How to Install CowCow Bolt For The AAP-01


Wyhaq How to Install CowCow Bolt For The AAP-01

A 2-part video by Wyhaq about installing the CowCow Technologies for the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol and his thoughts on it... "This video is a walkthrough install modification mod guide for how to install the new CowCow upgrade aluminum lightweight Blowback Unit Bolt BBU for the AAP-01 airsoft gas blowback replica from action army. This upgraded blow back unit is definitely not perfect. There are a few problems that i found after installing the part. I do think that this is actually an upgrade, it just has some issues. It is half the weight of the normal stock bbu blowback unit bolt. It greatly increases the rate of fire and efficiency of the replica airsoft toy aap01. Watch the video, hear my opinions and observations and see why i have mixed feelings."

"This video is an update video for my install and overview on the cowcow aap-01 lightweight aluminum bolt bbu blowback unit upgrade. Basically, the bolt only works in the stock receiver and will not work in upgraded aluminum receiver."

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