSC AK74M Gas Blowback Rifle


Mach Sakai does a check on the KSC AK74M System 7 Gas Blowback Rifle in this video. The KSC AK74M gas blowback rifle is a lightweight variant of the AK74 rifle, thanks to its black polyamide handguard, rear folding stock, and hand grip. It also features a side-rail bracket for mounting optics. The rifle boasts a 14mm”-” to 20mm”+” Metal Flash Hider, adjustable rear sight with full marking, and a metal body with a metal upper cover. The KSC logo is subtly placed under the selector lever.

AW Custom DESERT EAGLE Gas Drum Magazine


If you are looking for a high-capacity gas drum magazine for your Desert Eagle gas blowback pistol, you might be interested in the latest product from AW Custom. The AW Custom Gas Drum Magazine for Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistols can hold up to 350 rounds and has a manual winding system. It also comes with shockproof pads that you can customize to fit your preferences. This magazine is compatible with AW/WE DE Series Variants and uses green gas as the power source.

Checking The Operation Of The Krytac KRISS Vector GBB


For airsoft players in Japan, they can get the upcoming Krytac KRISS Vector GBB when it gets released via Laylax. Here is a video they made to check the operation and feel of this GBB... "The long-awaited Vector gas blowback gun is now available from the airsoft brand "KRYTAC" developed by firearms manufacturer KRISS! An introduction video will be shot at a later date!"

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