ViperTech Gas Blowback Bolt Carrier Evolution


Tomi Harley got good things on how ViperTech keeps on evolving its gas blowbacks... "I love how the Airsoft gbbr Vipertech  Company keeps improving their products. You can see how they really care to give you the best product they can. A few years ago there was a little issue because they had a batch of bad materials. But now I think everything is back to normal again and I haven’t heard any bad news yet.

How to Install CowCow Bolt For The AAP-01


A 2-part video by Wyhaq about installing the CowCow Technologies for the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol and his thoughts on it... "This video is a walkthrough install modification mod guide for how to install the new CowCow upgrade aluminum lightweight Blowback Unit Bolt BBU for the AAP-01 airsoft gas blowback replica from action army. This upgraded blow back unit is definitely not perfect. There are a few problems that i found after installing the part.

Raven Evolution Launches The ORE, NEO & BOLT Series


Brace yourselves as Raven Evolution, an airsoft company based in Canada, announce three series of airsoft guns, giving you a good number of options. Called ORE, NEO & BOLT Series, these lines are a follow-up of the ELITE Series they announced in December 2020. Check them out and take your pick:

Amoeba Striker 2 With The Wolverine Bolt & Wraith


Warducks Airsoft show a custom Amoeba Striker 2 airsoft sniper rifle that has been customised for HPA power with the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt engine and the Wraith CO2 to HPA system... "This is the Amoeba Striker 2 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle with the Wolverine HPA Bolt and the Wraith CO2 to HpA system. this system is excellently integrated in the stock. this gun and its parts are available at TNT Airsoft. Big thanks to Kryptic for showing us another private collection piece."

Bang Bang: Hephaestus Steel Bolt For GHK AK Test


A new game field in Hong Kong becomes a partner of the Bang Bang Big Boys Store and they test the new Hephaestus Steel Bolt for the AK Gas Blowback from GHK Airsoft... "Ines testing the Hephaestus Steel Bolt at the newest Wargame site in Hong Kong @onefactoryhk. One Factory is an official partner of Bang Bang."

Hephaestus CNC Steel Bolt For GHK AK GBB


Comimg soon to the GHK AK Gas Blowback Series is the Hephaestus CNC Steel Bolt and they released a pre-release demonstration with Green Gas at Room Temperature 19°C... "No Compromise on Performance. Precise weight-balancing for strong and sharp "kick" with decent rate of fire and consistent output. The Hephaestus CNC Steel Bolt Carrier Series for GHK AK GBB System - Available Soon..."

GBLS GDR-15 Steel Bolt Review


If the recoil of the stock GBLS GDR-15 AEG is not enough for you, there is an upgrade Steel bolt to give you more kick. The Besta Airsoft Team takes a look at this... "Review of the new GBLS GDR 15 steel bolt, a product released a few months go that gives the GDR 15 more recoil, ideal for those players that want more realism during gameplay."

BB Dynamics: VSR10 Wolverine Bolt


BB Dynamics show what they say is the best HPA sniper platform build using the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA System for the VSR-10 of Tokyo Marui and other compatible airsoft sniper rifles from other companies... "In this video we show what the best HPA airsoft sniper build. Look on some of these pages for more info on this build."

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