Nonocat: Northeast Airsoft Sten MK2 Long Branch Chinese Variant GBB


Nonocat gets hold of the Sten MK2 Long Branch Chinese Variant Gas Blowback SMG from Northeast Airsoft for this review... "The Sten gun was one of the most iconic rifles in WW2 and the Sten MKII was the most produced variant which helped the resistance greatly in the Second World War. For so many years, the Airsoft community have always lacked WW2 British replicas but Northeast continues to impress!

Tokyo Marui HK45 Slide & Internals Upgrade


Another upgrade video by Azrel Sutcliffe and he does a full surgery on the Tokyo Marui HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol... "The second part of a series covering upgrades of the Airsoft Tokyo Marui HK45. This second instalment is the installation of the Detonator Slide, Guarder Nozzle, new Ice Pick gas valve and the Laylax Recoil Spring. Over the course of this series we have installed the following:

DTW Airsoft On The WE SMG8 Gas Blowback SMG


It's been years since we last saw a review of the SMG8 Gas Blowback SMG from WE Airsoft which is based on the MP7. DTW Airsoft gets to find one to take for a spin in this review... "This time we are looking at the WE SMG8. This gas blowback SMG looks a lot like the classic MP7  but with a few changes from WE to give it its own unique look. The SMG8 is gas operated giving you a nice kick each time you pull the trigger thanks to the blowback."

Airsoft Sports: KJW M9A1 With Silencer


A quick overview of the KJW M9A1 Gas Blowback Pistol equipped with a silencer available at Airsoft Sports... "A brief overview of the KJW M9A1 (GGB-9606TMA1 W / SL) airsoft pistol with a silencer. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website"

L'antre Du Dingo's Umarex/VFC PSG1 GBBR Review


What does the leading French airsoft reviewer, L'antre Du Dingo, has to say about the Umarex/VFC PSG-1 Gas Blowback Rifle? Probably lots, since the video is over 30 minutes. The Umarex/VFC PSG-1 GBBR is the first gas blowback version of the PSG-1 rifle made by Heckler & Koch, following over a decade of introduction of the first PSG-1 AEG from Tokyo Marui which became one of the favourite electric airsoft sniper rifles during the naughts of this century.

Secutor Arms Bellum V CO Pistol Review


ScarFab94 reviews the full metal Bellum V CO2 Blowback Pistol from Securtor Arms that can also be powered by Green Gas. Based on the M9 pistol design, it is compatible with most, if not all of the existing M9 magazines in the market. It has a 14mm negative thread to accommodate mock suppressors or tracer units.

Riko Airsoft's Favourite Airsoft SMG


Riko Airsoft does a testimonial on why the G&G SMC-9 GBB is his favourite SMG... "Defining it as carbine kit is an understatement, as we have a real SMG in our hands, consisting of an upper receiver complete with barrel, hop up and nozzle, to which we can attach our GTP9 to make this SMC-9 by G&G operational."

Airsoft Mike: WE M92F Calico Jack


Ahoy there mate! Airsoft Mike got his hands on the WE M92F Calico Jack Gas Blowback Pistol Available for some time now, it uses the WE M9 gas blowback internals and comes with a threaded barrel so you can attach a suppressor or tracer unit. It is ambidextrous and has the faux gold grips and "Calico Jack" logo.

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